The point is Without Fear For His (interview Patricia Cori)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Patricia Cori (1952) is one of the keynote speakers at the Frontier Symposium on November 7. A good opportunity for an interview and told her about her latest book, Where Dwell Pharaohs, Atlantis, crop circles, the Supreme Council of Sirius, Nikola Tesla, pyramids and much more.

Patricia, American by birth and currently living in Rome, had enormous psychic as a child. "I was five when I was in the garden with small blue creatures of light spoke. Only much later I realized that she communicated with me so that I understood as a child to be without fear. My mother told me later that once I walk inside the house came and said, 'Mom, you know that I come from a parallel universe? " Before that, such language is circulating anywhere. "

The real breakthrough in this light beings from the sixth dimension in 1996. Patricia: "I was in England for a training, healing with colors. One night I dreamed that I flew over Stonehenge and saw a giant spiral. A voice said to me: "Note that this is a connection point for alien contact. When I awoke then unfolded a series of events that led me to a crop circle: the Stonehenge Julia Set (recorded on July 7, 1996, 274 by 152 m and 151 circles). "This crop circle was a revolution. Many call it a leap in consciousness that represent formations. There were not nothing down on Tibetan lamas, Japanese Shinto priests and so on. Several people later told me: "You're called Patricia."

At the same time save a monumental clock tail in the lounge where the interview takes place. Patricia spontaneous laughs and says: "Everything is about timing, right? But there were so more people called to see the revelations of this circle. I was one of many. When I boarded the formation, it seemed as if someone pulled my blouse. I remember that I said, 'Calm down, I come ". And when I stood in formation and I lost my consciousness. I heard a siren and then kind of felt that I was sound. Then I was no longer aware of myself in a body. Two and a half hours later I returned to consciousness. "

As Patricia looks back on it now, there was a crop circle in the alignment position. Two weeks later she began, despite her resistance channeled material, to hear messages. "The first time this happened I was awake all night by a noise. I was in trance directed to the PC. When I came back to consciousness, I lay with my face on the keyboard and I had 170 pages jadslkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Luckily I scrolled back to the beginning and there I found the first three pages of my first book Cosmos of the soul. The next night it happened again at 04.05 hours the same thing, only it was now a fully conscious experience. "

Supreme Council of Sirius
In her book, says Patricia, is the energy of light beings from the sixth dimension, which is called the Supreme Council of Sirius, almost tangible. Their message reads: "We have gone through what you are experiencing on Earth. But it is possible the invention of the third dimension behind you to leave. We will not intervene. We are not your saviors, only your brothers and sisters ". Patricia: "It is so not their mother ships also come alongside, all good people evacuate, and the rest, the bad guys will not survive. Such assumptions are a reflection of our polarity consciousness. The Supreme Council of Sirius says, "This is your creation and there is nothing that needs to be repaired. What is happening is part of your process. You break off all the old order to create something new. We extend only the basis for you to realize this, we do nothing to change '. "

That we as humans do not always get along with a little helping hand shows the arrival of Nikola Tesla, Patricia writes in one of her books.
"He did not Sirius," said Patricia bright, "he came from a darker environment. Tesla is glorified as a light worker, but he was not. If you look at his history, you see that he worked for the government to fusion. And when they gave him his own laboratory, was engaged in war many cases for the government. If you look at his life, it was a mess. He put his will on women by force and he had many phobias. In short, a strange man and an egomaniac. The Supreme Council of Sirius says about the ego: "It closes you off, always. Thus, the lower in frequency, because an attack on the egoniveau makes your vibration goes down. "

Patricia believes in the eternal soul and that we reincarnate from light to yet another lesson to learn. "That's the way we spiral staircase, climb the spiral of life. I think many of us from the current terrestrial density and yet keep in the lower frequency to continue. But even those of us with the greatest darkness, and everyone knows who I mean, are sparks of light. They apparently have also continued to dabble meat is gray, but eventually everyone will tell. Because that is the nature of light. "

The steps that humanity must turn in its development are almost incomprehensible. Patricia brings to the famous parable of the worm in a flat two dimensional world. "It is a worm that does not know what is above. He moves only in one plane. On one days is a drop of water on his head. That drop is synonymous with the great awakening of consciousness. We are as flat worm, but now in 3D. We experience time as past-present-future, and we can propose no other life. The truth is that we exist simultaneously in every part of every reality. I think that our own past lives are. Because we think faster than the speed of light, for example, I can talk to you while having a flash so fast that I am not aware of. For example, on ancient Egypt. Maybe make you ever use that for some reason something comes up in your head, not with what the moment has to do. And then people say: why did that in my head? I think this is because you've been there at that time. "

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