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Elias Davidsson is a computer engineer, Piano teacher, writer and peace activist. He was born in Palestine in 1941 to German Jewish parents. He has lived in the US, Iceland, France and since 2008 has been living in Germany. Elias Davidsson regards himself anti-Zionist and rejects the existence of a Jewish state as incompatible with human rights norms. He is co-founder of the Association Iceland-Palestine and is a supporter of a democratic State in the whole of historic Palestine for Muslims, Christians and Jews.

Elias Davidsson doesn’t believe in the official 9/11 story. He says no plane was hijacked and Muslims were not involved – it was an inside job. Many engineers, scientists and writers believes 9/11 was Israeli Mossad’s false flag operation.

Elias Davidsson along with 15 German intellectuals paid a 9-day visit to the Islamic Republic last month. During his stay in Iran, Elias Davidsson met Iranian President Dr. Ahmadinejad, lawmakers from religious minorities and leaders of 25,000-strong Iranian Jewish community. His impressions of the Islamic Republic were published in the International News Magazine on May 7, 2012.

Elias Davidsson admits that before his journey to Iran he knew that the western mass-media negative reports about the Islamic Republic were mostly based on lies to serve the interests of the US and Israel. He also admits that he was aware of the fact that after his return from Iran – the Zionist-controlled media will label him ‘a self-hating Jew’.

“I knew that Iran was a relatively modern state which emphasizes education and science; in which the majority of university students are female; where the largest Jewish community in the Middle-East (outside Israel) lives, and where excellent films are produced. I was also aware that Iran’s President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was neither an antisemite, a Holocaust denier or a dangerous person, but – as I discovered by reading his addresses to the General Assembly of the United Nations – one of the most progressive statesmen in today’s world. I also was aware of the accusations leveled by Western governments and NGOs against Iran, particularly in the field of human rights,” says Davidsson.

Davidsson and his fellow German visitors were impressed with the cleanliness of streets and Tehran’s infrastructure which is far better than Davidsson saw in New York in 1960 when Davidsson visited Manhattan first time. ”I was so shocked by the shabbiness and dirt that I saw from the bus bringing us to Manhattan that I wanted to return immediately to Europe. The contrast to Tehran 2012 could not be greater,” he wrote.

Some of German visitors wrote an essay about their impression, calling Iran “The land of love”. “Who would dream that Western politicians would talk of God’s grace and the love of God to justify their worldly policies? Everywere we went, we encountered friendliness, hospitality and thoughtfulness. Iranians are indeed known for their high regards for politeness and thoughtfulness,” they wrote.

Davidsson then explains the functioning of Iranian democracy, the Constitutional powers of country’s Spiritual Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei, the President, the Majlis, the Commission of Experts (the watchdog to monitor corruption and immorality among politicians) and the simple life-style of Iran’s Supreme Leader – and Islam in general.

“The highest office holder in Iran, Imam Khamenei, is legally required to lead an austere life. How would politics look in the West if office holders were required to demonstrate such qualities?,” wrote Davidsson.

About German delegate’s meeting with Ahmadinejad, Davidsson says: “His demeanor confirmed his known modesty and moderation. Even when he mentioned in his talk the threats and attacks leveled by the United States and Israel against his country, he never demonstrated any hatred or anger towards those countries or their peoples“.

Davidsson and his co-travellers were viciously attacked by Zionists when they got home to Germany! “We were met by a barrage of hateful blogs and thereafter mainstream media attacks, for having met ‘the butcher’ of Teheran who ‘denies the Holocaust’ and threatens to ‘annihilate Israel.‘” Sounds like Germany is still being run by Nazis – only now they’re former Nazi collaborators; the Zionazis!

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