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Lady Of Light
April 23rd 2012

To Gaze, Or Not To Gaze

You have probably heard for your entire life these words: “Don’t look directly at the sun, you’ll hurt your eyes!” If not those words, something very similar, no doubt.

This has been said for many years without knowing what the sun actual is, or what it does. But, where does this information come from? Who first said it? Was it said out of ignorance? Is it just assumed that because we look at the sun, and it leaves “sun-spots” in our vision, that it is causing damage?

What Is Sungazing?:

Sungazing is the act of staring at the sun for an extended period of time. This is done to absorb the energy of the sun and have a fully functional pineal gland.

The idea behind sungazing is that your body benefits from the energy coming from the sun. That energy is channeled through your eyes to your pineal gland (also known as your ‘third eye’); it also is absorbed through your skin and your body uses the energy just as it would energy from food or drink.

Sungazing Throughout History:

Sungazing is a practice that has been around since the before the beginning of time. It is an age-old practice that many cultures and civilizations practiced and some STILL practice to this day.

Is it for everyone? NO, not at this time. Should anyone interested in sungazing just leap in and start staring at the sun? Of course not. One must research to know if it is right for them at this time. There are many factors that need to be taken into account before taking the step of staring at the sun. Emotional State, Stress Level, Mental State, etc. Will others oppose you and how will you react? If you react with emotion and fight with them, it is not recommended; if you react with an attitude of non-reaction, then you are closer to being ready. All things need to be in check before staring at the sun. If you still wish to stare at the sun, no matter what your emotional, mental, and spiritual condition, it is recommended that you use the method of closed eyelids, especially at high sun times.

Peace and Intent:

One must be at peace in order to benefit from staring at the sun with open eyelids. If you are not, you can and will cause damage. It is not something that should be attempted if one just wishes to "fix" one's life. This will not heal if you are not ready for it to heal. Like anything else, if you are not ready to receive, you will not benefit. Sungazing benefits those with open spirits and open minds with no ties holding them down. One must also have intent. If you stare at the sun to heal you, you must have the intent to be healed. If you stare at the sun to become more loving, you must also have that intent. You need only the basic intent of absorbing the energy coming from the sun to harness it in your body to get any benefits at all, but to do this, the peaceful aspect must be there. You must never look at the sun in anger (or with anger or fear in your heart or mind), this puts up blocks on the receptors in not only your eyes, but in the rest of your body as well.

Safety And Other Issues:

Sungazing is safe as long as you have the right intentions. If you go into it thinking it will change whatever is going on in your life and make it better, you have the wrong intentions and you may only
make things worse and you may suffer injury. You must go in with the proper intentions. Oneness is a good one; being at peace; absorbing the love and comfort of life.

The one thing that no one will tell you about gazing at the sun, is that you don't always have to have your eyes open. The sun's energy will get through to your pineal gland through the channel of your eyes with or without having your eyes directly fixated on the sun with your eyelids open. There are times of day when it is 'easiest' to look directly at the sun with eyelids open, these times are usually dusk and dawn (sunrise and sunset). This is because of the angle of the sun. This does not mean that you cannot look at the sun at other times during the day. However, it is not advised as many people are not in the right mindset to do such and this more easily leads to damage. During these times, it is advised that if you are to 'sungaze', you should do so with your eyelids closed; this way you will receive the benefits the sun has to offer without any of the potential risk. It is not necessary to be barefoot to sungaze. Some choose to use this method because of the connections of the sun to you and to the earth. It merely increases a sense of peace and oneness. This is the method of some, but is not necessary.

You should remove your prescription eyeglasses and/or contacts before gazing at the sun. If you do not, the light from the sun will be focused and may cause permanent damage to your eyes.

Eat The Sun:

There is a fairly new documentary out there about sungazing. It is called Eat The Sun. The premise is that if we eat animals, and animals eat plants, and plants eat sunlight, then why can't WE just eat the sun?

This documentary shows a young man on a journey who started out sungazing, and it follows his journey as he talks to other sungazers. He is on a quest to find out whether or not he SHOULD stare at the sun. All was well until he had an eye test done and it showed a very small amount of scar tissue at the back of his eyes. The doctors said this was 'burnt' due to his staring at the sun. Naturally, the young man started to question if he should continue; he quit for a while, then finished by getting up to the HMR recommended 44 minute stare. (The HMR method of sungazing starts with 10 seconds, then the next day, add 10 more seconds, and so on until you reach 44 minutes, which is said to be the "magic number". This is all done while standing barefoot on the ground (either rocks, grass, or dirt) for the duration of the stare.) At the end of the film it states that the young man never stared at the sun again, however he found what he was missing in his life and therefore he is no longer searching and is happy, so he moved back to his hometown to be near his family.

Eat The Sun, shows the positives and the negatives, of staring at the sun. A common thing that people experience is lack of appetite, yet there is no weight loss when they stop eating, which is very controversial. I say controversial because when a person simply stops eating, they are considered anorexic and they lose massive amounts of weight and even bone. Sungazers who stop eating, do not experience this loss of mass and they are extremely healthy. It is not recommended that people stop eating altogether because they stare at the sun, and this is stated clearly by a woman who was cut completely out of the movie (she is found in the extra footage on the DVD) whose name is Jasmuheen.

Jasmuheen explains that you must work (with the body-mind complex - this not stated as such) to transform you body's system to accept the sun's energy as your energy source and not to rely on food. She is right, and I strongly suspect that this is why her section was cut out of the final film. I believe the film to show the downsides and the potential harms more than the benefits of sungazing, thereby warning people away from it, therefore they cannot show true forms of benefit of any ‘successful sungazer’.

