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I am a student of Stellar Quantum Cure taught by Rodrigo Romo in South America and some parts of Europe.

Rodrigo Romo channels an entity named Shtareer.

Shtareer is a member of the Voronandeck Order and is the brother of Micah.

Rodrigo has written a message regarding Sunday, October 10th and explains the extreme importance of this date for humanity.

Here is part 1 of the message in English translated from Portuguese (Brazil).

::portal Chain October 10, 2010::

Alignment for the 10/10/2010

Hello Friends and Students,

It has been requested to me by the Masters of the Galactic Center and from the Terrestrial Hierarchy of the Great White Fraternity and from the internal Temples of Agartha and Shamballa, the disclosure about an important spiritual and planetary alignment for the 10th of October of this year 2010.

As you know, I have never participated in any chain of any disclosures in the internet. In this case it is by a request that was made by the Members of the Planetary Council in various levels during a meeting by the Galactic Council (that was held) between the 22nd and 28th of June, 2010. Ever since I have been gathering more complete data about how we are going to be able to effectively complete this task that was requested to be transmitted to the students of the Stellar Quantum Cure who were connected within the last 12 years and that possess the name of their Stellar Quantum Cure mentor, in addition to realizing activations in the courses followed.

We will have the participation of the stellar Logos from the Milky Way that are connected to each of the 49 Intergalactic Federations and the Intergalactic Confederation. This fact makes this date very special.

Earth will be transformed into a Merkaba that will irradiate into space and the Christic fabric (web) will be activated coming from the Triple Flame of each person.

We have two lines of work:

1- People activated personally tuned by me in my courses.
2- People that are not tuned into the energy of the Stellar Quantum Cure directly.

These two lines of work represent two focuses of thought-form in 3 fundamental times of the day in each country according to their time zone. We must act in any of these three times or even in all three if you can stay connected.

1- At 6 am.

2- At 12pm.

3- At 6 pm.

These three times represent the three frequencies of alignment with the planets Cristic fabric (web) in tune with the ships/merkabas from the Ashtar Command and from the Goronandeck Order directly aligned with the work of Micah and the governing spheres of Salvington, from our local universe Nebadon.
The purpose of this task that I am initiating and all of you, incarnated or disincarnated beings that have been connected and have prepared for the transmigration of conscience, is to be able to request a direct intervention by High Command from Micah and his teams.

This intervention is actually in order to make a blockade and interfere with the pacts made and signed by the Black Order of the Dragon and the Illuminati that have taken a negative side, aside from helping to liberate souls that have been prisoners in the intraterranean world created by the fallen angels whom have rebelled themselves from the Divine Order and do not accept the accords between Anhotak, Shtareer and Micah for the new vibrating standards of our galaxy.

Each one of you will help anchor with your free will, the request for the direct intervention by the High Command without violating the Prime Directive (of not interfering with non-confederate worlds, in Earth´s case). Aside from the students that have been physically connected in Stellar Quantum Cure (Cura Quantica Estelar – Portuguese) we have approximately 150 thousand souls in the spirit world
tuned through you (students) during the last 12 years of courses and lectures.

The thought-form from each one of you will irradiate a psychic wave signal to the point of absorption and retransmit this amplified wave to the members of the intraterranean civilization in consonance with these same frequencies, therefore creating the emission of a wave of approximately 235 million of intraterranean beings who do not tolerate any longer the off-set pathway that our society and the corrupt leaders have taken. This wave will automatically activate the cryogenic bodies of other million of beings close by, orbiting Earth and beings existing in parallel realities. This calling permits the Galactic Council to have official data in order to authorize an intervention in all of Earth´s parallel realities and our own reality, help to bring equilibrium and activate the necessary frequencies by the Photon Belt to awaken the remaining of humanity on Earth. Each one will be activated and will awake according to his/her own psychic conditions and will gradually be identified.

The power of this wave that we will be inserting will permit the brigades of light of the archangels MICHAEL, RAPHAEL, EZEQUIEL, GABRIEL, LEMUEL, ARYEL, METRONYEL, METRATOM, SALDAFON, METATRON, JORIEL, KANIEL, RAMAEL, SHAMUNAEL, SANAEL, HYRANEL, GHADEL amongst others from the council of the 49 Archangels, that they will be able to have documents to authorize the positioning of the Fleets of Light and the activation of the multi-dimensional bases of the Confederation and the Supra-Confederation in the portals related to the planetary quantum leap.

