Small asteroid close to Earth rages over


Small asteroid close to Earth rages over
Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A small asteroid is today around 24,000 km per hour along the divorced upgraded beyond Earth. This is the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA in Pasadena reported.

Object 2009FH passed at 13.17 am, Brussels time, on only about 80,000 km, which is one fifth less than the distance from our planet to our Moon and twice as far as geostationary satellites above the earth's surface. Risk of collision there was any, and will in future not be stressed NASA.
The asteroid is probably 13 to 29 meters. In an entry on Earth can destroy an entire city.

This is the second flight of shaving some object that Monday On March 2 raasde the 30-meter asteroid 2009 DD45 us as far as 2009FH over. (belga / lpb)