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Israel lobby group, Anti-Defamation League (ADL), in a statement has accused Muslim world for hating the Zionist entity more during the month of fasting (Ramadhan) than they hate it the rest of the year.

“Some of the more popular television specials airing across the Muslim and Arab world during the holy month of Ramadan – at a time when television viewership peaks across the Middle East – are “rife with anti-Semitic themes and expressions of hatred for Israel. It is deeply disturbing to see how anti-Semitism is so casually treated on some of these programs, where conspiracy theories such as those espoused in the notorious forgery, ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ are repeated as if they were fact, and where Israelis are portrayed using the grossest caricatures,” claims Abraham Foxman, head of ADL on August 2, 2012.

In another statement, Foxman thanked the Jewish-owned Apple and Google for removing Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah’s website application. Al-Manar website has provided application that gives the user the access to know latest news posted the possibility of follow it up directly on the ‘Google Play’. Later, Al-Manar website provided the application on Apple for two days only, before being stopped Tuesday night, after about 3500 users uploaded it within 48 hours. It was deleted as result of a letter by Abraham Foxman delivered to Aoole on July 25.

Foxman’s latest list of anti-Israel Arab medias include the following:

1. Ashab il-Sabt: A bi-weekly show is aired by Ar-Rahma, a Salafist channel based in Egypt that features professor, Dr. Mohammed Jalal Idris (Tanta University), an Hebrew linguist, who believes that the ‘Protocol of Elders of Zion’ are not a forgery but real and that Jews control the US and financial institutions around the world.

2. Firqat Naji Attalah: A nightly series, widely aired throughout the Middle East, depicts Israelis being warmongers and support armed resistance groups fighting the European Jews occupying Palestine.

3. Il Hukm Ba’d il Muzawla: A Candid Camera-style show, which airs on the Egypt-based An-Nahar TV has recently air an episode showing a guest roughing-up a staff whom he thought being an Israeli interviewer.

4. Al-Ghalibun: The Hizbollah TV channel Al Manar is broadcasting a new season of last year’s successful series – “The Victorious.” The series tells the story of the Israeli invasion of South Lebanon and the suffering of the Lebanese people. It also show how Hizbullah fighters defeated Jewish army in 2006.

Canadian Jewish academic, Henry Makow PhD believes ‘The Protocols’ are real and being applied right now to create a ‘One World Government’ under Jewish domination. Read Markow’s article here.

ADL: ‘Muslims hate Israel more during Ramadhan’ | Rehmat calling
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