The commanders of the fleet will be in tune with the psychic wave by humanity from the surface of the Earth and also focused with the various intraterranean civilizations. If we are able to have a connection in thought-form of at least 10% of the planetary civilization we will be officially permitting the intervention of the sons of Micah in the planetary process, at the same time, helping all the underworld Throned and Crowned of the planet to be able to support a wider amplitude in their work for the awakening of the sickened souls that have been disconnected from their divinity.

Each continent possesses various temples and portals that will be opened to perform a connection with all the initiated, avatars, masters and beings from other lines of work. But sons of the Light, it is not of importance which doctrine you believe and follow. The temples will be opened to all of those that are the sons and daughters of the Light.

What will be our request in these cycles in the 10th of October of 2010?




These requests are sufficient to change many things for the immediate pathway that our planet and civilization are taking. I am in this chain because it is a project that has been informed to me four years ago and represents the beginning of a sequence of activations that the planet and humanity will periodically receive.

to be continued


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Activation October 10th, 2010 Part 2

p.s. for the original message see site "Portal Shtareer"

or see youtube video in English under "ACTIVATION ON 10.10.2010"


::portal Chain October 10, 2010::

Activation October 10th, 2010 part 2

We will have another activation in the same frequency on the 11 of November 2010, with new activations, but I will initially pass only coordinates of this one which are very important, because we have to attune important places and temples in the geographic aspects of the planet.

I ask everyone to announce this material to be retransmitted in all languages possible and posted in the internet as soon as possible, so that we can mobilize the largest possible number of people, even the ones that have not been in tune with the Stellar Quantum Cure and the name of their spiritual mentor.

For the ones that have never realized activations with me, know that your thought-form will help with the amplification of this wave in the planetary range together with the spiritual teams by which you are tuned. There is no reason to worry, pass on this information and let you hearts guide you to this love vibration that we want to spread to the planet.

GUIDELINES for Sunday, October 10th, 2010:

XAMANS- during these three scheduled hours, you can activate your power animals and all your entire spiritual team and perform a task of activating the planetary nucleus using the psychic center of GAYA-KUMARA. This name will be enough to have access and activate the planetary psychic center on Sunday October 10th during the 3 time periods. For this date a great fire and the invocation of the spirit of the Earth will be made by the Xamans that are in tune with the Order of the Intraterranean Fire.

UMBANDA- the priests that will be tuned with the Caboclos and other Crowned entities will be notified to realize an opening ritual of portals and the liberation of primal EXUS and the anchoring of the Ancestral Orixás of the Earth, to initiate a new line of irradiation for planet Earth. Most of the work will occur through channeling.

CANDOMBLÉ- for the priests or the Orixá caretakers it is requested the passage support for your Throned in the whole Orixá chain in order to permit passage of the Ancestral Orixás of the Earth and all the chain of ancient Earth Elohins and Cyclops. It will be made mostly a concentration and an Orô for the assertments according to the occurrence of orientation for each caretaker in the line of work for each Ilê to receive for Sunday (October 10th). All sons and daughters will be tuned within this same focus and decree of the thought-form.

KARDECISM- for all the members willing to help, may make prayers during these times and will make a connection with the memory and spirit of CHICO XAVIER, who in the ascended plan is named KAIWAN. The energy of RAMATIS will be present and will assist all the ones that will be connected with this day in order to help with the subdividing of the collective thought-form by the sons of this spiritual school.

HINDUISM- while anchoring during meditation and sutras of support for the deities of the Council of Vhisnu, Bhrama, Khrisna, by which a request can be made for this thought-form and the amplification by your living gurus whom you communicate with, such as Babaji, Muctananda, Yogananda, Sai Baba, Sali-haji and others that represent the Indian high priesthood.

