Time for new things to promising start Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Barbara Hand Clow, March 26, 2009

It is the New Moon in Aries, the time for new things to promising start and an end to things that just lead nowhere. The Spring Equinox was a few days ago and so we really want to progress. The central question in the use of the Ram power is our best effort to be clear about what we want and to consider how our lives would change if we get what we want. If you are not careful with strong Ram aspects, you can become a raging car out of control because nobody at the steering wheel. Think about it.

This New Moon in Aries is good to start with Mercury and Venus near the New Monday Of course, during the New Moon we integrate our feelings (Moon) in our central purpose (Sunday). Mercury added, which governs our mental functioning, and Venus, which determines what attracts and is attracted to us, this is a very functional and attractive lunation. It will be easier than normal to be clear about what we want. Next Pluto in early Capricorn, and a square with this intimate group in which the Ram significance, integrity and seriousness of our intentions intensifies. Pluto will retrograde on April 4, so this is the last chance to Pluto as a tool to be used in ordinary reality until it is directly the middle of September. On April 4 you have deep issues that you have worked in your private zone, to see whether you can actually deal with what to top it. With consideration the things you so desperately seemed better. The great revolution in the outside world will be a time delay, then the personal and collective agenda in the autumn as a bull with laser vision plunge.

This New Moon in Aries is a great time for a number of key measures in the field of the major problems you faced persistent, because in a few weeks there will be a pause. Stellium in the Ram is a triangle with the South Node in Leo Monday, which is also very favorable for the completion of certain things you can do the job so to speak finish. The stellium sextielt Northern Button Monday in Waterman and makes it easy to assess the value of things in our lives and evaluate them to settle if they are correct. Meanwhile, Venus retrograde in Aries from March 3 to April 17 the subtle player in the group. Venus retrograde in Aries encourages us to relationships, values, resources and material needs to be evaluated. From what and who we really so much that we even would change to connect to preserve? This Venus retrograde is tense because Venus in Aries is dissatisfied, they are looking for variety and something different. With Venus retrograde in Aries, the most exquisite and beloved person in your life the most annoying person seem - or worse. But watch out, because you would yourself in the other person can see!

The Venus retrograde was powerful on March 3 and stores during this New Moon as a bomb. If you let someone sit on the day after the New Moon, you can feel an attack of temporary insanity to have had when Venus in conjunction with the Sun was. This New Moon, so close to Venus, asks us to be honest, strong affection, because Venus in Aries gives us the feeling to be honest and fair. This can be a profound relationship forward to a new and fairer, or let them cease to exist. Anyway, it would be wise to assume that difficult emotions that emerge in relationships now, because you made something that does not get you, something you do not dare to ask. You will be challenged to love disagreement over whether to choose to see that love is not strong enough to handle conflicts. Support this energy and be as patient as possible, because Venus retrograde gives you much clarity in complex relationships where they are immediately on April 17. Also get a better perspective on your situation on May 21 when its March 3 Venus retrograde point (15 Ram) passes, so if your scene of conflict, the marriage or relationship, it would be wise to wait before you do anything drastic. On May 21 you will see the situation clearly and it will not be so difficult for things to change. .

Mars in Pisces transforms leadership taking impulses in a desire for a bench in the park to sit, to stare at a wall or just the phone off. Mars in Pisces generates boredom and lethargy. If Mars in Pisces is, many people ask themselves why it is worth to have something to do, and even whether it is worth it, they just can not get motivated. The constant energy loss and transport of Mars in Pisces is in general very difficult and a challenge for those on their birth card already. So, even if you're a big batch of stellium in Ram - "I must, I must, I will" - as Inspector Clouseau, you look just around the corner, with your umbrella tapping and the other direction. Saturn in Virgo is exactly opposite the midpoint between Mars and Uranus in Pisces, indicating coils of chaos and strange events in the big world and in your second. This is because Mars (action) and Uranus (transformation) are turned off and then challenged by Saturn in opposition. This funny and owlish setup feels like a leaking energy people into confusion about what and who is on top. Meanwhile, it is an excellent aspect for the big boys to ball-ball play, especially on "Where is all the bailout money going?".

I suggest that things may not seem what they are, with many people who take the lead it seems like many things they are doing, but much of what is going on, is hot air. Just like when a pillow breaks open and the chicken feathers flying all over the place, you can ask what you do sneeze. This is really one without linge New Moon and I noticed that other astrologers did not know how to read, so they had about everything, except this card! Well, the key to the use of energy when you are bright and smart, is in close quincunx to Jupiter in Aquarius Saturn in Virgo. This is an important case of the "Responsibility-ends-not-here!" Aspect that cheaters and thieves will force to come out if someone is looking.

Jupiter in Aquarius inspires us to stand on the first place in the privacy of our thoughts, and then to change this reality. He wants the assets fair delegation and you can see that a revolt is building against the "Bailout" abuse. Jupiter in Aquarius wants money wisely used to create valuable things. Saturn in Virgo likes order, efficiency and creation of good systems. Saturn in Virgo is constant, dedicated and determined - and yes, he is often obsessive. Look for Saturn in Virgo, when he is frustrated he is fighting out. Jupiter in Aquarius will agree with this tight quincunx Bernie Madoff better put them in isolation, while Fed Chairman Bernanke again reflect on the things.

Saturn in Virgo is the master key that reveal how this large Ram stellium can be used to its highest potential. Uranus / Mars opposite Saturn in Virgo urges for continuous change and the quincunx Jupiter in Aquarius as the lever, the crowbar. It will be the problems and dilemmas continue to increase until a new wind of change blowing in and the blocks fall at will. In that sense, this is a nuanced and subtle month, a time when many things happen that are invisible.

Venus / New Moon / Mercury in Aries in square with Pluto proud to announce that it is time to be clear about what we want and going, but Uranus / Mars in Pisces opposite Saturn in Virgo will create strange and cumbersome methods. Meanwhile Chiron in close conjunction with Neptune in Aquarius and we hear a siren: a siren that loeit so that our spiritual healing crisis and is again very. Neptune / Chiron in Aquarius in the next few years hard pressure so that we process our inner wounds and pain of our failures of the past face. Chiron / Neptune in Aquarius is the signature aspect of the end of the Mayan calendar, it forms a conjunction that ensures that we will stop to limit ourselves. The purpose of this New Moon in Aries is the major pressure for change that we feel on our own healing, to provide all facilities and restrictions healer who have brought us where we are today. So, if you see things this month collapse you sure that they were very important to you, consider it as old and useless things collapse so you do not collapse.

Consider the following: suppose that what is really happening, something that is so, regardless of how you thought it should go. Ram does not work when Mars in Pisces, but we find ourselves in a collapse environment that recycles old paths, we finally let loose. The best advice for this month is to be prepared just to go if something does not work, just kiss it goodbye. Indeed, Mars in Pisces is always welcome at the bench in the park or sit staring out the window - a very good choice and old worlds quickly disappear.

- Translation: Ulla Mertens --

Source: Monthly reports