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Sunday, November 1, 2009

The play about magic numbers combinations, which are on WantToKnow state, is still widely read and there is also firmly responded. The special was that we pretty much simultaneously on the track came from the English article below 11:11 After reading my conclusion was clear: "In Dutch WantToKnow as to support the 1st article ', the translation was finished, of course exactly at 11:11 hours ... I also wish you much fun with the possible recognition. Listen at least while reading well into the cracks in your 'reality' ...

February 3, 2009 by Steve Pavlina

(Translation © Guido Jonkers 16-2 - 2009)

11:11 is a subject that has been on my list of state documents that I want to write. Many people have asked me to be here nou something to write about. But only recently I felt that the timing for my article about 11:11 was good.

11:11 is the subject discussed mainly in the private sphere, between people who are already familiar with it. I have not come across many online documents on this subject, at least not of that quality, depth and clarity to me as 'true' feel. A few people, including Uri Geller, have addressed this issue, but most pieces that you think on the Internet, are a bit obscure.


For years I have on my website in a 11:11 combination right corner my website are.
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It was a nod to people who already know what it means, but I suspect most visitors have been unaware. And when I got e-mails from people who asked me what the meaning was, she replied I usually, as they themselves were not, they could simply ignore. And for those who know what it means, the number combination as a recognition and can pave the interesting events.
What is 11:11?

There are many levels at 11:11 to explain, but let me start at the most basic, physical level we can observe and then go further up. This observation alone course requires an explanation.

11 is obviously a 11:11 mark and the time you see a clock. A relatively small percentage of people start seeing 11:11 more, and the figure 11, then to pure probability is due. And increasingly it seems, if you notice, if you're the center of some crazy conspiracy ..

If your film "The number 23 ''ve seen Jim Carey, you know that same concept behind this film is, although this film far removed from actual experience. In the beginning, you will get the idea that you can get a little bit by running, but ultimately it is about you and is "led" to some fascinating insights into what we call 'reality' call.

Numero Logically speaking, you can figure whether any number or range that appears in your life add up. When you arrive at a figure greater than 11, then keep on counting until you end on a number equal, or greater than 11.

A few examples of how I came to the track of all those 11-and?

First my postcode, which is 89,138. This is then 8 + 9 + 1 + 3 + 8 = 29, and 2 + 9 = 11.

My previous postcode was 89,129 and that is 8 + 9 + 1 + 2 + 9 = 29, and 2 + 9 = 11.

My phone number is 991-1252, resulting in 9 + 9 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 5 + 2 = 29, and 2 + 9 = 11.

And when I prefix my portable phone, which is 702 991 1252. And these figures give added 38 and 3 + 8 = 11.

11:11 The fascinating thing is that it forwards and backwards in one's life seems to move. So if you have to deal with this 11-and in your life, you will find that they cross through your past, as by now and the future run. When I first came into contact with this idea, I thought I was crazy, because I found out that my whole life suffering from this hidden and 11 ...

I became aware of this phenomenon in early 1994 and just before I met my girlfriend Erin. I-11 and discovered hidden everywhere. I lived in apartment 119 and my first computer game was then sold in the shop and had a barcode which when added to 29 showed. I had 92 CD's and my favorite band had made 11 albums. The last 4 numbers which I had also ended at 11. The model of my watch had serial number 5600 and had my TV model number 2729. The hard drive of my computer had a capacity of 245 MB but I am a software program used to compress, I came out at a capacity of 380 MB ...

And there is also another top time, which often disquieting 11:11 showing! I sometimes find myself suddenly looking clock this moment, and then get on my retina, often a few days straight. But there are also days straight past without me even 11:11 on a clock pass saw coming. The special is that I have, while writing this piece, went to the kitchen for a snack deal, and there was the clock on the microwave 11:1 .. My daughter Emily was actually born on 11:11 in the evening. And that does seem a fact that is quite difficult to ignore.

The "virus" through the back door is ...

Now a healthy skeptic questions at this point to stop here to say that this very simple phenomenon is the result of self-suggestion. So very simply, is that it means that you have put yourself in your head that you see more and 11, and your unconscious attention system examines the combination or number in your area and bring it to your conscious level. There is an increased awareness of 11-and you simply because the existing 11-sees and more. You can even some of those 11 and unconsciously create, and you might even unconsciously one digit from right to choose these to the 11-count issues.

These statements are completely logical OK. They are neat, orderly and fun. Of course you can claim that I unconsciously saw more 11-and because it hetgene I was expecting to go see. I will not argue about this statement, because it actually does not matter. I go even further than this statement, it is precisely how "reality" occurs when you're a skeptic ...