BUDHISM- focusing the energy of your thought-form in direction to the beloved Master Siddharta Gautama and to all other Buddhas, in order to help with the amplification of the energy for this request for the Galactic Center. For the ones that are in contact with the Dalai Lama, let the channel of synchronicity be opened with all the Kumaras of Shamballa to sustain the passage of the hermetic avatars in the line of Rimpoche, activate the spirit of the Lama Hobur Tsogyal Rimpoche in the clinical spiritual line of the ancient temple of Lasha and the Himalayas.

AGNIHOTRA- for all that belong to this Indian practice, let it be performed in a ritual by which a field vibration may be opened for the major Earth Devas and that the old ELOHIN DEVAS can express themselves and help with Earth´s equilibrium and the equilibrium of the planetary conscience.

CATHOLICS- for all the followers of the Christian Catholic Church, may realize in the scheduled hours, one Our Father Prayer and Two Hale Marys and the 3 decrees for the beloved Jesus Christ in order to manifest the knowledge of the fallen angels on Earth and in humanity´s conscience and the souls on Earth.

PROTESTANTS – EVANGELISTS- may all say your prayers and request the love and the knowledge of God for the evolution of man kind and if possible the 3 decrees of light described above.

HEBREUS- may all the sons in the synagogues or outside, say your prayers and ask the 3 requests. Ask for peace in the hearts of each Muslim and Jew, that the definitive understanding between these different ethnic groups be an immediate reality.

MUSLIMS – ARABS – SHIITES- the same as for the Jews, to say your prayers and ask that love and peace reside in the hearts of each member of your ethnic groups, that a reasonable and pacific understanding is made possible with the Jews and as for the situation in the Gaza Strip, that the governing officials are touched by common sense, and if possible perform the 3 requests that are presented in this proposal.

ANTROPOSOPHY- for all the followers of our beloved Rudolf Steiner, let there be made a chain with the masters of the Great White Fraternity, to amplify this chain and its requests for the better good of humanity and the planet. Perform the rituals that you internally know and support the energy during the Sunday (October 10th) and bring to your hearts the momentum of light that was accumulated during these internal rituals.

THEOSOPHY- For all the students and adepts of this secret doctrine of our beloved and unforgettable Helena P. Blavatsky, perform your internal meetings and rituals connected to the Masters of the Great White Fraternity to support this chain and project your thought-form for the planetary harmonization and the awakening of humanity.

UFOLOGISTS- for all the ones that believe in ships from worlds and civilizations other than Earth, please gather together in order to project and request peace and the awakening of humanity, ask also that the truth about UFOs be revealed and opened by the governments. That the lie is removed and that we can have access to our extraterrestrial brothers that live hidden on Earth.

ATHEISTS- for all the ones that do not have a defined belief system in the religious aspect of the present institutions, based in the present governmental, political and economic situation of humanity and protest about the evident planetary climatic disequilibrium, join us in common sense to irradiate a wish: “THAT COMMON SENSE AND PEACE BE A REALITY ON EARTH, THAT IF A HIGHER INTELLIGENCE IN THE UNIVERSE EXISTS, LET IT INTERCEDE IN FAVOR OF THE EQUILIBRIUM AND THE HARMONY OF OUR PLANET AND HUMANITY”.

ESOTHERICS- for all that would like to help in spreading this chain and participate in the irradiation of this thought-form of world peace and soliciting the presence of our brothers of Light in our lives and on our planet.

EXOTHERICS- here is our request to all that study spirituality, that in this moment help propagate a chain for the world well-being in face of strong changes that are in the collective sub-conscious of 2012.

THE ROSICRUCIAN FELLOWSHIP- for the researchers and students, we solicit that you gather yourselves with our chain anchoring the masters of spirituality and hierophants to sustain this Light and peace proposition on Earth. Within the hermetic principles that you study and practice and to the Imperators that are supporting and ministering rituals, that the spirituality of Light from ancient Egypt and Atlantis be solicited to join this chain.

MASONRY- for the members we ask to unify to the hermetic purpose of the Light Masters that sustain your lodges and hermetic rituals, tuned with the founders of the movement of this knowledge and the ancient spirits of the Template Order to join this proposal. To all members of the frequency of the Masters and the ones fjrom the 25th degree and higher, activate your hermetic commitment with the Truth and the Justice, to sustain the irradiation for the establishment of the lodges and the hermetic hierarchy who work a focus with the spiritual brothers of this light chain, permitting the disciples and brothers below the 25th degree to access the Light of this new planetary proposal.

