We are in paraless times in the world and we are definatly headed down the wrong path i believe the ELITES agenda is be pushed very quickly because people are waking up at alarming rates, there agenda is threatened and they are woried that there will be a mass retaliation (political uproar of untold magnitudes this is why they have just legalized FEMA camp for just such reasons to contain the sheeple and possible mass genocide.some of these fema facilitys have been out fitted with turnstyles at the front of the buildings followed by gas fittings central building and the end of the buildings with incinerators sounds like what happened back in Germany this paticular FEMA camp is supposed to be used for train repair yet there is no evidence of train repair happening at this location. As well as train cars with shackles mounted through out the trains wonder what these are for. There are a few of these facilitys through out the nevada desert as well can be seen on google earth. they are very close to military facilitys.sroll doun and wathvideo on this site http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread282707/pg1


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yes there are... i want to say though that fear is a disease, a dread disease and will weaken and destroy

for every action there is also an equal opposite reaction, should there be an anti christ there is also a greater force for Good, and if we do not acknowledge this as a strength, then fear can defeat by debilitating inner strength

it is the greater enemy.

its a personal choice and we awaken by degrees to a new understanding before we see the power of this fact, that though these times we are in offer hunger, despair etc, there is also another offering, one that is wise to take up on , for we can be our own worst enemy and this is what the matrix counts on to create the society that david icke mentions on the rense interview

the use of hypnosis in Obamas speeches

fear is a natural reaction within the comfy zone of what was once our lives....esp when we have children, grandchildren..what is the future for them?
all the more reason to find ways to move past the fear and for sure this forum is about that and becoming unhynotized , to relearn, re evaluate and re energize
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