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On June 26, 2011 – United Nations celebrated International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. In the UNODC World Drug Report 2011, Islamic Republic ranks first among all countries in shutting down drug routes into its territory. Tehran has spent more than $700 million to seal its 560 mile-long border with US occupied Afghanistan and prevent the transit of illicit drugs destined for European, Middle Eastern and Central Asian countries. Iran also lost 3,600 soldiers in its fight against drug trafficking.

According to the 2009 UNODC World Drug Report in descending order off effectiveness the world’s leading countries for interdiction of opium in 2007 were Iran (84% of interdictions), Afghanistan (10%), Pakistan (3%), Tajikistan (0.5%), Turkmenistan (0.4%), India (0.3%).

In April, despite campaign by Washington and Ottawa on behalf of Israel – Islamic Republic was re-elected as a member of the International Narcotics Control Board by the United Nations Economic and Social Council for another five-year term.

Australian professor Dr. Gideon Polya have posted a research article, entitled June 26: UN Anti-Drug Day proving how Anglo-American drug mafia (dominated by Russian Jews) has used drugs to carry-out genocide around the world. It is estimated that global opiate drug-related deaths from US restoration of the Taliban-destroyed Afghan opium industry now total about 1 million with 200,000 such deaths in the US, 11,900 in the UK, 7,600 in Canada, 3,400 in Australia, 6,700 (Germany), 1,450 (France), 2,800 (Italy) and 680 (the Netherlands). In contrast, US Alliance military deaths in Afghanistan now total 27 (Australia), 156 (Canada), 1,637 (the US), 374 (the UK), 62 (France), 53 (Germany), 36 (Italy) and 25 (the Netherlands).

The post-war collapse of the Western colonial empires permitted the American domination of the former colonial world. The US invaded over 30 countries after WWII and the drug trade was an important adjunct to US Cold War strategy from Latin America to South East Asia. The US-backed opiate trade in Indo-China was exported back to the US where the drug trade has devastated Black America in particular, thereby blocking a major political king-maker role for African-Americans. The Afghan opium industry was only about 20% of the limited world opiate trade back in 1980. However the opium industry grew to 35% of world share by 1989 when the defeated Russians left and escalated further in the subsequent civil war. When the Taliban decided to ban opium production in 2000 the Afghan opium production was about 69% of the world production.

According to the UN Drug Control Program (UNDCP) “Afghanistan. Annual opium poppy survey 2001” (piii): “An estimated 185 metric tones (MT) of raw opium was produced in Afghanistan in 2001. This would suggest a large reduction in opium production of 94% from the 2000 total of 3,276 MT and a reduction of 96% from the record high of 4,582 MT reported by the 1999 survey.” The 2000 Taliban ban on Afghan opium production caused a 94% drop in output. However by 2002 US occupation had restored Afghan opium production to more than the 2000 level and to 76% of world market share in 2002 and to 92% of world market share by 2006.

While US-occupied Afghanistan is responsible for about 90% of world opium production, substantial opium production occurs in Myanmar and in US-suborned Latin America. UNODC’s 2010 World Drug Report states that “Although Afghanistan is the source of most of the world’s illicit opiates (6,300 million tones), a significant quantities are also produced in Myanmar (330 million tones) and Latin America. Since 2003, Mexico has been the world’s third largest source of opium, and the quantities produced in 2008 (325 million tones) came close to the quantities produced Myanmar in 2009”.

The UNODC report “Addiction, crime and insurgency” estimates that the Afghan opiate trade kills 100,000 people each year including 30,000-40,000 Russians; has generated one million Iranian opiate addicts; and has caused an HIV epidemic in Central Asia. This UNODC report comments; “These numbers suggest that the Afghan opium trade is a well-funded threat to nations”.

“Nevertheless media, academics and politicians in the Neocon American and Zionist Imperialist (NAZI)-beholden Western Murdochracy and Lobbyocracies simply look the other way, even when huge numbers of their own countrymen fall victim to the US Alliance-protected Afghan opiate drug trade,” says Dr. Gideon Polya.

No wonder, Iranian President, Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told people attending the June 26 Anti-Drug Day in Tehran’s Azadi Stadium: “Today the Western powers have begun harming nations, especially the Iranian nation by drugs”.

Islam forbids the use of all kinds of intoxicating stuff (liquor, drugs, etc.).

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