PEOPLE CONNECTED BY RODRIGO ROMO- we will have all the Throned and Crowned besides the Commanders that I already have mentioned, with the Triple Flame. We will be sustaining a line flux of the 144 Light Temples of the Planetary Cristic Fabric (web) with more than 100 intraterranean cities of Earth with the Solar System and the Intergalactic Federation bases, besides the creation of a direct chain flux with the merkabas from the Multi-dimensional Confederation and its filiation coming from parallel realities that each one sustains.

The personal cure mentor will realize the necessary adjustment for each geographical sector that each will be on Earth on October 10th.

All my students that are connected with their Stellar Quantum Cure mentor must perform the 3 requests in tune with his/her entities, creating the merkabas of protection and amplification taught in the courses.

For those that are tuned in the energy of the module of Rometry of the Multi-dimensional Unfold of the 72 bodies, will use the merkabas of the Voronandeck Line and Ayodesh connected with the energy of your mentor in order to directly expand this request into the center of the Earth in Agartha-Shamballa and re-transmit directly to Salvington, with the merkabas ADOBYNON 17 and HARMONY ARASHY from Up Grade (Up Grade Stellar Quantum Cure) in order to amplify from the vector of your I AM this irradiation. These merkabas will be inserted during the initiation of the module Melchizedeck and Voronandeck Ascensional Method, therefore you will not need to research your books. They already exist inside each one of you, since since they have already been inserted before hand preventing this situation and future others will be forcasted.


These temples and cities will be tuned with this chain and with other tasks. There exist more temples which cannot be revealed and others that I have not captioned yet. We will have in average 144 temples, 2630 inter-dimensional portals and gaps, 621 etheric cities linked with the Federations, 48 temples of the Masters spread all over the planet.

Here are some that I have been able to capture or that I have access with other subtle bodies.

BRASIL - there are specific temples and bases for the Sunday (October 10th)

Barra do Garça – intraterranean centers linked with Shamballa and others.

Temple of the Golden Light - in the Pantanal, border with Bolivia.

Mirnajad – linked with the Figueira Temple, State of Minas Gerais.

Itatiaia – etheric city near Agulhas Negras, States of Minas Gerais – Rio de Janeiro – São Paulo.

Ilha Bela – Ashtar Command Intraoceanic Base, São Paulo, SP.

Porto Walter – Intraterranean Base of the Lyran Command, State of Amazonas.

Ipixuna – Kumara Temple of the Osiris Order, State of Amazonas.

Alto Paraiso de Goias –Ashtar Command Base and the Confederation, State of Goiás.

Chapada Diamantina - Atlantean Cristal Temple, State of Bahia.

Serra do Caparaó – Temple of the Blue Fraternity, State of Espírito Santo.

Pedra Grande – Atibaia, Seraphis Bay Temple, State of São Paulo.

Bom Jesus – Ramatis – Kuthumi, State of Rio Grande do Sul.

Serra do Navio – Temple of the Elohim Amazon, State of Amapá.

Serra do Uruçui – Temple of the Elohim Ishmael, State of Piauí.

Serra do Cachimbó – Temple of the Order of the 49, State of Pará.

SURINAM - There are active temples for contact during 2010.

Mount Juliana Top – Temple of the Elohim Vestal.

Pontoetoe – Temple and Base of the Pleiades Stellar Command.

Mount Mitaraka – Nordic from Aldebaran and Alcione intraterranean base.

FRENCH GUIANA – There are active temples from July until December, 2010.

Mount Ouaqui – Vega-Lira-Altair Commando Base.

Mount Saint Marcel - Temple of Masters Nada and Victoria.

GUIANA – Temple is open for permanent projection and study.

Apoteri – etheric astral city of the Ascensed Paititi.

VENEZUELA – There are open temples of the 22 Light Rays, border of Brazil and Guiana.

Mount Roraima – Temple of the Order of the 22 Light Rays, border between Brazil and Guiana.

