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The latest Israel Hasbara (propaganda lie) against Egyptian president Dr. Mohamed Morsi is hillarious. According to the Jewish Telegraph Agency (January 23, 2013), Morsi told US congressional delgate last week that “he gets bad US press because “certain forces” control the media“.

The Jewish spin-mill turned Morsi’s simple statement into an antisemitic accusation based on a testimony by Israel-Firster US Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del), who was part of the delegate. He told ‘The Cable’, a blog on Israel advocacy website, Foreign Policy Magazine that he understood Morsi was referring to Jews and warned us of them. In an Op-Ed piece in US Today (August 30. 2012), Coons wrote that “the US should redouble its efforts to assemble a coalition of allies to diversify and strengthen conditions-based aid to (Syrian) rebel groups“.

The said delegation was lead by Islamophobe Sen. John McCain. It urged Morsi to distance himself from the antisemitic remarks he made in 2010, when he referred to Jews as “apes and pigs”. The said remarks were translated on a video and distributed by Israel/Jewish Middle East Media Research Institute.

Morsi has refuted the allegation by saying that his statement was mistranslated and that he respects all faiths. However, in the meantime, the Middle East Media Research Institute, issued another video in which Morsi was shown telling Arabs to raise their children on hatred of Jews. Interetingly, Israeli professor Nurit Peled-Elhanan, daughter of Israel’s 1967 war her, Gen. Peled, in her book, ‘Palestine in Israeli School Books’ says that Israeli Jewish parents raise their children on hatred of Arabs.

Rabbi Michael Beals (Beth Shalom, Delaware) says that Jews and Israel are very close to Sen. Coons’ heart. He claims he met both Coons and Hailey Soiffer, foreign policy advisor to Sen. Chris Coons. She was born with a Hebrew name – Channa.

Anyone interested to know who owns what in the media world – should read an investigative post, here, which claims that six Jewish companies own 96% of the world media.

In 2006, Mark Glenn, an American writer, author and radio talkshow host, compiled a list of over three-dozen statements – and if you believe even one of them, such as …..

1. You think that Jesus was a good guy who had some important things to say about peace on earth, human rights and respect for your fellow man.

2. You reject the popular notion that Islam is a religion of war and instead after some study find it to be a religion of peace that holds Jesus and his mother in the highest esteem and find that the Qur’an possesses some of the most beautiful religious verse ever written.

3. You believe that Judaism’s Holiest Book, the Talmud, has an anti-Gentile and anti-Christian flavor to it, and that all of that stuff contained in it about Judas being a hero, about Mary being a prostitute and about Jesus being a sorcerer who is burning in Hell are just a few of the many reasons why there have been anti-Jewish sentiments throughout history.

4. You think that the world’s most powerful nations, particularly those in the West, are controlled by individuals who are religious fanatics devoted to implementing some farcical, whacked-out conspiracy theory called the ‘Zionist agenda’.

5. You think that the land of Palestine was once inhabited by a group of people called ‘the Palestinians’ who actually lived there for 2,000 years, and further, that this mythical group of people called ‘the Palestinians’ deserve this thing known as ‘dignity’ and that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, and that among these inalienable rights are ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’.

6. You think that nuclear weapons being in the hands of religious fundamentalists who possess a messianic mindset and who nurse a fanatical hatred for people of other religions besides their own is a recipe for disaster, and you’re not talking about Iran but rather Israel.

…. you would be called an antisemite by the Jewish Lobby. Read the rest of the list here.

I like to end this post on a humorous note. President Dr. Morsi topped Simon Wiesenthal Center’s list of top ten antisemites of 2012. The others who share this prestigious award, include Iran’s President Dr. Ahmadinejad, Louis Farrakhan, leader of Nation of Islam, Carlos Latuff, Brazilian cartoonist and Jakob Augstein, Jewish proprietor of Germany’s top newspaper Der Spiegel. Some readers of this blog may not be aware that Simon Wiesenthal Center is named after Simon Wiesenthal (died 2005), known as ‘Father of Holocaust culture’. Israeli historian and journalist Dr. Tom Segev in his book ‘Simon Weisenthal: The Life and Legend’ describes Weisenthal as “a fame-seeking myth-maker and an Israeli Mossad agent“.

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