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Benjamín Solari Parravicini (1898–1974), born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on August 8, was an artist. He was professor at the Liceo de España, manager of the Department of Arts at the Banco Municipal of Buenos Aires and director of the Exhibition Gallery of the Municipality of Buenos Aires, Secretary of the Association for the Development of Arts in 1948. Parravicini also promoted several arts related projects in Buenos Aires.
Prophet and channeler.

Benjamin Solari Parravicini, Aliens and quartz men

«Trying to figure out why BSP gives much importance to the alien theme I decided to collect all psycographies I had in my possibilities to try to find a common thread between them.»

These are the reliminary remarks from the author that collected the texts - Hugo Rafael Rodrigues

«This analysis does not intend to add any content that is esoteric only limited to a fairly objective review "in the writer's subjectivity" of psycographies that are inserted into it.

The reasoning is simple psycographies referring to the subject are by no means homogeneous, ie BSP seems to speak of different races, of different backgrounds, from different times, different consequences, but talk of a purpose (apparently similar) in these breeds, I say apparently because in a few that purpose is clearly not the search for the good of the human race (not evil) (someone would say neither light nor dark) but if you own purposes and this line is where I will develop this paper so that when we speak of the inhabitants of the moon (remember that the moon is inhabited BSP) speaks of the brevity of the mole, it's like to note that BSP would prefer to keep hidden the mole away from the human eye to the point that a psycography goes on to say:

- "Two views on the same face will carry humans to the lunar voyage. Nothing will know seeing and knowing nothing.'ll Talk seas of ice, roll and sounds, words. But nothing. All in all. Nothing in the whole because they will be on the test. "
Evidence that these beings disguised themselves and their facilities so that nothing is known of its existence.

Another psycho also intriguing is the following.

"The world will be subject astronaut encounters new wave. It will be frightened and may have unexplained surprises. Reaches the record of what awaited them but not come to reality. Shall not be, will not be. The moon will say"

Analyzed one previously concluded that when it says "get the record of what awaited them but not come to reality." (Record are the recordings done by NASA probes all incidents which take place on the ship is like an aircraft black box but more sophisticated because it includes all the observation and measurement devices also provide all the telemetry ships etc.)
Both may seem cryptic psycographies that are not in any way viewed from this perspective, human beings are denied access to the contact with those who inhabit the moon and not only to touch but the discovery of their presence.

Another psycography very similar to above but more full of something that seems to tell us in the previous Cotradec not see and it seems complete.

"The moon rocket will be new vibrations of danger in his trip, but his gun will avert the imprisoning atmosphere glacier . I See come the call of the moon, but nothing is on them to answer. The mole exists, it will be useless to deny it, you'll know and will be tested before 2002. "

I mentioned above that may seem cryptic because BSP speaks of "being without" "see without seeing" the most intriguing and back without return, "What did you say without turning back?
To close the circle and to understand these comings and goings of BSP has to take into account one thing astronaut apparently are unfamiliar with an energy that obnubila like a hypnotic trance is proof that says listen to the call of spots but nothing is on them to answer. (Many of the astronauts who went to the moon went crazy) that is without turning back and left something there, your mind.

Other aliens for their own purposes and well defined they can be found in other psycographies as detailed below.

"Spacecraft will fly over cities and men and elements of the Earth for study. All will return!"

"Seres sniffers" jelly ", which may be viewed at certain times of light will begin to be observed in cold regions of the earth. They feed on blood and sap. They are spectral endless punishment." Especially this can not be said to talk about extraterrestrial beings but seemingly unknown instrument of punishment.

"Kross Krossenkos the planet will continue to monitor ships and needles that send astral travel land. They watch them and to kidnap them from orbit simple." BSP is clear in other Psychographics speaking that the earth is a Planet of punishment (prison planet) Krossenkos these may be the guards of the prison.

"Women extraterráqueas come into the world to be fertilized and will return. Men will be raptured to fertilize and not return."

As we will see these aliens already have another type of purpose-oriented genetic evidence, BSP unfortunately does not elaborate more here and the track is truncated (matches multiple alien abduction cases where sex is a fundamental component)

"The little man will be noticed by the universe five and will protect you. The five arrived at five after five without five more in five final, the victory will be 5."

This prophecy is very important in my opinion because of that one that talks about 5 of 5 of the five that seems apocalyptic. (In this one if it is related to her you realize that perhaps always interpret bad that prophecy in the forum).

"The cosmonauts living in the Argentine gondiva"

"Interplanetary beings on landing transforming their ways to relieve the earth"

"The lightning k interplanetary beings, bouncing off his hands and paralyze their spaceships!"

"Incredible beings arrive on Mars to the human retina. The world will know of them, but they will not be. Will not be. Will" espejoides "or figurative beings made in reflexes and deformed and shaped electromagnetic words"

Well folks here I could find of alien beings with their own objectives than help humans. The rest is most psycographies alluding to aliens, talking about a plan and will help so is difficult to find among many psycographies those that are not specific to these beings caring and relating to people with a inherent purpose to them alone.

Part Two

While this second part is easier apparently according to the tone adopted for the first part, ie, limited only to the purpose of these beings in the cosmology of BSP.

Already in the first part written manifestábamos that it was people with a purpose (apparently) own and only guided by its purposes which were not always help the man and said that in this second part, talk about coming in relief or in aid of humanity. Ab-initio thought that this part of me would be easier than the previous one because here there is not much to look is the work of BSP that is clear and abundant, and only brief comments detract from it. But when I started the job I quickly realized how wrong I was.

