> Chaotic Nodes and Dimensional Attunements
> Chaotic Nodes
> In one of our previous communications we discussed the
> concept of chaotic nodes. From our perspective we believe you
> are on the cusp of one such node.
> When predicting chaotic events, one is presented with an
> enigma, since by its very nature chaos is unpredictable. Yet
> within the flow of chaotic events there is a substructure
> that feeds the flow of chaos, as you experience it. Based
> upon our understanding of this sub-structure (the
> quantum-field), we predict that a Chaotic Node will manifest
> somewhere in the next 90 days. In reality it could appear
> within hours of this message or weeks past the window we have
> predicted. (Note: see previous Hathor message entitled,
> Chaotic Nodes:
> Nevertheless, regardless of the actual timing of this Chaotic
> Node, we believe that it will present itself in multiple
> ways, involving international finance, challenges to physical
> and mental health, planetary earth changes, including
> earthquake and volcanic activity, and increased weather
> anomalies. All of these events will strain the resources that
> your governments have to cope with such things.
> As we said previously, the nature of Chaotic Nodes is such
> that there are multiple effects that cannot be predicted, and
> so we do not wish to address the specific aspects of chaos
> that we believe will arise, but rather we wish to discuss
> strategies for dealing with the chaos, energetically and
> spiritually.
> We suggest you shift your perspective regarding chaos and
> view it not as an inconvenience and a difficulty, but rather
> as an evolutionary catalyst. How such events affect you
> resides in how you view them.
> What we mean by this is that there is a tendency for human
> consciousness to get stuck in a rut, to anticipate what
> things are going to be like, and to take actions based upon
> those predictions. And for most people, when the reality does
> not match expectation this creates great internal travail,
> and yet by the very nature of Chaotic Nodes your predictive
> abilities collapse in the midst of multiple probabilities.
> For most persons, chaotic events generate a fear response,
> since the stability that one counts on to predict appropriate
> action has seemingly disappeared. And while fear is certainly
> an understandable response, it is only one of many possible
> responses. Thus, we encourage you to train your mind to jump
> out of the habitual rut of self-limitation and expectation,
> on a moment's notice, whenever confronted with unexpected
> events.
> From an energetic standpoint, what happens to you in a given
> situation has more to do with your vibrational frequency,
> meaning the state of your consciousness, than where you are
> physically located.
> Thus, two people in the same location experiencing chaotic
> events can have vastly different emotional responses. Whereas
> one person might be paralyzed with fear, anger, and
> resentment, the other person might experience the moment as
> humorous. He or she "gets" the cosmic joke, which is the
> sudden and unexpected realization that the reality everyone
> experiences as "real" is nothing more than the fabrication of
> their own minds.
> When chaotic events disturb the status quo, a doorway briefly
> appears, an opportunity if you will, to jump upward in
> consciousness, to wake up from the dream spell. But waking up
> from the collective dream only occurs if you are prepared to
> step across the threshold.
> For a person who is prepared mentally and emotionally to
> embrace chaotic events as evolutionary catalysts, the near
> future will be full of amusing incidents, unexpected
> serendipity, and a feeling of waking up from a mass dream
> that has gripped humanity for the last several thousand
> years.
> So here is the line in the sand, so to speak. For those who
> wish to continue blaming others for the problems they are
> facing, for those who would rather die than wake up from the
> dream that they are collectively dreaming, this coming
> Chaotic Node will be extremely difficult to contend with, and
> as we have said, this is just the first of many such nodes to
> come. But for a person who has embraced the idea that Chaotic
> Nodes are evolutionary catalysts, it will be a different
> story.
> Again, it is not where you are physically located that
> matters, it is your vibratory frequency, the state of your
> consciousness.
> In the past we have given many tools to assist you as you
> move through these portals that are a necessary and
> unavoidable aspect to the ascent of earth and humanity. Some
> of these methods we have shared involve sacred geometry. Some
> of them involve emotional mastery and what we call "ecstasy
> and the heart." We would suggest that you refer to these
> previous messages and work with the tools we have given.
> For although we have said it twice already, we shall say it a
> third time. It is a fundamental principal we would like you
> to understand.
> It does not matter where you are physically located. It is
> the state of your vibratory frequency, your state of
> consciousness that matters most.
> However we wish to turn our attention to a very simple method
> of shifting your vibratory frequency.
> When you are in what we call a "coherent vibratory frequency"
> you move through chaotic events with a greater deal of
> mastery, heightened intuition, and greater awareness of how
> you are creating the dream for yourself. These three elements
> free consciousness and create a positive attractor, so that
> in the midst of chaos you find the passageways (i.e. the
> right actions) that will lead you through chaotic situations.
