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On Thursday, Barack Obama, while greeting US soldiers returning from Iraq – did not claim ‘victory’ as Dubya Bush did in January 2004. However, he did give credit to the 140,000 soldiers who maintained US occupation in Iraq for over eight years - for bringing ‘democracy’ to Iraqi people.

The Zioconservatives and Israel Lobby is very angry at Barack Obama’s declaration that Iraq War is over fearing that its disastrous outcome will undercut their plan for a new war with the Islamic Republic. John McCain has claimed that if he had won the 2008 election, he would not vacate Iraq. On the other hand, GOP presidential hopeful, Israel-Firster Newt Gingrich, has promised Jewish lobby, if elected, he stands ready to join Israel in invading Iran.

On December 16, 2011 – Former British Foreign Secretary David Owen, wrote in daily Mirror, entitled Is Iran the winner of Iraq War?. In the article, Owen says that by getting rid of Saddam Hussien (supported by both the US and Britain), Iraqis gained some relief in terms of human rights, killings and torture (I suppose Owen never heard of America’s Abu Ghraib torture, killing and sexual abuse camp). He also assures the paranoid Zionists: “We are unlikely to see another dictator nor it will it become a religious government like Iran. But the Islamic faith will be more dominant“.

Then Owen admitted the truth grudgingly: “The negatives are, however, immense. Iran, which was ready to sue for peace negotiations with America over nuclear weapons in May 2003, when they thought the invasion would be successful, has gained massively from the insurgency inside Iraq and is left as the most powerful country in the region.

Owen says Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki is an able man. He wants to re-establish Iraq’s independence. But he will not be an American or British puppet.

“Iraq has so far chosen to tread very delicately in this area for many reasons, not least fragility within its own country and not wanting to worsen relations with Iran, which, through Syria, has supported Hezbollah in Lebanon and Gaza,” wrote Owen.

“Iran and Iraq, though now both Shites controlled, will not always see eye to eye,” added Owen.

The US has lost over 5,000 soldiers plus 100,000 wounded – and the occupation has cost American taxpayers more than $1 trillion.

Lord Owen: ‘Iran is the most powerful country in the region’ | Rehmat's World