Brian Desborough: They Cast No Shadows (They throw no shadows)

Sunday, August 30, 2009


One of the sources of David Icke and many others refer to books, is Brian Desborough. Brian Desborough is an English researcher who has worked with various American companies as Head of Research and Development, and has been an advisor to space research. Someone who knows what he says. Brian has researched the Illuminati families and the history of the world and has thirty years after the absolutely astonishing book "They Cast No Shadows" written.

This book is designed for everyone from the trusted and secure area to attract and thinking to put on archaeological and historical "truths". In this article I will not treat the whole book, but conclusions of the key messages to give. I recommend this to everyone (English) book to read yourself if possible. It flows on from evidence and backgrounds, and as has been said the result of 30 years research.

The origin of life

As in many schools and science programs are told is that life originated in a kind of soup. A combination of amino acids floating around accidental and electrical discharge could have led to the creation of the first one-celled creatures, which gradually in many billions of years by random mutations as the human beings would have emerged as top of evolution. Many scientists have now discovered that it is virtually impossible. And do a few simple facts:

* In such a progressive development or would you fossils remains of any intermediate forms can be found. This was never found. For example, the prehistoric flying Archeopterix, a reptile with wings of skin folds, would have developed into today's birds with feathers. There was never even a single intermediate found that endorsement. Even modern man comes not from the ape, and even the Neanderthals. There is never a "missing link" found.

* The idea that a single cell being created is pure nonsense just coincidence. If we look at an example, the cyanobacteria are found in soil layers dating by millions of years old, then we have a very complex life form in a cell with all the billions of pieces of data in DNA, not really a simple life form is. Even in this life form as a control mechanism of spontaneous mutations are DNA detects and destroys. So evolution path.

* A professor in England, has Crosse in 1837 an experiment in which he just saw new life forms created from clay. Complete insects after loskwamen few days and flew out of the clay. The later famous Dr. Reich introduced similar experiments. Could it be that life forms moving through scalar wave forms from planet to planet and there is again manifest? All you ask where the established science in any case is none the wiser.

Our solar system

Scientists tell us that our solar system created by a rotating amount of space dust that has gradually clumped planets rotating around a Sun The Sun is the largest mass, and the Sun around its a kind of rings in which gravity is then the planets can be present. The mass of these planets and distance from the sun again hear a certain ratio. In our solar system, Jupiter is a big exception to that relationship, and therefore can not occur naturally in our solar system originated.

According to Velikovsky Jupiter is our solar system later flown, has changed while the axis of Uranus and the Earth and Mars a long way removed from the orbital plane. The near collision with Jupiter Uranus, the tail detached, which is then compressed, and as Saturn in orbit around the sun has come. Saturn does have a very low weight for its size. From Jupiter is a detached piece, which became known as Venus. Venus has flown past the Earth, has since made many changes. Among other has Venus ice let loose on the earth and ended up as the great floods caused. The Greek mythology says that Venus was born from the forehead of Zeus (Jupiter?). All this is less than 5000 years ago. The earth is not so old and everything is stable ... not millions of years

The History of Israel

This is one of the most interesting parts of the book. Brian shows that everything we know about the Middle East, the Jewish people, the stories in the Bible and the creation of Israel is very different than what we all heard. Many scientists have been searching for evidence of the events and people in the Old Testament, to David and Solomon, the exodus from Egypt and so on. The surprising thing is that absolutely nothing is found. The people do not exist, or have never been described anywhere else. For example in the history of Egypt not to find a spray that Jewish people were in slavery, or that the people of Moses has taken away. That is quite remarkable when you see how much we know from Egypt. Other names and events are not completely available.

Jerusalem at the time of the life of Jesus only an insignificant village. Brian shows that there was not even a "Jewish" nation, let alone of "Israel". The Old Testament seems to have been written by the Levites tribe in exile in Babylonia. And the New Testament is equally fanciful. There is even in the annals of the Romans and other historians of that time not even point to about Jesus, Herod, crucifixion and so on. It looks very much that the whole story was invented only 325 years later to produce a common religion for the Roman Empire. When the Emperor Constantine convened a council in Nicaea in which the blueprint of Christianity, the Roman Catholic Church was created.


The book also shows that we are from very early times to the present controlled by a secret club of extraterrestrial origin. The book discusses the Templars, the Nazis, the American Presidents and everything around it. These are also things you can find extensive back in the books of David Icke and others, who said as many as Brian Desborough source. I shall therefore not comment further. But the book contains some interesting chapters on free energy and UFO's. Among the other states so far the Nazis had come. It makes you realize that we have that technology on earth have long, and let us suspect that a good part of the UFO's we see of earthly descent.


This is a book that everyone should read, it contains many very valuable insights. Even if I have one years time I would like to translate the book, but unfortunately I have that year. Even if this book briefly to summarize I would say that this book shows us that we longtime cheated, and that it is time to wake up. What makes this book particularly valuable is the piece on the 'Jewish' people and Israel. There are few books that so much information about it, as Israel such an important role in the global player. So read!

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