You are your own reality

Monday, June 22, 2009


According to Seth, we create our own reality, literally, by our beliefs. This life is one of many that we live in different times and places. The experiences, both good and the sad, we do not have more than a dream and actually appear in our lives as educational classes for the consequences of our actions show. Since the essence of the universe is love, we are safe and will ensure for us now and all eternity. We always have access to information about the nature of reality and our personal lives, but we need to think consciously use this information to evaluate and decide. Finally and perhaps most important, there is no authority more important than the true self of each person, the words of Seth are just an attempt to contact us with knowledge that we ignore when we receive our inner essence .
We are multidimensional beings who inhabit many areas and that eternal life and themselves to more creative and develop individuals realized.
The universe is of good will, evil and destruction exist only as a scenario. Incidents of mischief in the world appear to our senses to give us the consequences of our beliefs to show, but mankind will awaken as from those suffering from a bad dream.
Knowledge and, if possible, by following our impulses, we can discover purpose in our lives and we can learn to ensure that both ourselves and the world benefit from it.
There is no authority that can lead someone better than his inner self. Seth's words are just an attempt to contact us with the knowledge that we ignore when it appears in our psyche. The entity is the fundamental itself, immortal, not mortal and the individual is part of the whole self that you use your body to express. Desire, desire and expectation govern all actions and are the foundation of all realities. You create your own reality, there are no exceptions!

Seth: "You create your reality in accordance with your beliefs and expectations, so you should carefully examine. When certain aspects of your world is uncomfortable, research your own expectations. "

If you have a lot of abundance, health, useful work, wealth and see a smile on the faces of those you meet, you can certainly find that your beliefs are beneficial. When you see a world that is good and that people love you, you may simply assume that your beliefs are beneficial! But ... if you have poor health, lack of funds, and ensure a world of misery, you may assume that your beliefs are flawed and ga they investigate. "

"Your world is a true picture of your own mind ... When you give yourself positive suggestions about a certain situation, then you send telepathic ammunition for positive use. You must learn a negative thought or image to erase them will come with its opposite. "

"You form your own reality. But this reality is, change your other realities that you do not know. The joy, the challenge, responsibility, creativity are your property. This is the only message I ever can, or you yourself can give. You, all of you, All-That-Is experienced through your own individuality and the transsubstantiatie 'of your body. "

"You would have to keep yourself often:" I just wanted to respond in a constructive suggestion. "This gives you positive ammunition against your own negative thoughts and those of others."

"A negative thought, if not erased, will almost always a negative status effect. Tell yourself: "That is in the past. Now, in this moment, this new unit, I start to change all the good. "

"It does not help to avoid negative thoughts, such as fear, anger or hurt is to suppress. They should be recognized under eyes and be exchanged. In recognition of hurt when it is felt and then realize that this can be released. First, you have to recognize this. Then you must imagine that this hurt of "root and branch 'and delete it swaps for a positive feeling."

"You must picture pictures that you paint with your imagination, observe. Your surroundings and your life circumstances at any time the direct result of your own inner expectations. When you narrow depicts conditions, diseases or desperate loneliness, it will "automatically" materialized, because the mind itself, the conditions causing them a reality in physical terms. If you want good health, then you just imagine living as if in your fear visualizes diseases. "

At an ESP-assignment was a discussion about whether it was possible to use animals to predict earthquakes and that people would feel that they were places that disappear. "

Seth: "The animals disappear! That seems to me quite clear. Remember acquisition! Amidst all the crazy stuff you do make your own reality. I admit that it sounds easy, but you will not experience earthquake, if you do not want and no one dies who is not that decision. You can create your own reality or you do not. And if you do not, you will over the victim and the universe a chance mechanism that appears to be without purpose, which the miraculous image that you see if your body happens in the creation came from one or other cosmic incident miraculous complexity obtained. And that body was without reason so wonderful to work only victim. That is the only other alternative to forming your own reality. There is no other universe than these two. You have a universe that is formed for a reason, or a universe WITHOUT a reason. And in a effective universe are no victims. Everything has a reason or nothing has a reason. So make your choice! "

Source: unitynet.nl