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India’s veteran diplomat, M.K. Bhadrakumar, claimed the other day that India cannot be US’ poodle.

“There are times when India needs to stand up and speak out that the US’ regional policies – toward the Middle East and Central Asia – seriously endanger India’s long-term interests. To meekly behave, instead, like a poodle, as the Indian government has done on the Iran sanctions, may not even be the best opportunistic course available“.

However, he was proven wrong by Mumbai police which raided Madanpura office of Jama’at-e-Islami on the behest and instructions of the Israeli consulate in Mumbai. The police not only confiscated the pro-Nakba Day posters but also the office staff were called over the police station for investigation into their anti-Israel activities.

The posters confiscated by the police were not put up on public space but strung on the balcony on the first floor of office of India’ oldest Muslim religious party founded in 1941 in Lahore by Sayyid Abul Ala Maududi – top Indo-Pak Islamic reformer, religious scholar and author of 108 books on religion, politics and social topics.

The said posters had the following messages in context of Nakba Day when European Jews established Israel by expelling and uprooting 800,000 (63% of total population of British mandate Palestine in 1948) native Muslims and Christians.

“Boycott Israel – Save India!!, Free Palestine & Right of Return of the Refugees, and May 15th – Nakba Protests!! “

Local human rights activists have protested against police action via a petition to Maharashtra state Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan. In the letter, the authors have warned the state and central governments that Mumbai police action shows that India’s security forces have become Israel agents.

The petition claims that such pro-Israel thinking among some law enforcement official stems from state policy of sending them to Israel for the so-called anti-terrorism training which make these security officials pawn in the hands RAW-Mossad terrorism in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

“This flawed training of our police by certified Islamophobes, has resulted in an increased wave of anti-Muslim xenophobia amongst our police & intelligence services, as has been evident in the persecution of Muslim youth in the course of the last two decades,” says the petition.

“Meanwhile, a significant number of Mossad agents have been identified & expelled from India for indulging in espionage, drug peddling & weapons smuggling. Also the links of racist Israel with the extreme right-wing Manuwadi forces, namely the BJP-RSS-VHP-BD, all stand exposed. Yet the secular Congress-led UPA turns a blind eye to the Mossad operations in our city & across the country,” adds the petition.

“Israel poses a grave security threat to the very sovereignty & unity of our country. Today, the dubious & perfidious role of the Zionist-Israeli Lobby in America & the Western world stands exposed & Israel stands at the bottom of public opinion across the world. Yet the ruling political elite in our country, do not seem to understand the obvious. Also the corrupting role of Israeli weapons manufacturers has been exposed by none less that the Defense Ministry itself, whereby 4 Israeli companies have been banned for bribing politicians, military officials & bureaucrats. The links of the Mossad & the Abhinav Bharat & Sanatan Sanstha terror organizations is also being probed due to the charge-sheet filed by Shaheed ATS Chief Hemant Karkare,” claim authors of the petition ( Feroze Mithiborwala, Kishore Jagtap, Aslam Ghazi, Jyoti Badekar & Arif Kapadia).

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Backwards savage Islamic terrorists are always targeting the great democratic countries America, Israel, India, etc.. It is because of these rights that you can post what is in my opinion complete and utter garbage. Go to North Korea, post about government conspiracies, and see what happens.