The logical explanations are quite OK, neat, orderly and fun. You can claim that I unconsciously saw more 11-and because it hetgene I was expecting to go see. I will not argue about this statement, because it really does not matter.

I go even further than this statement, it is precisely how "reality" occurs when you're a skeptic ...

You know .., it is a part of nature, that everything you believe is automatically projected into your belief system. So if you're a tough skeptic, then the 11:11 phenomenon is still perfectly appropriate in your current belief system. The system can not do violence, because it just it the cosmic principle of free will attack. The universe can not show you, which you originally chose to eliminate it from your system.

Skeptics have explanations about the 11:11 experience, and from their perspective they all seem correct. And they are therefore, from their reference. For an alternative explanation is not there, according to them ..!

And that's just one of the reasons why the 11:11 phenomenon is such an interesting phenomenon. Precisely because it occurs in the dimension of non-probability to impossible (as seen from an objective position), it is possible that this phenomenon seeps through the filters, which "normal" spoken prevent the phenomenon at all the reality achieved.

There are many phenomena that an objective belief system are blocked. This means that events occur in time and space, by people with an objective belief system never, absolutely never, can be observed, because their belief system for these events 100% uitblokt. But its high probability, the 11:11 phenomenon is still able to go through our filtering out. Why? Because it simply is not possible to allocate to luck, probability, coincidence or the result of auto-suggestion or hypnosis.


11:11 piano meditations
Therefore, the 11:11 phenomenon also some smart port. It is the way of the 'reality' to a virus thought to place, through a back door, in an objective belief system! And where once the virus has taken root, it starts your objective to dismantle belief systems. For these systems to be gradually replaced by more accurate models of 'reality'. The aim of 11:11 is positive, although this might not seem, when you first have to tackle. Its objective is to your belief system ultimately undermine the system of physically reasonable, objective look at your 'reality'.

You can best do to you in any way whatsoever to explain why this 11-and in your path. But once you are infected, it is a matter of time before your old belief system begins to crack in all their joints. Week after week and month after month, the 11-and come to you. You continue to 11:11 on the clock and it looks like you gestalked by the numeral 11 and it's like this stalker from you can not save .. Your system is not logical, the appearances of this phenomenon to stop.

Give yourself just a few months, maybe a couple of years, but eventually you reach a point where you keep it a night. Because what you do, if 5 years have passed, and those 11 and 11:11 and continue but appear as if they intend to break a record like? Keep you hanging on the logical reasoning of why these phenomena might occur within your objective universe, otherwise it is always so neatly tidy?

And as you get more this 11-and tries to dodge, the more they come across your path, it practically demands your attention ... The 11-and as a kind of nasty spirit that continues to announce his presence. And when your mind turns its back on this, he will just be more persistent to get your attention, you can deny its presence and you can try to explain away his presence. You can even persuade yourself that your imagination is this spirit which you have created. But whatever you try the apparitions in a box to place, maintains the spirit! Eventually you give up. At some point you turn yourself to the mind and ask what he is doing, really, why he bothers you so permanently. And the sooner you do, the better it is for you.

The Blue pill vs. the Red Pill ...

11:11 operates as a short power outage in the reality matrix. If you can appear through the regular activation system to provide a place, you will initially provide some solace, but if you take your time, this answer is not ultimately satisfactory. And so there are a few options, which you open.


What 'pill' choose, your reality is a choice.

Option 1 is to conclude that by a certain determination and reports are that you are infected with this virus idiotic mental, that your reality on a very special way but still filtering.

And option 2 is that you consider that the "reality" does not function as you expect him to go, and that maybe, just maybe, this 11-and a reason to continue upsurge, with a simple purpose that you have no place can give.

Option 1 is the Blue Pill and the Red Option 2. Most people do their best to continue to swallow the blue pill and continue throughout their lives dependent on the blue pill. But many have swallowed the red pill and see what will come here. I am someone who has swallowed the red pill and I now give a look behind the scenes, what happens ...

A look at the Matrix

My first reaction to all those 11-and was as follows: "The reality is not so in another stabbing, it is simply not possible." But when I asked myself: "But what if it's is possible ..? What if these 11-something and in my reality creates, in a way that demands my attention? "


Engel Portal by Jan Custers
The continuous appearance of this 11-and serves as a wake-up call. These 11-and make it impossible for you everyday life to live as you did. Whenever you suspect that you have life through reasonable, there are 11-and again, you remind you that 'something' missing .. In order to finally conclude that your view of reality actually be broken. Makes it clear that many of your assumptions of how the laws of the universe works, incorrect. You can almost literally clings tightly to a worldview that is smashed, but you have no new model that you can hold and the previous one.

