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Secret of Amazon.com

By Anonymous
13 Dec 2009

Amazon.com was invented not only to sell books but to eradicate one's which were deemed dangerous to the high aristocrats. Amazon is run by the Jesuits through their Coadjutor, Catholic Jeff Bezos, who I have met several times in Rome, Innsbruck, Venice, Verona, and Milano. Jeff knows me by face, and I have seen him perform in rituals. We spoke twice together about how happy I was to find books using his service.

The REAL purpose of Amazon, according to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, is to offer a way for the elite to buyout all copies of a particular book from all over the world. For example if Pepe Orsini, wanted to eradicate Orwell's 1984, he would have to first pay off the publishers to end publication (In theory, this is impossible, of course the book is widespread, JUST USING THIS FOR AN EXAMPLE), then he would go to Amazon and purchase the millions of copies until there were none left over. That way the people are left in ignorance, and the only way to find 1984, would be in Libraries.

Amazon has direct links with EVERY publisher, bookstore, library, etc......
Its the world biggest book market, and its owned and run by the Vatican