One of the best UFO contactee story's is about a Lady named Dorothy Izatt . since the mid seventies Dorothy has been witnessing ufo's and also started to have telepathic communications with what she calls "Beings Of Light"

her family members and friends were of course skeptical at first but when Dorothy started to film these ufo's with a 8mm camera, people started taking her story more seriously. Allen Hynek, who was in charge of the goverment's "project blue book" was also skeptical, when he started his investigation into this case. Hynek eventually realized Dorothy was experiencing something out of the ordinary and became friends with her. this story was one of the reasons he became a believer in ufo's


Thursday , November 9th 1974 was an exceptionally mild Canadian autumn day. the land was alive with sounds and colors, the reds and the yellows and the auburns , the shouts of children playing in a nearby soccer field the shrill cries of birds gliding across the sky and settling into the green glow of the trees

Dorothy Wilkinson Izatt stood at her living room window and watched the clouds move slowly towards the horizon. it was almost four o'clock in the afternoon and time for the "quiet hour" she routinely set aside for prayer. Daily devotion was her custom her way of giving thanks for having been blessed with four healthy and happy children , her devoted husband , Duncan, and a good life in a little town Richmond, B.C. a suburb of Vancouver. she found it hard to imagine nearly twenty years had passed since she and her family moved from far away Hong Kong to Canada. but it had indeed been nearly two decades and the thought brought mixed feelings of gratitude and sadness. yet she had no complaints and as usual her ambivalence was quickly replaced by a keen sense of satisfaction. She was after all a woman of naturally high spirits and, despite her occasional reveries into the past she remained so.

With a sigh Dorothy left the window, lit a small candle on a nearby bureau, and knelt quietly in meditation. "but this time it was different." she recalled later. "while i was quieting my mind, i had a most beautiful sensation. it's hard to describe. it was something i had never known before, like a great upsurge of love and happiness." Silently she lingered in the exhilaration of the experience until it ebbed slowly and was gone.

Dorothy stood, straightened her shoulders, and suddenly felt bewildered. now she had the strangest feeling she was being watched. she walked across the room and peered out the window and drew a quick, involuntary breath. There, bright and crystalline , suspended in the middle of a clear patch of sky , was a beautiful spinning object that looked like a huge diamond with a horizontal ring of lights revolving round the middle. As she put it, " the object was magnificent and brilliantly lit by lights with a rotating disc of light at the base. I couldn't believe what i was seeing."

Momentarily doubting her senses, she turned away and shut her eye's, then looked back. the sparkling object was no illusion; it was definitely there , dazzling crisp and seemingly alive.

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Contact with Beings of Light: The ... - Google Book Search
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In 1952 - at that time she was living in Hong Kong - she and her husband saw a gold colored object very briefly in the sky. The very next night the servants came down from the roof in a great state of agitation, describing the viewing of the same, or a similar object. Ever since her youth she has experienced vivid dreams where she was apparently an observer of a vehicle type, that we refer to as a saucer. Other craft of various sizes were also at this "airport." The occupants she does not recall as being unusual, by earthly standards.

Other dream sequences she locates as being in Egypt. They were equally "real." The people she met were dressed in gold, with a leopard on a leash.

The present sequence of events commenced in July, 1975, and have continued without interruption ever since. At that time Dorothy, who is a deeply religious member of the Catholic faith, went to her room at 4 p.m. to light a candle and meditate, as was her custom. She had an urge to go to the window as she felt that something was watching. In the sky was an object that she describes as a "gorgeous diamond." It appeared to be spinning and began to move in and out of the clouds. That same evening she had an urge to go to the window again around 7:30, and this time saw what she calls the mother ship. She remained watching one hour. During this time she tried some simple experiments. Taking a flashlight she waved it up and down, then sideways, then zigzag. The craft responded with identical movements. This same craft appeared the following two nights. Very concerned about what she was seeing, Dorothy confided in her son when he came to visit. This time they both watched the object. He returned the fourth night with binoculars. Shortly after this she discovered that whenever "they" were in the vicinity a beam of light shone into her eyes. She describes it as feeling warm. It also became apparent that some sort of communication system had been established, as Dorothy could ask questions and either receive replies or see movement from the craft she was watching.

One morning at 4:30 she saw 30 small objects leave the mother ship. Although she phoned the airport and the Vancouver Province news paper , no other reports were available. The ship she saw on a regular basis displayed a monitoring device that enabled the operator to see and hear what was taking place at any particular spot. Dorothy was horrified by the implications of this device. She was shown various shaped craft that were used for different purposes.

UFOexperiences: DOROTHY IZATT by Graham Conway



object in first picture was captured on one frame of the film...that indicates the objects is moving and not the camera.




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Pictures with supposed Aliens or Beings


computer enhanced version

Alien doing something outside of the craft


Dorothy asked the Aliens she was communicating with "what do you look like" and this is the photo she took. you can see a face

this picture was supposedly taken thru a porthole or window of one of the ufo's and shows alien beings


video here
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Dorothy's Story Featured on Unsolved Mysteries

same video on Dailymotion

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