You may lose grip on reality - to say the least - a frustrating experience. But the truth is that you do your grip on reality are not losing, you just let your false assumptions los ..! And this has the effect that you're opening your mind to new possibilities.

All in all it will be a tumultuous time and you can start feeling confused and adrift. The best thing you can do is try to relax and let you be carried away by the stream. I wish I could promise you that this process will take place rapidly, but the truth is that it can take years. One cause of the problem is that there are other forces, who try to withdraw, like your old conditioning. They often try to convince you that the old model still offers a resort.

11:11 is a specific frequency for you to awaken, but there are many others. Such as the recurring figure patterns 111, 444 or 1234. But some wake-up calls are also non-numerical weather events and these events you will undergo a recurring stroomdip in reality matrix. And while they persist, you will react very differently to, surprise, or staying with a smile in the silence of recognition. Eventually you will learn to observe the phenomena in gratitude.

Your intention to observe.

When you are ready, the next step that you ask for the truth about the 'reality'. You must do this consciously, otherwise you will not be clear. Say to yourself: "I understand that my old model of reality is broken. I ask that is shown me that, that I missed. Let me start with a vision of reality as it truly is. Let my assumptions in a proper manner the true nature of the reality show. "

Give this form to your intention via your thoughts, but they also make you feel, you should really want. You have to really desire the truth to 'reality' really see, like a drowning man longs intensely to his next breath, if you are not actually required for the truth, nothing will change your life.

It is a decision you should not be taken lightly, the truth about reality is completely different when the person you are taught in our society. It can be very uncomfortable for the construction of your old reality show layer even if you know that it was rickety. Most people still cling to the familiar, than their lives inside-out to run through some immense shift their outlook on life.

Unfortunately it is also a journey that you alone must make, it is a decision you take out your own free will and nobody can oblige you to go on this trip. 11:11, the door to force you, but it is for you yourself to go through this doorway.

http://www.wanttoknow.nl/wp-content...tma_v1.3.1 2/tma/media/infinity-fullinit_.jpg

The lemniscate: infinite reality!

It makes no sense to ask what evidence there than on the other side of the door aperture. Looking for evidence is in fact in itself an artificial way to an objective belief system to maintain. It is a choice you make from your free will and it can not be obtained evidence, because that would influence your choice.

If you ask for proof, you will always be displayed little unclear. And as long as you remain in the doorway, you will not get evidence of what lies behind the doorway. If your evidence would be presented, would that affect your freedom of choice, and that is a great cosmic conflict!

This cosmic law says that your reality must remain in line with your beliefs. If you choose to your old beliefs to hold, then and will not be shown that these beliefs affect.

But if your old beliefs about board however you want to convert and embrace new assumptions, then the proof that you were looking so hard, fully visible to you. When you consciously ask to be allowed to see the reality accurately, then amazing things is to show you, gently at first, but becoming an increasingly violent power and presence.


The first change you'll begin to see is a wave of random / synchronicities in your life, more than ever before. Highly unlikely coincidences will continue to occur with increasing frequency. This is a friendly way to your old beliefs to put in a shed. Instead of immediately destroying your old reality, will gradually begin to show cracks. This is because increasingly, almost improbable but not impossible events and circumstances in your life going to occur.

You're the 11:11 portal and entered many of the accidents will be related to the number 11 or the 11:11 time stamp, especially in the beginning. At this point in your journey, you can see and 11 boards as road signs, you must follow.

For example if you look up and see 11:11 on the clock, then you become aware of the thought that you had when you saw it 11:11. 11:11 This is an indication to you that your thoughts were in line with the truth. For example if you currently had an idea, which you think was to realize is that the idea is indeed worth to be implemented ..!


Jaworski: Synchronicity as a guide in your life

And when you look up and see 11:10 on the clock, which is a sign that you're only ahead of yourself. The thought that you had would be good, but the timing for implementation is not correct, it would be premature to implement the idea.

If you see up and tijdsaanduiding11: 12, it means that your behind on your flow in the mainstream. The thought that you had was good, but the timing is just a bit late. Other energies that need your ideas and thoughts are linked, are already in motion. So make sure you're quick, otherwise you miss the boat ...

