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The Zionist mafia has never stopped reminding Americans how the Iranian took 52 US Embassy staff as “hostages” after the 1979 Islamic Revolution. However, the Zionist mafia never tells the Americans how Washington-Tel Aviv plotted a coup in Tehran against the first democratically-elected government of Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh in 1953 to re-install their puppet King Reza Shah on Iran’s Peacock Throne. The American arrogance was shown by then US President Jimmy Carter, when a reporter asked Carter about this coup in a news conference after the hostage-taking. “That’s ancient history,” Carter replied. However, according to professor Vali Nasr (Tufts University): “The humiliation of 1953 was exorcised by the taking of US hostages in 1979“.

Historically, Iranians have never been involved in espionage or subversives activities in United States. On the other hand, Israeli Mossad maintains its largest espionage network in United States. Jonathan Pollard, a US-Israel duel citizen is serving life sentence for stealing over one million US secrets for Israel. Last year, an Israeli Zionist author, Barry Chamish admitted that Israeli Jews committed 9/11. Iran doesn’t have a registered lobby in the US, while Israel has over 52 Jewish groups working as its lobbyists in America.

Franklin Lamb PhD, an American investigative writer and author, who has visited 70 countries in search of thruth – visited Iran recently and witnessed the 34th anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution. He rcorded his impression of Iranian people and the Islamic regime in Tehran, under the title, “Will Washington graps the hand being offered by the Iranian people?“. The report can be read here.

“There is probably no country more misunderstood in America than Iran And its due almost entirely to politically motivated demonizations and misrepresentations, including, but not limited to, what President Ahmadinejad really said during speeches relating to the US and the West and the historical imperative to liberate occupied Palestine and every country’s right to develop nuclear energy and to live independently and free of US-led western hegemony. Most Americans’ perceptions of Iran, according to Iranian friends, are limited to images of President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad accused of delivering anti-American speeches,” says Dr. Lamb.

“The media reports of the 2/09/13 celebration of the 34th anniversary of the Iranian revolution where the BBC and most other media reported the crowds were “frenzied and chanting death to America.” I was there and this report is rubbish. I did hear from time to time a few chants mixed in with revolutionary songs, religious exhortations, and just plain fun. Helping others by offering water and heavy laden older citizens or kids was the motif,” claims Dr. Lamb.

“One does not have to look further than the morning newspapers for examples and to find the likes of Zionist apologist, Iranophobe and Islamophode Jennifer Rubin, in her Washington Post screed. Ms. Rubin, on Valentine’s Day had only poisonous invective in her heart for any American- even cupid one imagines- who would dare express any remotely objective idea about Iran. Rubin, a former AIPAC volunteer, lambasted Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Defense, former US Senator, Chuck Hagel, as nearly all 52 Zionist organizations in America have done this past month, because he advocates mutual respect and friendship with Iran. Hagel’s unforgiveable sins includee his words on the subject of criminal US-led sanctions against Iran and Syria and the need to build trust and normalize relations through dialogue,” says Dr. Lamb.

Ray McGovern, ex-CIA analyst, in an open appeal to Barack Obama said that President should use the State of Union event to close the deal with Iran over its nuclear program by lifting illegal sanctions against Iran which are hurting ordinary Iranian people and not country’s government.

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