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Zionist leaders’ have recently increased their daily Bomb-bomb Iran threats. There is genuine fear among the anti-war groups that in order to force United States into a new war in the Middle East – Israel may run a false flage operation in the Strait of Hormuz by tageting US ships. Israel has done such operations involving USS Liberty and USS Cole in the past.

In order to counter any such Israeli planning – eleven former US intelligence officials in a Memorandum have urged president Barack Obama to establish a US-Iran ‘hot line’ for direct communication between Obama and Iran’s Armed Forces Supreme C-in-C, Ayatullah Ali Khamenie.

The proposal has its merits but I doubt very much Obama has the courage to implement it. He has been praised by two Israeli hawks, deputy prime minister and defense minister Gen. Ehud Barak and president Shimon Peres as “the most supportive administration throughout the two countries’ diplomatic relations on matter of Israeli security” (interview with Wolf Blitzer and WSJ).

Furthermore, last year Congress passed a AIPAC bill (Section 601) forbidding Obama, US diplomat and emissary engaging in negotiations or diplomacy with Iran of any kind unless the president convinces the “appropriate Congressional committees” (most significantly, the House Foreign Affairs Committee which is an AIPAC fiefdom) that engaging with Iranian contacts would not present an “an unusual and extraordinary threat to the vital national security interests of the United States.”

America and Israel have longstanding Iran war plans. Launching it means WW III. With nuclear bunker buster or other nuclear weapons. However, on March 29, Israel daily Ha’aretz reported that “Israel’s plan to attack Iran put on hold until next year at the earliest due to possible thousands of US casualties whose blood would be on Israel’s hands“.

MJ Goldberg, a former AIPAC official, wrote on May 23: “The US-Iran policy appears to be made by and for Netanyahu and the lobby. There is no public clamour against Iran in the United States. It is all ginned up by a lobby which a president can defeat if he has a tool to defeat it. As much as the lobby and its Congressional acolytes oppose any deal with Iran …. despite all its bluff, the lobby lives in terror of a president who stand up to it.“

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