Cameron’s Zionist Conference on Somalia


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On February 23, Israel-Firster David Cameron, the British prime minister, hosted an international conference on Somalia in London. The conference was attended by cabinet ministers and other officials from 50 countries. The prominent among them were ZOGs diplomats from the US, France, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Uganda. Kenya, Arab League, African League - and of course Zionist-puppet Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary-general. Those are the ones’ who had supported the American invasions of Muslim majority countries, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya – and now are threatening Syria, Lebanon, Iran and Pakistan for the next Muslim Holocaust.

The vultures at the conference warned the world that it will pay the price for failing to help the western appointed government of Sharif Sheikh Ahmed to tackle instability, war and piracy – all three created by the western powers. The Red Sea piracy had been blamed on Israel by Yemen and Saudi governments – while both London and Washington are behind the Al-Qaeda bogey for exploitation of Somalia’s oil, uranium and other natural resources – and of course to stop another Islamic state emerging against Israel.

Israeli agenda for the control of Red Sea was laid out by the first prime minister of the Zionist entity, David Ben Gurion, who said in 1949: “We are beseiged from land frontiers while Sea is the only passage to the outside world and the only mean for establishing communications with other continents.”

The emergence of the dreaded Islamic monster, ‘Al-Shabaab’ was the result of the US-backed Ethiopian invasion on Somalia in 2006. “In each case the presence of foreign forces has served to galvanise Somalia’s warring factions and helped to radicalise a country with no history of Islamic extremism,” wrote Daniel Howden in British daily Independent, July 30, 2010. He also predicted that “surrender to Al-Shabaab will be first step to victory for Somalia“.

There are already 10,000 African Union peacekeepers in Somalia which are expected to boosted to 17,000. These mercenaries are funded by hundreds of millions of dollars by Washington and its allies. “They have killed, wounded and displaced hundreds of Somali civilians in a stepped-up campaign against Islamist military resistance,” wrote Sudarsan Raghavan, in Washington Post, July 18, 2010.

Zionist Hillary Clinton pledged extra $64 million in “humanitarian aid” to the western-installed Transitional Federal Government (TFG), which controls major city Mogadishu and few hundred miles around it. The rest of the country is under Al-Shabaab’s control. Al-Shabaab’s leaders who were not invited to the conference – slammed the event as “foreign interferrence in country’s internal affairs“.

“Somalia is a country blighted by all these years of foreign interventions and the London Conference would simply be another futile attempt to brush up the impotency surrounding the corrupt TFG,” said Abu Omar Abudurehman, an Al-Shabaab commander.

Saeed Shabazz wrote an excellent article on Cameron’s conference in The Final Call, March 14, 2012. He wrote:

Some say the conference was a forum for the West’s plans to satisfy its growing appetite for military intervention in oil and mineral-rich Somalia. The Global Policy Forum, a New York-based UN watchdog organization, published a 14-page online report about Somalia which said new interest in the country revolves around “mineral reserves of iron ore, uranium, copper—deposits of natural gas and an estimated 5-10 billion barrels of crude petroleum reserves—estimated worth $500 billion.”

The Union of Islamic Courts which spearheaded a movement to improve the life of Somalis on the ground beginning in 2006 only to encounter a U.S.-sponsored air and ground attack by the Ethiopian army through 2009. The Islamic Courts was not a terrorist organization but U.S. used Ethiopia as a surrogate force against them, causing everything to spiral out of control and giving birth to Al-Shabaab, Mr. Fletcher noted. Al Shabaab has been labeled a terrorist group by the State Dept. and has been accused of links to Al-Qaeda.

Somalia is strategically important in the global war for resources and people need to understand Western interventions are part of a grand scheme to take Africa’s resources. British Foreign Minister William Hague reportedly revealed an underlying economic interest of the West during a Feb. 8 talk, noting 23,000 ships travel through the Gulf of Aden each year. This represents $1 trillion in trade to and from Europe.

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