I do not want too long this introduction for space but also it is necessary to understand that BSP comprises a big fan of alien races and it's good to be a reference to these races because although the aim is to help human beings is in principle a kind of specific tasks that each of these races.

But to start I put 2 psycographies in particular has an important significance despite its brevity.

"The astral being will tell the man land: no fear, I am of you and for you, for the hour of truth and redemption is already given. Behold, you will know and you will be ... The time ten!"

"Extraterrestrials astronauts arrive!. Do not fear the man they love with love and peace! Wait, I remember that when the angel appeared to the prophets of old testament the first thing they said was that" no fear ".

Now we split. The first is to determine which breeds referred to BSP.

We said in the first part of the lunar beings, now the number of others to which it refers.

Beings invisible to the naked eye (there is no source)
· Neptunian (black)
· Plutonian (human race ancient inhabitants of the earth)
· Two-headed extraterrestrials (there is no source)
· Beings on the planet-in-ki ki
· Electrical beings (there is no source)
• The electric marine man (live on planet earth, venus source)
· The rumus (there is no source)
· Men Blue Planet Blue
· Beings of Ganymede and Europa (both moons of Jupiter)
· Intraterrestrial of the blue galaxy (perhaps the same blue planet)
· Beings espejoides (like mirrors) of Mars
· Kross Beings

Well this is more or less the picture that shows BSP beings visiting us now see how to develop their craft work and what their looking.

Be extraterrestrial space ship flying without, only self-propelled. There are others who are robots, the ships are operated by the brain.
Landing interplanetary beings in transforming their ways to relieve the earth.

One explanation for this is given by this other psycho:

"The extraterrestrials man belonging to another world will he go invisible to us, dwells among us and when enabling environment is taking shape our material. He is immune to our physical ailments, enjoys good and is disrupted or returns to the invisible"

"Man will amphibious power on the coasts of southern Argentina. The spacecraft will collect and carry to Venus, the planet of origin"

"Birds of Fire shipping the new look of the great planet Pluto for its effulgence Orange

"Incredible beings arrive on Mars to the human retina. The world will know of them, but they will not be. Will not be. Will" espejoides "or figurative beings made in reflexes and deformed and shaped electromagnetic words"

"Passenger carrying space of brain adimental kross-diving, landing body and providing alígenos"

"They will lower conglomerate interplanetary spacecraft and provide balance"

"They return to earth interplanetary spacecraft in the shape of fish of the sea, they saw and used the Chaldeans and Assyrians"

"Beings from inside the earth, coming from the blue galaxy live underground cities in the south pole and feed on algae"

"The ships of different galaxies reach the earth will continue on the grid made by ancestors of ancient times. The approaches are accurate, so it is feasible to its mission in certain regions and not others" (actually this is psycho explains quite impressive because there UFO sighting hotspots on the planet)

"All astral ship is constructed in matters not yet known on earth. The ships are light, integral molded piece without any joint. The agent is also locked in whole escafándrica clothes without seams and some clear and blue. Our fire to the maximum extent not heat or drill the consistency of both "(This explains how ships are made and suits the BSP really knew something no?)

"The Ganymede astronaviero bring the man quartz. He will be confused on earth and give strength to put the world into the fourth dimension. The agent blue astral demonstrate the existence of God with arduous efforts, for man will have forgotten by gold . With real presence the agent speak in telepathic form of the great universe, planets and superior man, amazing civilizations and say "everything is the work of God!" the shipping hard stress: "Everything is from God as you are man field. Leaves and fetishism, the eagerness of new gods, new drivers and new religions. Learn how to be God ... and you will! "

"Again the interplanetary amphibious ships descend on the seas and rivers. Seed in their funds algae, water features, fish species and food needed for experiments. Dwell in the ancient underground cities of the time. The poles will have ports for these ships and these beings "

"Powers go to the Earth higher on support and orders. Will be disregarded and succumb to the human world in misery and punishment. His ambition pride killed him"

"At the end of finals. The waters of the seas that will keep amphibious ships of the astral in marine works. Extensive bacteriological sponges and algae ferruginous phosphoric laboratories that will carry to their satellites, not visible to the human being to make the sustenance to the world hunger to arrive. save me! "

"Interplanetary ships invisible to the human retina, come to Earth. Dwell Sud America in the end there will gather materials for (aid) to world hunger and fire cataclysm. Carry human blood to their satellite laboratories produce it artificially, "Provision of hemoglobin.

"The Egyptian priest who met the higher mathematics of the asteroids, which helped build the pyramids, it was carefully directed by the astronavegos blue, with devout dedication to the priest taught the secret of the edges. They raised and polished the huge stones of the pyramids. They started the extent and relativity in the fifth dimension! "

"They clean the air fields rumus. They work for the betterment globe. They will lower and you will live"

Well here there are many psychos get more, much more. Talking about it but there is little space to write just that after reading and writing because I realize the issue is so important for BSP and the importance is that this will mark an era of humanity and certainly leave an indelible mark on the man who will even be transformed.

I want to thank Marta because the psycho out of his compilation and analysis of course I do here is very poor beside that could be done because there is plenty of material but that would have to write an entire book, however I wanted to give an overview predictive power of BSP and because it is so important for the particular topic, even RISKS it is not a deep analysis.

Greetings to all