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The Jewish media is not in the habits of practicing journalistic ethics when it comes to reporting about the Islamic Republic. The latest example is an article by Lee Smith published in Jewish Tablet Magazine, on february 14, 2013. In the article, the Jewish journalist claims that since “North Korea has the nuclear bomb, then for all practical purposes Iran does too“. Then Lee Smith tries to tighten the rope around Obama’s neck before his scheduled first visit to the Zionist entity as President next month. “If that’s so (now Lee pretends to be not so sure), then Obama’s policy of prevention has failed, and containment – a policy that the president has repeatedly said is not an option – is in fact all Washington has.”

May be Lee Smith doesn’t know that North Korea began its nuclear program in 1990s – twenty years after Israel had developed its first batch of nuclear bombs. Both North Korea and Iran have been members of NPT, which allows the IAEA to make surprise inspections of the member country’s nuclear facilities. Israel, though known to have a stockpile of 400 nukes, has refused to join the NPT.

However, Lee Smith is not the first bigot to make such claim. On August 5, 2010, British Prime Minister and Israel-Firster David Cameron, who had boasted to have Jewish family roots – said that “Iran is in possession of nuclear weapons”. The Opposition made fun of his ignorance. The Labour party blasted Cameron as a “foreign policy klutz” with his feet “firmly planted in his mouth”.

Israeli media has claimed that Israeli concerns about Iran and Syria will be the “red-lines” at Obama-Bibi meeting in Tel Aviv next month. Netanyahu has already communicated to the White House that he is no willing to discuss freeze on new illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank or East Jerusalem – as his new partners in the cabinet don’t feel comfortable discussing the “two-state solution”.

In order to pressure Obama, the Jewish lobby and media is fabricating a new conspiracy theory each day to convince Obama administration that a nuclear Iran does pose an “existential threat” to both Israel and the US interests in the region.

Last month, the Jewish-controlled media began its “Iranophobia circus” with the claim that the Tehran is hiding something behind its news of sending a monkey in the space. Then came the bombshell by CIA-Mossad agent’s revelation that a mysterious explosion at Iran’s Fordo nuclear facility which was even debunked by IAEA.

Last week, David Albright, the self-proclaimed “security expert” and founder-president of Israel advocacy group, the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) claimed that Tehran was trying to buy 100,000 highly specialized magnets needed in centrifuge machines. Now, one doesn’t need to an idiot to deny that Iran needs to establish more nuclear facilities to meet country’s growing power demand.

On February 6, 2013, Stephen M. Walt wrote in Zioncon’s flagship, the Foreign Policy Magazine that People in the Middle East have reasons to hate Americans; “for turning a blind eye to Israel’s treatment of Palestinians and backing various brutal dictatorships for our own strategic reasons“. He also added that the US has lost its credibility as a diplomatic actor, having screwed up the Oslo peace process (under Israel’s pressure) and having bungled the occupation of Iraq.

The vicious attacks on Chuch Hagel by the Republican lawmakers and Jewish press have proved that US administration is indeed run by the Zionist regime. Who would know better than M.J. Rosenberg, a welknown Jewish journalist and author. He wrote at Jewish Tikkun Daily (February 14, 2013): “The only issue that is holding Hagel’s confirmation is that he is considered insufficiently devoted to the interests of the Netanyahu government“.

Rosenberg says: “What is an Israel Firster? He or she is someone who puts the interests of Greater Israel above those of the United States, often demonstrating that by a zealousness about all things Israel that he does not apply to his own country.”

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