> This is the type of spiritual mastery that will guide you
> through the coming times.
> Although there are very sophisticated and complex coherent
> emotional states you are capable of, we wish to speak to the
> simplest one. You would call it "joy" or "appreciation." When
> you are in a state of joy or appreciation, your vibratory
> frequency shifts and you are at the beginning of a continuum
> of vibration that moves upward.
> So however you do it, and there are many ways to do this, we
> encourage you to choose joy and appreciation as the primary
> emotional tones you live in. This is mental and emotional
> training, and we consider it vital to prepare for what is
> coming your way.
> Your culture hypnotizes you into believing that you must have
> a reason to feel joy or appreciation, but we say to you as
> spiritual masters, you have the ability to create this
> response regardless of what is happening around you.
> In other words, you do not need a reason to feel joy or
> appreciation. If you train yourself to move into, and live
> in, this vibratory realm, you will pass through the coming
> chaotic times with a greater degree of mastery, heightened
> intuition and unexpected serendipity.
> Dimensional Attunements
> We wish to share with you a gift of sound, what we call a
> Dimensional Attunement to assist you through the energetic
> portal that the earth is now passing through.
> Dimensional Attunements are a series of sound patterns that
> shift your vibratory rate through specific actions on energy
> centers within your subtle body. In future communications we
> will offer many Dimensional Attunements, based upon how we
> perceive the transition of earth and humanity from its
> current dimension into higher realms of consciousness.
> This first Dimensional Attunement we are offering deals with
> the pineal gland, which has within it a crystalline
> structure, and from our perspective, operates like a cosmic
> antenna, allowing you to receive impressions, information and
> energy from the light realms of being.
> When you listen to the Dimensional Attunement, we suggest you
> place your awareness in the center of your head, and as you
> listen to the sounds, imagine that they are coming out from
> the pineal gland, which is located in the center of the head.
> This shift in perceptual imagination will allow the sound
> patterns to work with you more effectively.
> There is, paradoxically, within the crystalline structure of
> your pineal gland an infinite world of subtle impressions,
> knowledge and information.
> Depending upon your level of self-awareness and evolution,
> you might experience the effects of this Dimensional
> Attunement as a simple energy movement within the center of
> your head or you might experience the complex waveforms of
> light that it generates. And you might experience the flows
> of this light and informational-energy throughout the neural
> networks of your brain, and in some cases, through your
> entire body and subtle bodies as well.
> We suggest you listen to this attunement and determine, for
> yourself, if it is something of value for you. For some
> persons, it may take several "listenings" to determine this.
> If you feel that this Dimensional Attunement has a positive
> influence upon your mood, your thinking processes and your
> subtle awareness, then we would suggest you listen to it at
> least once a day, or more, if you choose.
> In essence, the sound patterns of the Dimensional Attunement
> are an auditory reflection of complex wave patterns composed
> of light. You are hearing sound patterns and harmonics, but
> this is an auditory reflection of what is occurring in the
> realms of light. In other words, when you use this
> Dimensional Attunement while focusing upon your pineal gland,
> you are stimulating complex evolutionary, catalytic light
> waves that have vast implications for your spiritual journey.
> We offer this gift freely with an understanding that those of
> you who have the ears to hear will recognize this as a music
> of the spheres, a calling home and the opening of a doorway
> to a great destiny that awaits you.
> The Hathors October 8, 2009
> You will find a link to the Dimensional Attunement at the
> bottom of the page.
> __________________________________________________ _______
> Tom's Thoughts and Observations
> Chaotic Nodes
> First of all, I wish to assure our readers that a Chaotic
> Node does not mean the end of the world. And if the Hathors
> are correct, there will be a series of these before and well
> past 2012.
> This message is not one of gloom and doom, as I read it, but
> rather a sobering call to wake up.
> Instead of looking at large-scale chaotic events as
> catastrophes, the Hathors are encouraging us to view them as
> evolutionary catalysts, doorways through which we can step
> out of our dream-spell into a greater perceptual reality.
> They call this the cosmic joke, the sudden insight that all
> of us on earth are creating and fabricating our perceptions
> of reality.
> Back in the late 1980's when the Big Eared Guys (one of my
> many nicknames for the Hathors) started communicating with
> me, they said from the get-go that earth was undergoing an
> ascension process by which the planet and all life on it
> would enter higher dimensions of consciousness.
> What this will actually look like (if indeed it does come to
> pass) is anybody's guess, but one of the facts of ascension
> according to the Hathors is that chaotic states are
> unavoidable. They are the signatures of an evolving system as
> it moves toward a higher energetic resting state.
