US anti-Iran sanction pushing and shoveling not working


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On March 20, Washington announced that it will excempt ten European countries and Japan from penalities for doing business with Iran’s central bank, fasely claiming that these countries have reduced oil purchase from the Islamic Republic. However, Washington did not provide similar excemption to its four major trade partners, China, India, South Korea and Turkey.

Under AKP government the Turkish-Iranian trade and cultural relations have become a great concern to Israel and its western poodle governments. The interest of Iranian and Turkish investors and businesspeople in realizing the two countries’ goal will pave the way for increasing trade volume from the current figure of 10 billion dollars to 30 billion dollars in coming years. Ankara is very much interested in participating in development projects of the Iranian gas fields intended to export gas to Europe via Turkey to meet the needs of the European markets.

Yesterday, speaking at a press conference in Istanbul, US ambassador to Turkey, Francis Ricciardone, warned Ankara to ‘reduce significantly’ its oil imports from Iran – to avoid western sanctions against Turkey.

During the recent BRICK conference in New Delhi, both India and China defiantly declared their intention to continue trading with Islamic Republic, rebuffing US attempts to force them and other countries cut economic ties with Tehran over its nuclear program which Israel calls poses an existential threat to the Zionist entity.

Both India and China received support from Russia, South Africa and Brazil for refusing to by dictated by Washington’s wish to strangle Iran economically for the pleasure of Israel.

US anti-Iran sanction pushing and shoveling not working | Rehmat calling