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While all GOP presidential hopefuls with the exception of Ron Paul, are calling Obama to attack Iran for Israel – the Pennsylvania State police on Wednesday arrested Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, 21, for allegedly shooting at the White House. However, the Zionist-controlled mainstream media ignored the news because the shooter has “Israel” tattoo on left side of his neck.

The Park Police, the authority in the area of the National Mall, found evidence, including a gun and spent shells, in a vehicle abandoned several blocks away that led to Ortega’s arrest warrant.

Photos of a bearded Ortega pictured outdoors and smiling, and showing his “Israel” tattoo in a flowery script, appear on the US Park Police web posting on November 11, 2011.

The US Secret Service on Tuesday discovered two bullets that hit the White House. One was lodged in a protected glass window on the residential level.

Both Barack Obama and his wife were out of country at the time of the shooting.

I’m glad, the Jewish Lobby cannot pin this terrorist act on Iran.

Former CIA officer for 22 years, Professor Michael Scheuer (Georgetown University) said on Israel-Firster Glenn Beck’s CNN Show: “Israel is such an enormous detriment to the United States, our relationship with the Israeli. That it’s going to become clear to the Americans that this is just going to cost us blood and lives the longer we pursue this relationship with the Israelis”.

Israel operates it largest espionage network in United States, the very country which has donated trillions of dollars to the Zionist entity since 1960s and has shielded its crimes against humanity at international forums since 1948. In addition to Katya (Jewish spies), Israel also maintains over one million Sayanin (local Jewish collaborators who works for Israeli espionage network) around the world.

White House shooter has


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Obviously, there's a lot more going on behind the scenes that we don't know about. But, I'm sure it will all come to light very soon with the elitists falling apart.