Mount Auyantepui – Temple of the beloved Coni Mendes and her disciples.

Mount Turagua – Base of the Sirius Alfa and Canopus Command.

Mount Yavi – Base of the Command of Ganimides and the order of the 7 planets.

Boca Macava – Temple of Paititi and El Dorado of Mú.

COLOMBIA – There are permanent active temples.

Mount Guasacavi – Saint Germain and Portia.

Tomo – Base of the Command of Acturus and Altair 4.

Cerro Nevado – Access to the 7 Planets and Mitistlan.

Puracé Volcano – Entrance to the Merú Akathan Intraterranean Base.

Monte Cumare – Temple of Oromasis and Harmony

Nevado de Huila – Temple of Yasamil and the Earth Ancestral Orixá.

Mount Maine Hanari – Lemurian and Atlantean Temple of Gaya.

EQUADOR – there are active temples for the disciples of internal spheres.

Cayambe Volcano – Gaya-Kumara Intraterranean City and Temple.

Chimborazo Volcano – Andes Mountain Range, Intraterranean Access.

Rio Tigre – Mistic Rosicrucian of Malta Etheric City.

Ilha Puná – Lemursky Intra-oceanic City.

PERU – there are active temples since 1983.

Condor Mountain Range – Temple of Ishmael and Alvorada.

Maranón Sierra – Temple of the Lemurian Ascention.

Nevado Huscaran – Temple of Irradiation from Helios and Vesta.

Cerro Pumassillo – Temple of Orejona Deusa from Venus.

Nevado de Auzangate – Venusian Temple and Portal of Sanat Kumara.

Nevado Ampato –Azuna Kurama Portal from Siriu Alpha.

Lake Titicaca – Temple of Lord Merú and The Carmic Council, Feminine Ray.

Cerro Palomani – Cyclops and Ancestral Orixá Council Temple of the Goddess Merú.

Misti Volcano – Command Base from Canopus and Avior.

Tacora Volcano – Access to Mitistlan and Erks.

Nevado Coropuna – Multi-dimensional Temporal Portal to the Land of Agartha.

Nasca – Access to Mitistlan and South American Intraterranean Web.

BOLIVIA – there are accessible temples and portals for (psychic) projection.

Lake Rogaguado – Base and Temple of the God and Goddess Merú.

Nevado Illampu – Temple of the Master Morya and Lord Sirius.

Nevado Sajama – Base of command of the Federation of Alcione.

Salar de Yuni – Etheric Kopallan Temple of the Master Avalon and Surya.

Cerro Caltama – Intraterranean Base and access of Zaratrustha and Yncalumari.

Salar de Coipasa – Reptilian Base occupied by the SGS in 1972, linked to Agartha.

Mandioré Lagoon – Golden Light Temple of Oromasis, Brazilian border.

CHILE – there are active temples for psychic projection.

Guallatiri Volcano – Temple of the Solar Master Voltica Parcos, intraterranean base.

Pica – Etheric Lemurian and Veganian City Temporal Portal.

Coscaya – Federation Reticulli Base of Genetic Cryogenic Research.

Isluga Volcano – Temple of the Lord Muha-Meru.

Salar de Surire – Voronandeck and Goronandeck Temple.

Salar de Ascotan – Temple of the 3 powers of the Archangel Michael.

Licancabur Volcano – Solar Temple of the Disc of MÚ.

Pili Volcano – Etheric City of Allalpu of the Hyperboria period.

Salar de Atacama – Access to Shamballa.

Copiapó Volcano – Temple of the Draconian Fraternity of Thuban.

Ojos Del Salado Volcano – Temple Portal of the Order of the Melshizedeck.

Tupungato Volcano – Temple of the Lanonadeck and Merathos Order.

Cerro El Plomo – Temples of the Karma Lords.

Tronador Volcano – Temple of the Sun and the Moon, spiritual plane of the Araucanos.

Osomo Volcano – solar temple in connection to Mount Fuji in Japan.

Isla de Chiloé – French Fraternity of Cure (deactivated by CIA).

Mount Cacá – Mixed Base Zeta, Gray, Laurin in negotiation with the Ashtar.

Author: Rodrigo Romo