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On April 8, 2011 – Israeli daily Ha’aretz published a Wikileak exclusive, saying that the Zionist-regime expects the next war against Hizbollah will last two months, during which 24,000 to 36,000 rockets and missiles are expected to be launched at Israel − about 6,000 of them aimed at Tel Aviv.

People who are not duped by Jewish-controlled mainstream media, know that Wikileaks is an Israeli psy-ops directed at United States. Therefore, one hope that Zionazis would think twice before they tangle with Hizbullah for the third time – considering the Jewish army was humiliated by Hizbullah fighters in 2000 and 2006. On the other hand, Professor Daniel Bar-Tal, told us in his 2010 study that an average Israeli prefer to live in ‘self-denial’ as he is not interested to know the facts about the Israel-Arab conflict. They’re brainwashed with Zionist narrative of the conflict and hatred toward Arabs and Muslims from an early age.

According to Ha’aretz, telegrams were sent from the US embassy summing up talks between American and Israeli officials in November 2009 cite a Mossad official as saying Hezbollah is expected to launch 400-600 missiles at Israel a day − 100 of which will be aimed at Tel Aviv, over the course of two months.

Israeli Military Intelligence says that Hezbollah possesses over 20,000 rockets, hundreds of 220 mm and 302 mm rockets, several hundred Fajr rockets, hundreds of simple anti-tank ‏(AT‏) launchers with rockets and missiles, and hundreds of advanced anti-tank wire guided missiles ‏(ATGM‏), dozens of SA-14, SA-7 and QW-1 anti-aircraft guns, several Ababil unmanned aerial vehicles ‏(UAVs‏), an unknown quantity of C-802 coastal missiles and up to thousands of improvised explosive devices ‏(IEDs‏).

And the Zionist idiots want the world (other than the duped American, Canadian and Europeans) to believe that even though Hizbullah doesn’t have Israeli nuclear bombs and other WMDs, F16s, Merkava tanks, missile boat, gunships and 187,000-strong Jewish Army plus 408,000 military reserves – Hizbullah’s 3,000 fighters are great threat to the very survival of the Zionist entity.

Alastair Crooke in a three-part article How Hizbullah defeated Israel, published in Asia Times, October 2006 - gave credit to the superiority of Hizbullah’s leadership, fighters’ moral and intelligence strength over the Jewish army.

Wikileaks: ‘Israel