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After succeeding in installing pro-Israel Sen. John Kerry as next US secretary of state – it seems the Jewish Lobby has forced Barack Obama to dump former senator Chuck Hagel as his choice for the US secretary of defense.

The Jewish journalist Adam Kredo wrote at the Free Beacon on December 19, that former senator Chuck Hagel may no longer be Barack Obama’s favored pick to run the defense department. According to Adam, Hagel’s nomination is not only opposed at the Capitol Hill but Israeli embassy in Washington also have “quietly expressed concern about the former senator“.

David Bromwich, a Jewish professor at Yale University, wrote in Zionconservative Huffington Post on December 24, 2012: “Now Obama will nominate Michele Flournoy as defense secretary. Flournoy worked in harmony with Robert Gates as his undersecretary for policy, and nobody will oppose her“.

David Bromwich, while giving the impression that Obama was never serious about giving the powerful cabinet position to someone who was opposed by the Jewish lobby groups – he failed to mention – why “nobody will oppose her“? Because, Michele Flournoy 52, may not have Jewish family roots, but her husband W. Scott Gould is 101% Jewish. Gould is Obama’s deputy secretary of the department of veterans affairs (VA). Gould is also contributor to Israel’s advocacy group, the Brookings Institution. In 2007, Flournoy founded the pro-Israel advocacy group, the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) which houses anti-Muslim warmongers like Douglas Feith, Richard Perle, Michael O’Hanlon, Frederick Kagan, Frank Gaffney, Norman Augustine, Richard Armitage, David Kilcullen, etc. The group is headed by retired Lt. Col. Dr. John Nagl, a Zionist Christian.

In an interview Michael Flournoy gave to Israeli daily Jerusalem Post in August 2012, she had claimed that Israel-US ties were “like a marriage” and that while there were differences over policy sometimes, the US commitment to Israel’s security was “unshakable”. She assured the paranoid Israeli Jews that they can trust Barack Obama on Iran’s nuclear ambitions. However, she admitted that both American and Israeli intelligence agencies agreed that Iranian have not started “weaponization” as yet – and when they do so, it would take them several years to achieve that.

Flournoy has developed close relation with Israel’s top military officials including Generals Benny Gantz and Ehud Barak during her job at the Pentagon.

And finally, a Christmas wish from Kelly Beaucar Valhos, a freelance American journalist, who received the “Antisemitism Award” from almost every pro-Israel Islamophobe; ignore the whining Jewish Lobby and give American people Chuck Hagel for Christmas.

“So, Mr. Obama, ignore the threats and the spiteful accusations and please give us Chuck Hagel for Christmas. We can’t promise to be good, but we can guarantee it’ll shake things up,” says Kelly.

Is Obama about to dump Hagel for Flournoy? | Rehmat's World