Producing Your Own Nutrients (From The Sun):

It is already well known and documented that just being outdoors in the sun’s light for merely a few minutes allows our bodies to produce Vitamin D which is essential to our health and well being. Other nutrients can be naturally produced as well but not if we continue to get those nutrients from other sources such as foods. Lack of eating, from attaining the natural benefits from the sun which allows our bodies to produce their own nutrients, cannot and should not be tried if you do not have the right mindset to do so.

Even if you experience the loss of appetite, most people still will eat, just not nearly as often. Ridding yourself of the need for food is put very well by the woman who goes by the name Jasmuheen. She explains that you have to train your body to change the way it produces energy. If you don't, you will still be required to eat. Again, this is all about having the right mentality toward the task as well as the right intentions. If you choose to take this route, and go on this path of sungazing and not eating, if at any time you feel compelled to eat, you should. Your body will ALWAYS tell you what it needs, you need only listen.

If you think you will starve to death if you stop eating, then you will! Alternately, if you truly believe that you will benefit from these practices, then you will!

Your Appendix (The Not-So-Useless Organ):

It is said that the appendix is a ‘useless’ organ and does nothing for the body. This may in fact be the case today for most, however, this was not always the case. The appendix once held the most important position in the body next to the heart, brain, and lungs; it held the position of making sure our bodies had all the nutrients they would need in order to sustain the rest of the body by producing those essential nutrients. It has only become useless because our bodies no longer need to produce vitamins and minerals on their own because we now ingest nearly ALL of our minerals. Vitamin D, because not produced by the appendix, or at least not the appendix alone, is still produced by our bodies from the sun because of a process known in plants as ‘photosynthesis’. It is a process that takes place through our skin cells as we absorb the sun and is produced extremely easily, where other essential vitamins and minerals are not and they take more time to produce, hence the need for the appendix.

When we stare at the sun (eyes open or closed), we channel the energy directly into our bodies into the places that it needs to go.

Sense of Separation:

Many sungazers experience a feeling of separation from other people. One of two things makes this occur.

  1. They are now unable to relate to others and come to a sense of reality where no one around them is the same as them, and it becomes very frustrating. They no longer want anyone near them, and no one wants to be near them. This is very likely because of demons they hold within (this is usually the reason they began sungazing), and if they cannot face their demons, they will never be able to live with or be around others and they feel the need for isolation.

  1. They feel so at peace, that they no longer have the need to socialize; they are still peaceful with those who come into their path of living and will be more than willing to help them to experience much the same as them, but they isolate to keep the peacefulness of non-social living, which lowers his/her frequency (they feel the need for a tranquil environment to remain at peace and in good health and to maintain a higher, more enlightened, frequency).

Other Benefits / Affects From The Sun:

--Healing Of The Body--

The healing of medical ailments can be achieved through the use of the sun (sungazing). One must be at peace and have the intent to heal the ailment(s).

--Superhuman Strength--

Super strength has also been noted as an effect of staring into the sun and absorbing the energy comes directly from the sun. One must simply believe it is there and it can and will happen.

Sunglasses And Sunscreen (Sunblock):

Sunglasses are designed to keep certain types of light (ie. uvA, uvB, etc.) away from your eyes. Sunblocks or sunscreens are designed in the same way and for the same reasons. These items are designed to prevent the natural lights from the sun from entering into your body. UV rays alone, can be harmful, but combined with all of the other light coming from the sun, there is no harm as they are part of a bigger picture. Even prescription eyeglasses will usually have a UV protective coating on them.

The sun has such a broad spectrum of light as it shines, that is why it is beneficial. If you remove any of these light areas from the spectrum, it is no longer natural and does not have the same effects.

*Focused light is harmful light. Natural light (in its natural form) is healthful light.

*Never wear sunglasses or sunscreen while sungazing. You can close your eyes, but don’t use sunglasses. Remove your prescription eyewear as well, you don’t want to block healthy light, and you don’t want to focus any light directly into your eyes.

There is much to be said about the practice of Sungazing. I can only give little information for now, and add to this message as questions and concerns arise. This is basic information that should be looked at and taken into consideration when choosing whether or not to practice Sungazing.

Sungazing, like any other practice should be taken very seriously to avoid harming yourself.

Truth Vibrations

New member
While I have never sungazeds before, although I've heard of it, I never realized how popular it was. After reading your article lady of light you left me craving more information. I hope that you're not just going to stop here, and continue to add information to this article?


New member
According to this statement near the end, I would imagine she will.

There is much to be said about the practice of Sungazing. I can only give little information for now, and add to this message as questions and concerns arise. This is basic information that should be looked at and taken into consideration when choosing whether or not to practice Sungazing.

White Rabbit

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I do get the feeling that this article is somehow incomplete and could use some more information. Otherwise it's a great read, thanks lady of light

Boiling Frog

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Makes you wonder what would take more time eating the Sun for 44 min. a day or enjoying food with family and friends social activities. The same with alcohol, alcoholics seek other alcoholic so they can enjoy their addiction with company. Perhaps that's what food is for us, are you ready to drop the social aspects of eating real food absorb energy from the sun instead?

However think of the money you would save by not having to buy so many groceries each month?

Lady of Light

For those of you wanting more information on sungazing, I must let you know that I can only give you the information as is comes through. If, and when, more information on sungazing comes through to me, I will be sure to post the information. I cannot give what I do not have.

Because of the request for more, I will try to channel the information requested. My channels give what they feel is necessary, not necessarily in a timely manner, either. But, I will try to get that for you all. :)