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Somalia’s Islamic Resistance Al-Shabaab has mocked Washington’s offer of $33 million for information leading to the arrest of resistance’s chief Ahmed Abdi aw-Mohamed (Abu Zubayr). On Friday, Fuad Mohamed Khalaf, a senior leader of Al-Shabaab made a counter offer of 10 camels for tip-offs enabling the arrest of Barack Obama.

America’s centuries-old ‘bounty culture’ is still alive. With world’s largest military budget ($680 billion) and its military presence in more than 150 foreign countries – it still offers ‘bounty money’ to catch its anti-imperialist enemies. In the past, Washington had offered $5 million bounty for Osama bin Laden, who died of kidney failure in 2002. Ayman al-Zawahri, the phoney al-Qaeda leader fetched $25 million bounty from the US while recently Zionist Jewish US Undersecretary of State Wendy Sherman offered $10 million bounty for Pakistani professor Hafiz Saeed for master-minding the November 2008 Mumbai terrorism - an Israeli false flag operation.

The western powers have labeled Al-Shabaab as a terrorist organization linked to the factious al-Qaeda. Al-Shabaab which controls most of southern Somalia – opposes any form of foreign intervention. Al-Shabaab is former youth wing of Islamic Courts Union (ICU) which was removed from power by the US and its anti-Muslim African proxy regimes.

The US and Israel have been drone-attacking Somalia since July 2011 – killing hundreds of civilians. US backed Ethiopia, Uganda, Burundi and AU troops while the Zionist entity backed Kenya and the CIA, Mossad, MI6 are all operating within Somalia.

Somalia has great strategic importance for Israel and the US; it lies at the tip of the Horn of Africa and north to the Gulf of Aden, a crucial part of the Suez Canal shipping route. Approximately, 21,000 ships pass through the Gulf each year, carrying 11% of world’s petroleum. The World Bank and United Nations ranks Somalia as the scond most important country for unexploited oil reserves in North-East Africa.

Last year, Benji Netanyahu, offered Israeli military help to Kenya’s prime minister Raila Odinga to defeat Al-Shabaab. “Keny’s enemies are Israel’s enemy,” BBC quoted Netanyahu saying.

On November 22, 2002 – Mossad agents blew-up Hotel Paradise Mombassa, an Israeli hotel in kenya, designed and built solely for Israeli Jewish tourists. The hotel was basically a big Israeli brothel in Africa.

Kenya’s internal security minister, Dr. George Saitoti, whose so-called ‘anti-terrorism’ forces were trained by Israeli Mossad to fight Al-Shabaab, was killed yesterday in a military helicopter crash. Not a happy Sunday for the Muslim-hating Zionists!

Muna Hassan’s article entitled ‘Somalia is not for sale’ and Thomas C. Mountain’s article entitled ‘UN Somali ‘Surge’ vs. Al Shabaab Expansion’ – are worth reading, here and here.

Somalia: ’10 camels bounty for obama