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On August 3, Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb in his Jewish World Review Op-Ed piece, entitled ‘Worrying about idolatry’ wrote: “I worry about the economy, and I worry about Iran’s development of nuclear weapons’.

I must admit the Zionist rabbis have always puzzled me. For example, Rabbi Wolf Gunther Plaut, late Chief Rabbi at Toronto’s Holy Blossom Temple, in his book ‘The Man Who Would Be Messiah’ has claimed that Frankish Jews committed the Holocaust.

In October 2010, Israel’s former Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef and spiritual leader of Shas party, in his weekly night sermon said that “non-Jews exist to serve Jews“. Earlier in 2003, Ovadia had called for the annihilation of all Arabs.

In December 2010, 50 Israeli rabbis signed a declaration supporting Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu of Safed’s ‘fatwa’ that it’s forbidden to rent Jewish property to non-Jewish Palestinians.

In January 2011, several Israeli rabbis called for creation of ‘death camps‘ for native Muslim and Christian Palestinians.

In 2009, West Bank’s Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira in a 230-page book ‘The King’s Torah‘, called for the murder of all non-Jews including children and babies, who could pose threat to state of Israel in the future.

On March 7 2012, National Public Radio reported that a group of evangelical Christian Zionists from the United States travel all the way to Israel on their own expenses to serve the illegal Jew settlers living on lands stolen from Palestinian Muslims and Christians – for their Salvation.

Regarding Rabbi Weinreb’s worrying about American economy – it’s suffice quoting Bill Handel, a Jewish LA-area talk show host discussing the Occupy Wall Street protests. He said he was not angry with Wall Street – “It’s my tribe that controls Wall Street. Why would I be upset?“. Jewish scholar Benjamin Ginsberg noted in his 1990 book ‘The Fatal Embrace: Jews and the State’ that 50% of Wall Street executives were Jewish. However, when same truth was said by some protesters at the Zuccotti Park, the pro-Israeli media blamed Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood for OWS protests.

Now, returning to Rabbi Weinreb’s “Iranian bomb” worries – I found a good response from Joseph Moore, a Christian graduate student of journalism at UNL. In his recent article, entitled, “Selective Journalism: How Western Media Manipulate Information and Context to Conform to Official Narratives on Iran’s“.

A BBC article dated February 19, 2012 discusses the “expansion” of Iran’s nuclear enrichment program. The article expresses concern about the anticipated instillation of centrifuges at the Fordow Fuel Enrichment Facility outside of the city of Qom. Unmentioned in all of this is the fact that Iran voluntarily disclosed the existence of the Fordow site to the IAEA in 2009 and has since allowed inspectors full access to the site. The author does, however, find room to warn that the new facility, once it becomes operational, could allow Iran to “speed up the production of enriched uranium — required for both power generation and nuclear weapons.

The latest IAEA inspection of the Natanz enrichment plant confirms that Iran is enriching uranium to low levels for use in medical research: “In the production area, Iran first began feeding low enriched UF6 into Cascade 1 on 9 February 2010, for the stated purpose of producing UF6 enriched up to 20% U-235 for use in the manufacture of fuel for he Tehran Research Reactor (TRR).” In contrast, nuclear weapons require uranium enriched to levels of 95%. While Iran could potentially enrich uranium to this level in the future, its centrifuges are not currently calibrated to do so. Again, the author abandons complexity and context in favor of cheap fear mongering.

The article frames this “revelation” about Iran’s increased enrichment capacity within the larger context of the rising tensions between Iran and the West. The author provides a textual montage (in bullet point form) of Iran’s latest provocations and Western official’s warnings. The first of these is arguably the most revealing: “On Saturday, UK Foreign Secretary William Hague warned Iran’s nuclear ambitions could trigger a nuclear arms race in the region — where at present the only country believed to possess such weapons is Israel.”

That the glaring irony of this sentence could escape notice by anyone speaks to the insidious profusion of the imperial mindset. Yes, Israel possesses a stockpile of hundreds of nuclear weaponsand refuses to sign on the NPT or allow international inspectors access to its weapons sites, but this could in no way trigger a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. On the other hand, Iran’s hypothetical pursuit of a nuclear weapon, in no way spurred by Israel’s arsenal, could have seriously destabilizing consequences for the region. This is but one example among many of Western media’s consistent refusal to include Israel’s nuclear weapons in the current debate over Iran’s enrichment activities. Read the entire article here.

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