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A warning to the leaders, a message to all.

Hide you heartless weaklings. Cower when the chaos that you have created, begins. Like a child playing with a firecracker, what they once held in the palm of their hand under full control, will render much more of an explosive result, insomuch as being uncontrollable, while the 16 personalities planned for create new personalities forged by the desperation of war, hunger, fear, protection of loved ones and the primal nature of an unrefined human being reverting back to it's animalistic strategies.

Ergo, the prelapsarian desires for survival will overcome any new breed of technology created by these temporary titan's called the elites! Time will go on..and yet another empire will fall, while those who perpetrated these despicable acts on humanity will hang by their necks in the streets as new flags of promise for a new world order that is once again started by the people, and once again hijacked by evil, greedy miscreants, who will do the same.

Rising from the pit, will be the same devils having an alluring, visual embodiment of honor and wrapping themselves in the satin lining of truth, just to deliver the same structure of ordered chaos which will stain yet another generation of those who refuse to learn from their history and trust golden-toothed liars (Bush) and silver tongued devils (Obama) who whisper, so sweetly, their hot breath into all the ears of those who lend them.

Outsourcing their Gods, and catering to the greedy and the impoverished, with sacchariferous hopes of a richer future, better than the previous leaders had promised, all the while, the moisture of their breathy lies drip from the wanting ears of the weak in spirit who, once more erase history in their minds in a futile attempt to eschew evil.

Delivering once again, for yet another 4-8 years, a testament to the confirmation of mass hypnotism. This will continue to go on civilization after civilization until all compasses instantaneously direct to the EAST and the knees of many will bleed from impact and shuddering. On that day, this will all cease to happen further.

On this day the skies are crimson red and darkened blue, with a flash of light which will make even the innocent quiver and ask "Have I done enough?" as the sky rips further and opens like a celestial observatory, allowing 'the lighted ones' to enter in swarms not yet envisioned by the human eyes.

This will be the second entrance of celestials (not alien races interested in our demise or societal proliferation), yet this will be the true and forewarned words of the aforementioned texts of the protected pages, and not just a vision prepared by intellectual tricksters who laugh at the masses while deep underground and above ground and well above the aether's belt, where common man is unaware that there are societies and rules and rulers and military and proletariats all the same, being categorized under contradistinctive rules and laws, all of which are disastrous for the populaces. Traveler's come to and fro and can seemingly dissipate before your very eyes, leaving you to question your own sanity. The media speaks of these travelers in jest and many try to duplicate the technology, whether it be technical or visionary or lies of media, people try to understand in their own way. These travelers are not benign men from other planets, it is technology given to them by the lightning men, to do their bidding. They do not disappear, they merely climb to a higher frequency than your eyes may perceive, very few descend beyond the view of the Ultra-Violet range in the midst of human visual curiosity, but when they do, it is to establish a direct connection between your mind and your perceived future.

There will be a counterfeit display of a religious nature, in the skies. The clouds will lie to you and deceive your eyes. There will be Lucite-like fog, highlighted by lights from below and above stationed in strategic places and hidden from the sight of men. Men with networked minds shall be as in sync as the neurons in your brain, as they work in tandem to win your soul. The vision will be In the shape of a stately man entering earth's room as if owned by him, yet all will be welcome. Future appearances on media sources will be frequent and many will perish for him and against him.

Sadly, many will abandon the true God for the lack of knowledge in his word and by ignorantly following leaders of the damned that spuriously lead them by anti-holy, 'hook in jaw' tactics.

Peace will be felt at this time by many, as there will be hallucination transducers, euphoric energy waves cast upon the people from on high, that will stimulate the visual cortex by playing recorded bands of emotion and a range of other vibrations set to match an overall fingerprint of emotional vibrations recorded over your and your's recent histories. In short, they record your emotions, thoughts, the full spectrum of human kenesic's and the emotional vibrations and frequencies, and then play them back to you in the converse manner. The results are databased and others are recorded and databased and by creating an overall "range" of playback upon an amassed crowd of people, can affect a great many people. The higher up the device, the greater the effect.

There are Heavy elements, unknown to commoners (and forever will be), to support the energy required, these HE are hardly new to man. There will be men and some women that this effect will not affect, (because each individual has distinguishable frequencies of thought emotion, much like a finger print), however, oscillations within each range can "crack the code" to each individual not susceptible to influence. This is the energy equivalent to picking a pad lock. This is a strategy to mimic the grandeur and splendent of the true savior of mankind. The counterfeit savior will be surrounded by hordes of luminescent craft (not angels) while cacophonous vibrations permeate the aether. Weaponry will direct messages en masse and special messages will be sent to political and influential figures - private, one-on-one messages designed to empower them in to leadership of the fearful. To help round up the sheep, so to speak. These leaders shall be punished along with those he leads, as the lion eats its young upon completion of the visual subterfuge.

The official occursion of the true savior will be fearful and no peace shall be amongst the living upon arrival. Light will be blinding and quick, all are forced to see, seemingly against will, although no eye - human nor animal - could possibly avert their eyes from such majesty. There is danger and protection symbiotically fused as one measure of justice now and all quiver in fear....some in terror!
The earth's crust will rise and life will be once more abundant, yet not lie in the beginning. No, not like in the garden. There are tears from those who were just re-born.

Useries and banks, matter not today, and materials made of carbon and energies of plasma, heat, light, chemical, gravitational potential, elastic potential, or deliverance methods of kinetic energy transfers, hydro electric, nuclear energy, electrical energy and the filler which is 'AETHER' .

