Map from 1882 shows the same as Google Earth Atlantis
Friday, February 27, 2009

On special request

Lately there have been numerous reports on a beautiful square in the Atlantic Ocean.

While Google has stated that these are traces of a research ship, many people believe that the mysterious Atlantis still wanders around.

Atlantis ... what was that again?

Myth or truth?

Plato wrote of Atlantis as the first but seemed doubtful sources. He heard the stories of his grandfather, that the weather of the poet / politician Solon was that the weather of an Egyptian priest had heard. And everyone knows that Egyptian priests not to trust ...

The island was beyond the Pillars of Hercules (the Gibraltar rock ') and just over the Mediterranean Sea. In this respect, the current location best accurate. In old stories was also a possible location near the Azores spoken and this is not the direction.

Google declares

... That "amazing discoveries" are done with Google Earth. Roman villas, hidden jungles and more of this kind of beauty.

The explanation for the square that we see the left is short: research ships on the ocean floor sonar leave traces behind, which in turn can be seen on the ocean layer in Google Earth.

What happens if we combine two cards?


In this year Ignatius Donnelly wrote the book: "Atlantis: The Antediluvian World". The aim of the book was to provide an explanation for the texts of Plato. Important thread in the stories of Plato was the omission of Mythical Figures and nowhere is fabulously written or migrant. This is in contrast to what modern geitenwollensokken-gelovers describe. Plato described the island as an existing site, including highly developed political system and a civilized, technologically-advanced population. The entire Atlantis has done never fascinated me, until I get the map from the book and the latest digital card once traveled over each other. See here the result.

The Red A is the 'New Atlantis', just at the island from 1882


The above map is of course just that 127 years ago had the same theories, nothing more. Yet it is interesting and I keep thinking about Plato's intention with regard to his stories. Other ideas from the best man was simply picked up and identified as highly influential.

What about this theory?

View old card here: Atlantis 1882

View 'Atlantis' in Google Maps

In Google Earth you can visit the place, enter the following coordinates: 31 15'15 .53 N 24 15'30 .53 W.

Source: gadget.blog


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