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Folks, I read this on GLP with some interest.


Clif High has apparently been using the sockpuppet (alternate identity) baldrishi to smear those who he disagrees with - including yours truly.

Here's a sample of his posts over a period of time. I have highlighted those which are snide attacks against my or Kerry Cassidy's work. This is copied from 2/3 way down p.1 of the new GLP thread - which is rapidly growing.

If this is authentic (and please, anyone, let me know if it is not), then I've just lost every scrap of respect that I ever had for this very disturbed man.

For more details, please read the thread which is referenced.


the future history of mccain's death campsbaldrishi038N/A10/04/10
1:59 PM10/04/10
1:59 PM
12:03 PM07/03/10
10:45 PM
let us not forget that the bible is a ripoff of the sumerian myths and christ did not existbaldrishi054
(2 votes)05/15/10
11:37 AM05/15/10
11:37 AM
Not all Satanists are Masons, but all Masons arebaldrishi050N/A05/13/10
10:05 AM05/13/10
10:05 AM
deagle sucks and spitsbaldrishi2103
(2 votes)04/30/10
11:04 AM04/30/10
11:09 AM
Synthetic freemasons and Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelotbaldrishi2188N/A04/28/10
10:41 AM04/28/10
11:01 AM
Dan Burish posing as a black manbaldrishi4155N/A02/12/10
12:25 PM11/12/10
10:37 AM
time travel not possible. Project came-lot gulibilitybaldrishi051
(1 votes)01/21/10
5:22 PM01/21/10
5:22 PM
web bot clif dis'es PC and David wilcock and deaglebaldrishi18575
(5 votes)01/13/10
6:12 PM01/14/10
3:34 AM
Bombshell: clif at web bot calls out bill ryan at projekt camelotbaldrishi23642
(4 votes)12/14/09
6:09 PM12/15/09
2:34 PM
igor web bots says clif will memeering on rense tomorrowbaldrishi3123
(1 votes)12/09/09
4:37 PM12/10/09
1:08 PM
Web Bot - Alternative Hypothesis 2012 doc releasedbaldrishi4599N/A11/24/09
11:02 AM11/27/09
2:33 AM
OhOH! Does not look good....Bot dudes, 11-3-2009
Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6baldrishi1569,776
(11 votes)10/21/09
11:45 AM10/26/09
11:34 AM
dan burisch is a freakin moronbaldrishi059N/A09/06/09
2:55 PM09/06/09
2:55 PM
Doom for Dan Burish at Zurich conference.baldrishi0188N/A07/11/09
9:48 PM07/11/09
9:48 PM
For GOD and COUNTRY, GO GET YOUR VACCINATIONSbaldrishi14192N/A07/11/09
5:57 PM07/11/09
8:27 PM
Dan Burish Comedy Video at ProjeKt Kamelotbaldrishi6196N/A07/11/09
12:13 PM07/11/09
4:05 PM
web bot guys - wealth creation and the new salishbaldrishi098N/A06/21/09
4:06 PM06/21/09
4:06 PM
Part 6 of the last web bot run (ALTA 1309).baldrishi5267
(1 votes)05/25/09
5:06 PM05/25/09
5:15 PM
Holy ****! Disappearances! Web Bots scary right again!baldrishi3335
(2 votes)05/14/09
3:18 PM05/14/09
3:58 PM
web bots vs earthfiles - new crop cirlce points to 2012baldrishi0138
(2 votes)05/10/09
1:52 PM05/10/09
1:52 PM
crop circle swirlies on youtubebaldrishi4207
(1 votes)04/07/09
11:24 PM04/08/09
12:11 AM
Swirly Thing Alert - Hidden Crop Circle Images affect body/mindbaldrishi14542
(2 votes)04/03/09
10:38 AM04/04/09
3:55 PM
Hidden ET coms and how to decode - from web bot guy!baldrishi3277N/A03/31/09
4:36 PM07/08/09
11:44 AM
Depression officially starts with the hanging bankersbaldrishi1111N/A02/10/09
10:07 AM02/10/09
10:14 AM
Web bots correct, just late - twin quakes affect 95000baldrishi1152N/A12/28/08
1:12 PM12/28/08
1:14 PM
web bot original 9/11 prediction (july 2001)baldrishi9452
(1 votes)12/10/08
6:50 PM12/12/08
2:56 AM
clif og web bots on beyondordinary radiobaldrishi13443N/A12/08/08
2:48 PM12/09/08
6:13 PM
web bot cliff on Rense tonight 9 to 10
Page 1, 2, 3, 4baldrishi933,846
(4 votes)12/01/08
1:58 PM12/03/08
4:05 PM
web bot clif on rebecca journey's show tonight at 6pm pacific timebaldrishi073N/A11/15/08
6:47 PM11/15/08
6:47 PM
help from reverse speech guysbaldrishi4106N/A10/26/08
4:30 PM10/27/08
9:13 PM
Y'all be cowards! Just come out and say it! Obama is abaldrishi14188N/A10/22/08
6:59 PM10/22/08
7:23 PM
FED reserve to return National Debt to US citizens.baldrishi049N/A10/22/08
10:04 AM10/22/08
10:04 AM
Doom Teaser: Web Bot special offer for listeners of Rensebaldrishi1103
(2 votes)10/20/08
8:15 PM10/20/08
8:17 PM
new doom! Web bots on rense monday 9-10pm pstbaldrishi25868
(1 votes)10/19/08
12:08 PM02/23/09
5:33 PM
how to rob 492000 euros from banksbaldrishi261N/A10/17/08
8:34 PM10/17/08
8:44 PM
Web bot time monk on paranormal radio tonightbaldrishi14836
(1 votes)10/13/08
7:10 PM10/13/08
10:32 PM
ANTHRAX emergency declared by US govtbaldrishi4222
(1 votes)10/07/08
1:35 PM10/07/08
1:41 PM
ANTHRAX emergency declared by US govtbaldrishi047N/A10/07/08
1:34 PM10/07/08
1:34 PM
ANTHRAX emergency declared by US govt
Page 1, 2, 3baldrishi611,992
(9 votes)10/07/08
1:32 PM10/22/08
5:29 PM
HOLY FLUCK! GOT BALLS! Just talked to web bot igor!baldrishi10554N/A10/06/08
7:11 PM10/06/08
8:58 PM
Web Bot Time Monks on Rense tonightbaldrishi047N/A10/06/08
11:30 AM10/06/08
11:30 AM
Crop circle decoded - actual map of planetbaldrishi5534
(1 votes)07/18/08
11:52 AM07/18/08
11:13 PM
2 % of US is christian...christian churches use same math as gov'tbaldrishi362
(1 votes)05/14/08
9:29 AM05/14/08
9:43 AM
how to REALLY win an argument with femalesbaldrishi13345
(2 votes)04/20/08
6:54 PM04/20/08
9:20 PM
planet x seen in hollywoodbaldrishi067
(1 votes)04/16/08
10:41 AM04/16/08
10:41 AM
Boycott ALL THINGS from America...they are a CRUEL goverment killing innocent Iraqis, Afganis, Pakistani, Palestinians, Cherokees, Souix, Crow, Salish baldrishi 17 247
(9 votes)04/08/08
9:58 AM04/08/08
2:03 PM
neighbors gonna walkbaldrishi14337N/A03/25/08
2:40 PM03/25/08
4:47 PM
in front of people, all gods are equalbaldrishi167N/A03/03/08
7:11 PM03/03/08
7:14 PM
igor saysbaldrishi069N/A03/03/08
6:41 PM03/03/08
6:41 PM