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The World Jewish Congress reported on Friday that two Israel-Firster congresswomen, Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Jewish) and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (anti-Iran Christian Zionist) have drafted a new bill which proposes ‘preferred treatment’ to estimated 127,000 Holocaust survivors living in United States currently. In 2007, German daily Spiegel International had reported that there are 250,000 ‘children of Shoah’ alive worldwide, about 120,000 live in Israel – about 80,000 of them live in poverty.

“As a nation that upholds the values of freedom, liberty and justice, we have a moral obligation to acknowledge the plight and uphold the dignity of Holocaust survivors to ensure their well-being. Our children’s generation will be the last to know Holocaust survivors and hear their stories firsthand. We must do all we can to honor their struggles and their lives by improving their access to transportation to get them where they need to go, and improve their home-care options so that they can have peace of mind. This bill does just that, and it’s time to make it happen,” said Rep. Wasserman Schultz.

“The sad reality is that every day, we have fewer Holocaust survivors among us to tell their tragic tales that remind us of the reality of evil,” said Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.

Interestingly, a son Shoah survivors, Dr. Norman Finkelstein, had claimed that numbers of Shoah survivors keep increasing instead of decreasing with the passage of time. Dr. Norman Finkelstein stresses in his important book, The Holocaust Industry – Israel, the World Jewish Congress, and other major Jewish organizations, all of which demand and collect billions in the name of “Holocaust survivors,” have an interest in inflating figures both of wartime victims and of postwar survivors.

Germany has paid more than $93 billion in compensation for Nazi crimes to various Jewish organizations. In addition to that Berlin pays $156 million in pension to Shoah survivors, which according to Associated Press will be raised to $180 million in 2012 and then to $200 million in 2014.

This year, the Zionist regime has classified another 7,000 Moroccan and other North African Jews as ‘Holocaust survivors’. According to the agreement drafted in April 2011 between the Claims Conference and the German government they will each receive NIS 13,000 ($3,800) in compensation.

Let us not forget that Jews of Libyan descent have launched initiative to receive their part in compensation package – over $500 million from Italy for its occupation of Libya during WWII.

Afro-American must wonder when President Barack Obama will listen to his conscience and create a similar grant program for the elderly African people who are the survivors of the Judeo-Christian slavery in the US.

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