Scientists speak of a 'Dark Matter' which in all actually just a detectable disturbance in the invisible fabric of AETHER, which having no frequency known to the average proletariat to view, is much higher a frequency and well beyond that of (Γγ) or Gamma /= 3. Dark Matter is not matter at all, not a substance or filler. It is merely a detection of aberrations in the AETHER, that scientists are viewing. Lensing is detected because of (what one who lives today would call a 'mirage'). Little to no light escapes from this theoretical 'Dark Matter', because there is nothing there to register it. It is void of mass, hence their "missing mass problem". It is not mass, it is the exact inverse of that. Space is almost punching a hole in itself. Which, if this power is discovered, could destroy not just a part of earth but many planets and suns around earth, as a chain reaction could very well ensue.

The 'man of lightning' spoke words that could be no more true and received many esoteric secrets, while experimenting with beams of plasma, connecting to the realms where no flesh may enter and light and darkness will never mingle or exchange pleasantries. It was pure light in communion with pure light which afforded these communications. Similar in behavior to fiber optics, but a power far more advanced. Evil hearts wield this power now and are a danger to you all.

There is no date known as to when this will happen, lest any man prepare himself and deem himself worthy and guilt-free on that day. No one knows, not even the 'lighted ones'. Every man and every woman will freeze where they stand and the eastern sky will capture their eyes, hearts and minds. Like a recorder playing back to them they will see visions of every second of their awareness and will remember it all. It will be weighed in the end, toward the North and the South, and the vessels' light will enter in to either infinite and immeasurable mirth or depart to vast lands of pain and anguish, where breath burns and fear is ever wanting of a companion, while under the penalty of no mortal or inhuman law, nor love, nor friendship, nor beauty, nor pleasant scent true chaos is proven worthy of its title. Save that of the angels of old, who defied their father, or the malignant spirits created by them for terror and confusion, there is no power to be had, as the effect of the void has laws of its on. It oppresses the oppressors, it humbles the once strong, it robs mighty gods of their immortal estate. Yet still stronger than the human gods, so shall the human gods be torn to shreds, limb from limb, infinitely as born and born again loops eternally from beginning to gruesome end with variance upon each measure. Angels will fall into a pit of sludge while ensphered by demonic entities who I personally envisioned and witnessed one of these falls. The light barely encased the frame and then became brighter, but was still so dim as to barely see the angel. The right arm of the angel pulled straight back, elbow extended and the fingers were cut off by, what appeared to be shears. The head pushed under the sludge to immerse the angel in the pain of asphyxiation. A symphony of devils then joined in the orchestra of affliction. The gurgling and screams of agony were a warning to those who were within earshot....only I was within earshot.

I will now go back from whence I came and you will hear from me no more. I will answer not answer any questions asked of me, nor will I parry any theories thus defending these words. I will post and will be no more. I have but one night left here.

The populace spreads rumors faster than the truth and for minds who have not yet witnessed their future, even the truth can seem like a fantastical rumor...so spread this like chaff fire. This is a warning of what's to come for the seen and unseen. If there are non-believers amongst you, this is natural. It is to be. For those who are wise to consider.

I must go now, as one day equals one mission.

Ask questions, ye who read. Search these texts and analyze many things, for it is fruitful in its complexity and knowledge well beyond the script face....knowledge that I cannot take the credit for.

Math shall be your guide, Quod bonum faustum felix fortunatumque.

This was received by a member of another forum and asked that it be posted further. It may be complete bunk, but we won't know without examination. Please do feel free to disseminate this onward to whatever site you feel will take interest.

All discussion and analysis are appreciated and encouraged!


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I must tell you all that this is not the original text as it was riddled with grammatical errors and a reference to something that I suspect would be disallowed, as it was on other sites where this was posted also. If there is some puzzle here then we'll need a lot of people looking at it to work it out. I don't know at all that that's the case, but the person it came from to me plays a lot of chess. The author of this warning apparently won the games with this acquaintance of mine to the point of obliteration. lol

I apologize for putting this info out late. It was 8am then here and extraordinarily I had not slept. Had I been asleep, I never would have seen the whole message so there was some design there as well, apparently. It's only four hours later now so I'm still not "all there".

There is an obvious, or seems to me obvious, allusion to Nikola Tesla there in the "man of lightning" reference. Also there are references to the "east".

The originator of this text was apparently in San Jose, CA. My acquaintance traced the IP to that location. Naturally, it's the easiest thing in the world to hide your IP if you have any genuine inclination to do so, but I thought to put out all info I have on this in its entirety, though I'm not sure about the original text in its original state, having so many trouble spots as it does. I could email it to anyone interested in pursuing this further. Just shoot me a pm.

Lady of Light

Thank you for bringing this to us here, kotn.

As the message is, I can't see a reason why it should be removed, so it will not be removed from this forum.

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I can't believe anybody would try to remove this, it doesn't seems that bad the me. It seems like he might be talking about blue beam, or something similar. Kinda Strange though, not quite sure what he saying... It is written oddly.


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Sure, it sounds all doom and gloom, but nonetheless, the message needs to be put out there. How many people simply THINK this way and never share it? I'm sure there are plenty, and it's by sharing it, as dark as it may be, that others can see and realize they are not alone in their views and it gets things even more out into the open. It NEEDS to be said. Some things need to be stated in a powerful enough way to get the attention, so it won't be ignored. This one was done well.

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I just got around to reading this now this is definitely weird I got to study it some more before I come back with some comments try to break this up figure out what the heck it is!


I've been avoiding this one, for some reason I feel freaked out when I read! It feels very negative to me too.


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Sure, it's negative and dark, and full of doom and gloom, but it's no worse than Alex Jones when he goes on one of his, what I like to call, Wrestler Rants.

Whoever this is wanted to get his point across and if negative and angry was the way to do it, then so be it. Hell, even I have my moments of angry rants and then I have my positive ones. Depends on my mood and how I feel about what's going on.

So really, I have to applaud the guy for having the gall to say it in the first place.