Live in Love

This simple message is being sent deep into the hearts of those who wish to receive and stay in the high vibrational frequencies. To hold the vibration, you bring yourself into the vibration of love. Live in Love. This practice transforms the habitual energies of fear and worry into love. You know you can shift your vibration in an instant. You have been shown this and you have practiced this. So we remind you to keep up the good “play” and no matter what is going on, bring yourself into the frequency of love.

Sometimes you are operating on auto pilot and you forget to shift your energy. Perhaps you’re feeling impatient, angry, frustrated and you radiate those frequencies out into the situation you’re in and to the other human beings you are interacting with. Some time later, you look back and see how edgy you were. In those moments of retrospection, you can access the frequency of love and beam it back to that moment which appears to be in the past. Love will act as a healing balm, giving yourself what you weren’t able to receive at the time.

This will fill the frequency of energy you were vibrating in (such as frustration, anger, annoyance, worry) with sustenance, love force energy, so that the next time you move into that frequential band of energy, which compresses and squeezes you, there will be another vibration contained there and your memory will awaken to remind you to stop, take a moment and find the frequency of love once again. You feel your heart open and the tightness releases.

This energy is within you at all times, it never leaves you. It is up to you to practice finding it and allowing it to flow throughout your entire being – throughout all your energy bodies (spirit, mental, emotional and physical).

Wild Horses

Being on Earth at this time may feel like riding a wild horse that is going through deep and profound change. The phenomena of nature seems to take on biblical proportions through weather, earthquakes and volcanoes. As you observe the wild nature you have an opportunity to tune into the wildness and feel the joy and freedom there. This energy is moving through your physical bodies as well. Adjustments are being made within the earth and within your energy bodies. These adjustments are being felt within you as the energy moves through your spirit, mental, emotional and, finally, physical body.


It takes the physical a longer time to catch up with the high vibration. Many of you have been having health issues with your physical bodies as a byproduct of upholding the higher vibration. Inflammation is at the center of these health issues. Inflammation is related to anger and frustration. This inflammation has to do with feeling that there’s not enough room within your physical body for all this high vibrational energy. It is as if you are trying to grow within a limited structure.

As you are expanding by leaps and bounds in the spiritual energy body, there is much frustration that the mental, emotional and physical is taking a “long time” to catch up. Gentleness, softness, doing what you feel in the moment, nurturing yourselves in whatever way you can, will help you move through the dimensional shift with grace.

The Void

Spending moments in the void will help to release inflammation. The void is a place of nothingness you can navigate your way to in meditative moments. It is a place where you let go of caring about anything… you release the desire to “save the world.” Let it all go into the stillness of the void.

We wish for you to see, feel and experience your physical bodies as perfection. Tune into your commitment for being here in your body on the body of Earth at this time… in this timeline of miraculous change as the Earth and humanity shift into 5th dimensional beingness in the conscious evolution party.

Believe in Your Sovereignty

We understand the frustration many of you are going through – you the Lightworkers who have been carrying and holding the higher vibrations for so many years. You who never fully bought into the structural constraints of society – the socio-political and religious order that was presented to you from the time you were born. It seemed like the only option, but deep within, you knew there were other perspectives.

You have moved against the current, following instead a deeper current in your hearts… listening to the rhythm of pulsations that sing of freedom. This rhythm moved within you and often you felt like you didn’t belong here, that you were somehow wrong for not flowing with the mainstream. You may have felt like an outcast or a “loser” because you found it difficult to play the game. And now at this time of the world many have found ways to assist in turning the tide of consciousness into conscious awareness.

Still, you may sometimes feel as if the support of Spirit or the Universe is not with you as you feel unseen or unheard in the vastness of the void. Please understand that you are still moving forward into the darkness … you are still forerunners following the love in your heart as you move ever forward into the unknown of the Void. And we watchers of the unfoldment can only stand on the sidelines praying for you, sending our love with you.

We in the non physical, or in other dimensions are here to encourage you to keep tuning in to love and sharing your wisdom and taking restful moments in the void. Letting it all go and be-ing. You will find so much inner strength and courage, for you have come so far and you know you do not want to give up now when you are so close to breaking through into the endless fields of Light, love, joy… bliss… ecstasy.

Sound the Clarion Call

Addressing the frustration a little more deeply, there are still many people on earth who are sleepwalking, or trying to maintain the status quo, which is dissolving. We know that many of you feel you can no longer do this… carry this high energy “alone” (you are never alone, of course, although it may feel that way at times). We remind you of the Unity… the Oneness… that is your true nature. Yes indeed, human beings are a collective consciousness. Each of your unique vibrations enliven the entire Being of Humanity.

So it is helpful for you to tune in to one another in your meditations, as well as finding each other in the outer world. Call your tribe to you and reach out into the world – pray to Spirit to guide you to finding your people. Gather together to raise up the energy. And in your meditations, send the vibration and Light of Love and awakening out through the network of light – the web of the Inner Net. Call to your brothers and sisters to awaken… to listen to their hearts.

You communicate telepathically all the time; begin to do it consciously by sending out an inner Clarion Call to Humanity to awaken to the truth of their being. Send out prayers, intentions for Love to awaken within … the alarm clock is sounding and there is no longer a snooze button! All are being called to awaken and those of you who have been upholding the Light and the Higher energies can send it forth for inner awakening for all.

Evolution of Consciousness

You stand at the precipice. The evolution of consciousness is at hand. You reading this are a small cell in the organism of humanity. You are Light – Love opens you to radiate more Light. Go forth and amplify!

Nancy Leilah Ward
and The Vastness of Being

Copyright © 2011 by Nancy Wallace Ward and Smote Hill Press. All rights reserved. Permission is granted to freely redistribute this article as long as the author’s name and website are included. *