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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Research by Roche based on fraudulent science!
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, editor of Natural News
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(NaturalNews) When it comes to the sale of chemicals which it claims that the swine flu H1N1 can be treated, the options that the pharmaceutical industry has to offer, equivalent to just two products: vaccines and antivirals. By far the most popular anti-viral drug, Tamiflu, a drug that is actually a derivative of the traditional Chinese medicinal herb "star anise.

But Tamiflu is far from an herb. It is a potentially fatal concentration of chemical constituents isolated originally captured by the traditional Chinese medicine.

And when specific chemical constituents from herbs that are isolated and concentrated, occurs loss of the valuable aspects of the herbal medicine (and more important: their security)
That did Tamiflu producer Roche is not to look for a comprehensive multi-billion market for this drug. And in order to penetrate that market, Roche would have to come up any evidence to show that Tamiflu was safe and effective.

Roche is engaged in scientific fraud

Roche says there are ten studies showing that Tamiflu is safe and effective. The company said Tamiflu has multiple benefits, including reduced risk of less than 61% of hospital admissions of people who have contracted the flu and Tamiflu were used.

The problem with such assertions is that they are not true, they are just invented by Roche.

In a groundbreaking article, recently published in the British Medical Journal, Roche is accused of misleading doctors and governments on the benefits of Tamiflu. Of all ten studies which Roche calls, shows that only two were actually published in scientific journals. And where are the original data, which the two studies were based? Way! Down the drain!

The data is simply gone. Files were destroyed. The researcher of one of the two studies, says the original data never seen to have been. "Roche took care of themselves", runs his statement.

Therefore decided to "Cochrane Collaboration", responsible for verifying the data behind Tamiflu, the case once more. After repeated calls to Roche's original data made available, they remained empty-handed. The only set of data they received came from an unpublished survey of 1447 adults, which showed that Tamiflu was no better than a placebo. Research results showing that Tamiflu would be very effective, were omitted, were apparently gone forever.

According to 'The Atlantic' shocked former employees' Adis International "- formerly a Big Pharma company - the medical world by declaring that they were hired to produce a fictional story about the research at Roche.

It gets better: Roche dictated what the researchers had to be written!

One such "ghost writers" told the British Medical Journal the following:

"The Tamiflu story contained a number of key concepts which in any case had to appear. These were dictated by the marketing department of Roche and you had also to justify them. In the introduction ... I had to say what such a big problem not constitute or influenza. I had to conclude that Tamiflu was the answer to those problems. "

In other words, the marketing department of Roche waved the scepter of science and told investigators what they had to make inferences from clinical trials. Science companies hired scientists to lead the marketing bosses. It did not matter what scientific findings are fed, was previously suggested to them that only one conclusion could be drawn: "Tamiflu was the answer.

Now I know not how it is with you, but where I come from, they call it 'science fraud'. And according to many research findings that NaturalNews has revealed, it seems pretty much in the pharmaceutical industry to the status quo.

Actually, none of the 'science' by drug manufacturers are committed to faith, because in the first place is really nothing to do with science. It is only in propaganda disguised as 'science'.

Sadly, even the U.S. CDC Health (to us the GG and GD - vert.) Taken by the nose by that fraud in those clinical trials. Reporter Shannon Brownlee writes in 'The Atlantic':

"... The GG and GD looks of a planet or another alternative to come, which no longer contribute valuable knowledge to the public administration. The recommendations regarding the service makes the flu, are the constraints of the allegations of Roche who say that the drug lives could be saved - despite the findings of the Food and Goods Authority and despite the lack of research can substantiate such claims.
Moreover, further that neither the GM and GD, the VWA or have asked to examine the kind that clearly could be made whether the claims of the manufacturer or untrue: that Tamiflu is indeed the risk of serious complications and would reduce it would save lives.
Nancy Cox, who heads the flu from the CDC program, told us earlier this year that they oppose a comparative study was placebo (with half of the patients should receive Tamiflu and the other half a placebo), because the benefits of the drug had already been extensively proven. "

Did you read that last sentence right? The CDC is not interested in testing Tamiflu because "the benefits of the drug have already been extensively proven. Except that this is obviously not the case. But this is the way the pharmaceutical industry works:

Step 1) Turn display evidence that demonstrates that your medicine works

Step 2) Use that evidence obtained by fraud to your drug for approval.

Step 3) Apply to fear to generate demand for your medication (the drug and encourage governments to impose particular stock).

Step 4) Do not really claiming that scientific research demonstrating that the drug works (and quote from your own fraudulent studies to underpin it).

That is the recipe that the CDC now follows in the case of Tamiflu. It is obviously a recipe of scientific stupidity and circular logic, but that miraculously seems to be commonplace in today's medical world.

Even the American VWA - the FDA - said that Tamiflu does not work

Remarkably enough, the FDA not quite to the Tamiflu hoax. They demanded that Roche on the labels would print the following waiver - a waiver that openly admits that it was never proved that the drug works:

"Of Tamiflu has never found it a positive contribution to the potential consequences (hospitalization, mortality or economic impacts) of seasonal flu, avian flu or pandemic flu"

But how can it be mad? The medicine Tamiflu is intended precisely for this! Moreover, a spokesman told the FDA in the British Medical Journal: "With the clinical trials ... we have failed to show any significant difference in statistics on hospital admissions, complications or mortality in patients on Tamiflu or a placebo were administered. "

It is always the same song again, as a record that is hanging: Tamiflu does not work. And the "science" that says that Tamiflu works, was manipulated from the start.

Pseudoscience is however good enough for the U.S. government. Based on less than cobbled together evidence and the propaganda of Big Pharma, the U.S. government gave U.S. $ 1.5 billion for the construction of a stockpile Tamiflu. That was obviously a huge deal for Roche to be, but a bad investment for American citizens large sums were counting down for a drug that does not work.

The scandal of the present stock of Tamiflu

As stated in 'The Atlantic':

"Governments, civil society and international health organizations like WHO have their decisions to recommend to Tamiflu and to stock all apparently based on independent studies, which were in fact financed by the company itself and for the most part prepared by staff Roche hired or trained academic advisers. "

Even if Tamiflu works, then there are already resistant strains of the H1N1 virus in circulation. See this lead.

The end of the song is that governments around the world now hunting for the billions of dollars through stockpiling of a drug that does not work - a drug that using vulgar propaganda and scientific fraud was advertised.

This is not the first time that governments are wasting so much tax money, (although it would appear that the U.S. government has since been very good at), but this example is all the more worrying because this all happened under the pretext that natural remedies are worthless and only vaccines and Tamiflu can protect you against a viral epidemic.

But as it now looks Tamiflu and vaccines are just worthless and only the natural remedies do their job properly. That is why so many knowledgeable people around the world vitamin D supplies like construction, garlic strike, anti-viral tincture and healthy foods to buy to protect themselves against a possible pandemic which most world governments can not start.

I find it fascinating to note that governments around the world stocks of medicines NOT construction work, while people who have faith in natural medicine go down all natural products that work. If a true pandemic would affect our world, but it is entirely the question of who will ultimately survive (Hint: it will certainly not stupid guys who are in line for their Tamiflu pill ....).

What remedy ultimately helps in boosting immunity and will protect the body against infectious diseases? I've published a special report containing five recommended remedies. See this example lead

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