This kind of "coincidences" are a powerful control system for you and they will act as two-way traffic between you and the cosmos.

But of course you're not bound by this 3 times. You want any structure, providing it is in line with your current assumptions. If this still very superficial, is the reverence for a good time for your particular signal. It is a signal that fits your belief system and you can use time and time again.

But if you expect such a sign of confirmation in the form of a man who flies through the air, does not, because such signals are normally blocked by your belief system ..

If you have a two-way channel to open the cosmic intelligence, it is a good start to begin with coincidences that you find at the time telling. Think of it as the first step of a toddler learning to walk. Eventually you will succeed in a broadband connection to the universe to build, but again, simple coincidences are a great way to start. It may be that it lasts even a few years, so before you feel comfortable with this matter, that you want to take convenience one step.

Coincidences will initially completely random and unpredictable in your path, but you will be able to create them with your intentions.

If you have a strong intention and "release", then the reflection of this intention in your first show as a "coincidences". Follow this path, wherever it might lead ..!

Initially, the coincidences that you come across completely random and unpredictable in your path, but eventually you will be able to create them with your intentions. If you have a strong intention and "release", then the reflection of this intention in your first show as a "coincidences". Follow this path, wherever it might lead ..!

Example, if you've put your intention to find a new hobby, such as public speaking and later that day a friend asks you a guest to a meeting where he or she is going and see while on the clock 11:11 assist, in any case make sure that you are present at this meeting.

11:11 is a portal, a doorway to a new level of consciousness. One of the many portals. It is the opening to a greater understanding of 'reality'. Instead of going through life as an unfortunate victim, 11:11 shows you how you can start creating your own 'reality'. And there are countless lessons you can learn to move, much more than I could enumerate in this article, or even a book! But the step taken by the doorway of 11:11 is a most amazing step for you.

Last thoughts

One of the reasons that I doubted whether I would write this article, is that it is probable that it will be read by many people. Just by reading this article, many readers will begin to experiment with the 11:11 phenomenon. Because that really will be a tough event, I would rather not publish this article, then when I got a clear indication that this timing was right.

At the beginning of this year, 2009, I began to feel that the time to write about 11:11 got closer, so I asked for a confirmation of the Universe. As I sat musing about how I would write this article, I looked up and sure enough, it was 11:11 on the clock. Later that day I received an email from someone who asked me what that meant exactly 11:11 in the corner of the homepage on my website. This is me most about 1x per Mon Then I noticed also that someone on a forum a discussion was presented as to 11:11. And on that day, I just got an e-mail from someone at 11:11 magazine is concerned, a magazine which I never even suspected existed. They were interested in their magazine article I wrote a post. Touche ..!

11:11 When I wrote the article on my To Do list, with a question mark. This question was put behind me, if I wanted to ask: "Are you sure? Is this really the right time for an article on this matter to write? " Shortly thereafter I received a parcel from the postman with the magazine in and 11:11 on the cover of this magazine was in large letters: "Say YES" Ok, Ok, I've been busy writing this article ...

And when you everywhere now 11 and 11:11 and begins to see,
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then you're ready for a tough ride. For me this journey began about 15 years ago and the end is in sight. I apologize in advance if I do "reality" I have tears. If so, you probably me 1 months in death wishes, within 1 years and I doubt these ideas over 10 years to embrace. I keep it full until you come hug me!


There is much honest information available on the Internet and over 11 other portal-energy numbers. Click once on the pictures above and you'll naturally in this world right .. Remember that we are on November 11 this year, a portal, 11:11:11. Its appearance in 2009 is a great doorway to a more "honest" reality. (GJ)

Link to beautiful explanation of the master number 11. HERE
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Source: www.wanttoknow.nl


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It is 1111 days until December 21, 2012 at 11:11:11 AM (UTC time)

Many here are rolling their eyes and laughing with every new prediction/date that comes up.
what are your opinions on this prophesied date?


Truth feeder
January 11th, 2010 = 11:11?

I actually never experienced the phenomena that many others have and are experiencing of seeing 11:11 on clocks a lot. I just thought that I just found my self thinking about how tomorrow is 01/11/10. Take away the zeros and you have 11:11. Not making any predictions, but there might be something to this.


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It is absolutely clear that one can pay attention or not pay attention to this phenomenon. But I am sure that it contains some magic. It is rather hard to find an explanation for this mystery.


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I think when we concentrate on something, it's possible to see it play out in many ways. My mother was insistent that a certain number was a factor in most everything, and oddly, we could do this same kind of thing to get to that number more times than not.