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“Oh what a tangled web we weave – When first we practice to deceive!,” by Walter Scott.

The Eisenhower Memorial Commission’s plan to build the federally funded memorial in honor of 34th President of United States, Dwight David (Ike) Eisenhower on a four-acre site in front of the headquarters of the Department of Education in Washington, is facing some hurdles. Not due to funding but due to Eiesenhower’s grandchildren, Susan Eisenhower, an energy and foreign-policy expert in Washington, and Anne Eisenhower, a prominent interior designer based in New York – and their brother, historian, author and son-in-law of President Richard Nixon David Eiesenhower. The Presidential retreat, Camp David, formerly Camp Shangri-La, was named after David Eisenhower in 1953.

The memorial’s design is created by Canadian-born American architect Frank Owen Gehry, born as Frank Owen Goldberg to Polish Jewish parents. The memorial is expected to cost US taxpayer over $150 million – plus millions in annual maintenance services.

At a congressional subcommittee hearing in March 2012, Susan voiced her objection to Gehry’s design and billboards, missile silos, totalitarian architecture, the fences around Nazi concentration camps, the Iron Curtain, and tapestries depicting Ho Chi Minh, Mao, Marx, and Lenin. Paul Goldberger commented on Susan’s obejection in Vanity Fair magazine (August 2012): “Once you start talking about the work of a contemporary American architect – and a Jewish one, to boot – by saying it reminds someone of things designed by Nazis and Communists, you have pretty much declared war on it, and him.” In other words, Susan is an anti-Semite or maybe a self-hating Jew!

Gen. Eisenhower had a controversial career both as Allied commander and as US President. His ancestory is disputed. Some US internet sites claim that Eisenhower had a Swedish Jewish family roots ( David Jacob Eisenhower and Ida Elizabeth Stover) while the Israel lobby says that he was born into a German Protestant family. However, the West Point 1915 year book, The Howitzer, describes him: “This is Senor Dwight David Eisenhower, gentlemen, the terrible Swedish-Jew, as big as life and twice as natural. He claims to have the best authority for the statement that he is the handsomest man in the Corps and is ready to back up his claim at any time“.

Some writers believe that Gen. Eisenhower starved to death 1.7 million Germans at the end of WW II – while some believe that President Eisenhouwer was able to convince British and French governments not to join Israeli war with Egypt over control of Suez Canal in 1956. American blogger and author Jeff Gates wrote in September 2010: “Though Ike was distracted by presidential politics, London and Paris were quickly persuaded to abandon their efforts. Not Tel Aviv. Then as now, Jewish fanatics were not inclined to listen to a US commander-in-chief regardless of the impact of their behavior on our national interests.”

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