What is clairvoyance?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Other names: paranormal vision, clear vision, psychic
Clairvoyance is usually referred to as the ability to predict the future or seeing auras or ghosts. With only these options to view helderzeindheid very tight, because there are enormous energies that a psychic could observe.
The different energies that can be observed by the eyes of a psychic are not in our normal spectrum of the violet - blue - green - yellow - orange - red covers. This light that falls outside our normal range, is another kind of light, you would be called ethereal light. Every psychic phenomenon is different from type of light from each other, because they all just another piece of coverage of the spectrum. Actually it's not even as light as observed. It is pure energy that the eyes receive and translate the image of light to the brains.

It also happened that people have visions, psychic observations in the form of images. It is not always seen as clairvoyance, while it is. During these visions, people can get images of other people (often dangerous) situations. These can be images from the future, present or past.
Someone who is clairvoyant, is often only a part or some of the possibilities of the paranormal show.

What options are there?
The future
See pictures to objects
Being able to look into the human body and so determine the ills of organs
The gain of symbols
Seeing entities (spirits / angels), orbs, light, light flashes, light columns, lines, X-lights, smog trails, lines and shapes and a veil and all other light phenomena
Seeing aura's, characters and feeling expressions in faces
Seeing energy or paranormal UFO's (spacecraft)
Seeing space creatures
Seeing natural beings
Seeing faces in other deformed faces

The different types of clairvoyance are presented below.
The future (for, sometimes also feel, having a chimney)
It is the feature on things to see or where to take (or know or feel) before they happen. The energies that roam through the atmosphere are visible to the eyes of the person. The energy through space giert is now turned into images that can say something about the future, but also about the past or the present. How the person can see (if included) as a film or a slide series in the head (?) Take place.
The images that a clairvoyant can see the chimneys in the future do not actually happen. This is because the future is not certain. Everyone follows his own life during the life here on earth. This life is a road full of choices, you choose your life. When you always make the same choices follow a long straight road, but any time you have the freedom to another path. The energies of the choices, decisions and thoughts that have been affect subsequent moments. The way you run your plaveid itself already by the previous choices you've made. The roads that you as a man can choose, for paved by our own choices, one can clearly see that in the future may look, be picked up. Such a clairvoyant could one of the possible ways that you perceive in the future follow.
You have the freedom to make other choices, but a number of factors are very final. Then it is impossible or extremely difficult for another direction to go.

Images of objects (psychometrics or psychological copy)
This is the observation and interpretation of energy associated with and using such a photo. To obtain images in objects such as photos and other personal belongings of the arrested person the energy of the object and the person from whom the object is. Object to such energies are different, the atmosphere and emotions of a person sitting there as it were. This is observed by someone, and images formed. Getting images in the energy is almost automatic. An object that is used to tune an inducer said.

Being able to look into the human body and so determine the ills of organs
Through this form of clairvoyance, a man with another man inside the body look without equipment or making a hole in the man to look within. You can view specific organs or parts of bodies, by tuning to the relevant part of the body. You can zoom in on each board and see if anything had happened. If there is something wrong with an institution can describe what it looks like what is wrong and / or you can nominate what it is. This feature can people in weaker forms, which are less clearly seen how the inside looks like.
A girl from Russia with this property, which has become so well known is the girl with the X-ray eyes that (X-Ray eyes) but her name is Natasha Demkina. About her there is a Discovery Channel documentary was.

The gain of symbols
People can also get by symbols. Where known, these symbols only in the main view. How come those symbols is not known. The symbols appear to indicate a cosmic language, a universal language characters in the cosmos may be used.
See also the website of Ed Fox with a bunch of symbols: home.hetnet.nl / ~ midreth/symbpag1nl.htm

See entities (spirits / angels), spheres, points, flash, columns, lines, X-lights, smog trails, lines and shapes and a veil and all other light phenomena
The light phenomena mentioned in this section are only part of the species that exist. That so many species are there is because a lot of different energies exist. The energies that are under this heading are constantly present in our current reality and not in a parallel universe or another dimension which is often thought. Why is this thought because it seems like you with new eyes to look. They are no eyes, but other sensors in the eyes beyond our normal range of them. This observation is still in our current reality. What is observed is an essential energy or light, immaterial energies.

