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Benjamin Netanyahu is set to form the next Zionist regime even though his warmongering coalition lost 11 seats. However, the election results show that the new regime would lack the necessary muscles to screw US president Barack Obama on the US foreign policy. Netanyahu called for early elections expecting an easy victory that would cement his absolute power for years to come. But it seems his luck ran out.

Netanyahu linked his radical Zionist Likud with his former warmonger Jewish FM Avigdor Lieberman’s Yisrael Beiteinu (Israel Our Home) party. In the out-going Knesset both parties had 42 seats but this time they have only 31 seats out of 120-seat Knesset (parliament). His other racist Jewish allies in the out-going regime, Chas whose founder Rabbi Ovadia Josef had called for annihilation of Arabs in April 2001, returned with lesser seats (11) while radical Jewish millionaire Naftali Bennett’s Jewish Home party gained 11 seats. Gen. Arial Shron’s Kadima party failed to capture even one Knesset seat.

Israel’s one-year-old Yesh Atid (There is a Future) party headed by a secularist Jew Yair Lapid, a former journalist and millionaire, has captured 20 seats, making it the second largest party in the Knesset.

Though there was no news of a champagne party at the White House to celebrate Bibi’s political humiliation – Aaron David Miller, a former State Department adviser on US-Israel relation, says that Netanyahu heading a weaker regime with some “centrists” was the best outcome the White House could have hoped far. “It give them a better chance to avoid war with Iranian mullahs (the Zionist fool doesn’t realize there is no mullah in Ahmadinejad regime) and pressure a chance of peace with the Palestinians,” said the Jewish expert on the Middle East.

Israeli journalist Gideon Levy said at RT that Bibi who takes Iran’s nuclear threat to Israel as part of his religion – would not be supported by some of his new regime partners – and Barack Obama in his second term would not let it happen. However, Levy warned that he never expects Netanyahu to make rational decisions over his enemies.

According to Israeli analysts, Netanyahu is negotiating with “Left” winners in the election to join his “Right” partners to form a stable unity government. However, Israeli-born author and blogger, Gild Atzmon, says there are no “Left” or “Right” political ideologies in Israel. All Israeli Jews believe in their Tribal racism.

“In Israel there are no hawks or doves. Instead, all we have is a mild debate between a few interpretations of Jewish tribalism, nationalism and supremacy. Some Jews want to be surrounded by towering ghetto walls – they like it, it’s cosy, it feels safe – others prefer to rely on the IDF power of deterrence. Some would support the excessive use White Phosphorous, others would like to see Iran wiped,” wrote Gilad on January 23, 2013. Read the article in full here.

Bibi loses election but Israeli fascism stays | Rehmat's World