> As I think about the world situation, the on-going financial
> difficulties, the increasing magnitude of storms, heightened
> earthquake activity in the Ring of Fire, the latest
> challenges around the H1N1 virus, as well as the recent and
> strange simultaneous eruptions of six different volcanoes in
> Russia, I wonder if we aren't already in the midst of a
> Chaotic Node.
> But upon asking the Hathors this after transcribing their
> message, they said that we are just at the beginning of a
> Bell Curve that will present itself as an ever-increasing
> number of seemingly unrelated chaotic events. This is
> essentially their definition of a Chaotic Node. (Note: For
> more insight into their views regarding Chaotic Nodes see
> message entitled Chaotic Nodes, which you can find in the
> Archives section of our site, and also linked above.)
> Now, for the record, this is only the second time the Hathors
> have predicted an actual timeline in regard to events. The
> last time they did this was two years before the current
> financial meltdown. In that message they predicted a
> financial meltdown in a window that was from around six
> months to two years from when they gave the message. So in
> that instance, the manifestation of their prediction came at
> the edge of what they foretold, but clearly within the
> window.
> This time they gave the caveat that it is difficult to
> predict a Chaotic Node due to the unpredictable nature of
> chaos itself. And so I find it of interest that they would
> put themselves out on a limb like this.
> I have historically found beings who exist in other
> dimensions of consciousness very poor at predicting exact
> dates though they sometimes do successfully predict the
> general theme of events. And so I wouldn't be surprised if
> the Hathors turn out to be incorrect in their timeline. But I
> do feel that they are on the mark in regards to the general
> thrust of things.
> I think a lot of us have the very real sense that things are
> out-of-control and that we are at the edge of some type of
> collective precipice. What the precipice turns out to be
> probably won't be clear to us until we are on the other side
> of it. Hindsight is notoriously better than foresight.
> Anyway, the Hathors are encouraging us in this message to
> master the art of shifting into joy and appreciation at a
> moment's notice, without needing any reason to do so. They
> are very clear that this type of spiritual mastery is vital
> for dealing with the chaos that is coming our way, regardless
> of when it shows up.
> My personal experience with joy and appreciation is that when
> I manage to be in these emotional states my vibratory field
> changes, and this does, indeed, generate what the Hathors
> call a positive attractor, which brings to me (in sometimes
> mysterious and unpredictable ways) more things to feel joy
> and appreciation for.
> If more and more people enter states of distress due to
> increased incidents of chaos, the emotional atmosphere of
> earth is going to get even harder to contend with. And if you
> are empathic or just spiritually sensitive, you know what I
> am talking about.
> For me the most important point in the first part of this
> message is a call to us to become masters of joy and
> appreciation so that we can enter into, and sustain, higher
> vibratory fields. This will allow us to move through chaotic
> events, however and whenever they show up, with a greater
> sense of ease and protection.
> Dimensional Attunements
> The second part of this message deals with what the Hathors
> call Dimensional Attunements. These are essentially sound
> codes that will assist us as we move upward in the ascension
> process.
> They have indicated that they will be sharing several of
> these sound meditations as they sense the need.
> The first Dimensional Attunement deals with the pineal gland,
> which sits more or less in the center of the head. This is a
> fascinating gland for several reasons. One of the more exotic
> aspects of this gland has to do with the fact that it is
> embedded with crystalline structures that are made of
> calcite.
> According to the Hathors these crystals can act as cosmic
> antennae and are capable of connecting us to the realms of
> light and to other dimensions of consciousness. They consider
> this gland to be vital in the ascension process, and so this
> first Dimensional Attunement is intended to activate and
> stimulate the crystalline structures within the pineal gland
> in order to open or deepen our connection to other realms of
> being. The net result of this, according to the Hathors, is
> an increase in spiritual insight, intuition and guidance from
> those aspects of us that are beyond the constraints of time
> and space.
> It might interest some of you to know the conditions under
> which this recording was made. True to many of the Hathor
> sound meditations, this one was downloaded to me in the
> ungodly hours after midnight. Specifically, I was awakened
> after I had gone to bed and instructed to go into the studio
> and start laying down the vocal tracks. The bulk of the
> recording took place in the six hours remaining before the
> October Harvest Full Moon.
> I suggest you follow the Hathors' suggestion on this one.
> Listen and see if you are drawn to it. You should be able to
> tell in a few sessions of listening if this is something that
> nourishes you and is effective or not.
> If it doesn't work for you, forget about it. But if you are
> like me, you will be amazed at both the subtle energetics of
> this sound meditation and its effectiveness. I listen to it
> several time a day and often in an extended session where I
> repeat the track several times. I find that focusing on the
> pineal in this way for an extended period deepens the
> experience and leaves my pineal feeling as if it has been
> turned into a beacon of light.
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