Seeing aura's, characters and feeling expressions in faces
Everyone has an energy around them that is called an aura. The colored aura of a person is a look that is well known, it can even be photographed with Kirilianfotografie. But the colored aura are a single image of a person. Everyone has multiple aura's, multiple emanations (7 pieces). The energy of the body, mind and soul to ensure energy fields (and in) the person. The best known is the colored aura, but there are also white / witgrijze's aura. The emotion, character, personality and skills of healthy humans in the aura of expression, but these properties are visible in faces of people. Someone who has this much experience a person can easily perceive unhealthy properties. Unfortunately, the same people who are most to health should work, the persons who are unhealthy units can accept the worst and they would actually have something to do. The energy of emotions, character, personalities and unhealthy units remain in the appearance of the person present and influence the aura as the facial formation. When the person too much of a certain characteristic (eg anger), this prey on human health at the level of the body and / or spirit. The property that does not promote, but is present in the atmosphere influences as the condition of man, in this way is compromised.

The energy of emotions, character, personalities and unhealthy units do not only affect its own state, but affect the whole environment of man. The person so affected his or her partner. It is much overattentive, because the appearance of a person affects the events and experiences of the person. What is present in the atmosphere pick up or just knock off. What someone wants to have and this time continues to say, shot the right person, while the person who expresses his wish and released his wish to attract. When the energy flow can reach its goal, but if someone wants to control the energy, the energy limited and not objective. What you want to pull your shots and you come to remove you. Also, the appearance, the character and personalities of the people on invloedt pets. When someone stubbornness in his or her character are, this is reflected in the behavior of the animal. This happens because the animal itself can not display the energy of the owner and the appearance and energy of the owner free to the pet. If you want to see you so critical, therefore, look at the annoying features the pet and then look at yourself!
Not only in the face of the man, the qualities of expression, this can in any part of the body reflected. There are also people from the mind of people (nature) properties can be met.

There are people who can directly see how someone is. It can for instance see whether the person in question is suitable for work or not and whether the person is confident in some things. The look in someone eyes may give it. Some people see the aura as an energy not to have someone around, but see it in the place spots to someone.

Seeing energy or paranormal UFO's (spacecraft)
UFO's are of two types. They are not real species, but two degrees of visibility. One can see everyone and that happens only rarely. Then the spacecraft can be seen clearly in terrestrial matter. This does not apply to the second possibility. Then the (paranormal) ufo's not obvious. They are not earthly matter, but only energy admire. Daily fly many of these vessels over us without our brands, but they are indeed. The space vehicles have many forms and come from many places.

Seeing space creatures
Also seeing the space creatures in their form can occur in two ways. The first way is to see these things with our normal eyes. The second way of seeing aliens with psychic eyes. Both are little, but it happens. There are many famous pictures in history where they have shown in humans.
For images of space beings: galactic.to/azb9152a/vesen.html

Seeing natural beings
A separate category under the light phenomena are the natural beings or devas. These are earth beings who are very connected to the planet. For nature to see things you do not have to be psychic or paranormal. Nature Beings are only seen in humans, where the man has enough love. Stories about elves and fairies are not based on nonsense, but often exceed our grasp. As someone said: Deva are seen by the heart, not with the eyes.

Nature creatures are divided into different groups, these are the nature spirits, air spirits, ghosts and the fire nymphs. Within these groups are not only clean the different types, but there are too many intermediate forms.

Seeing faces deform other faces (questioning whether this is paranormal)
We see faces, for example, just before bedtime and eyes closed. The eyes would show faces that are formed and then proceed in other faces. Like the inside of your eyelids is a projection. These are different images that transform into other, and other faces. The faces are different. Thus, the emotional expression differently, one fronst and the other laughs. Also you do not see them all, some look another way. The faces of different cultures and there are only contours and shape of the face that change, there is no color seen. While there is clearly consider, none of the faces to recognize. A piece of what faces behind each other and it's gone.

It is highly unlikely or anything paranormal, but we still wanted to mention this for any recognition.

Source: symbolic