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On Friday, tens of thousands of Jewish, Christian and Muslim protesters will join the Global March to Jerusalem, which coincides with the ‘Land Day’ the annual day to commemorate six Israeli Arabs who died while 100 others injured in 1976 while protesting over what they claimed were Israeli government plans to steal Palestinian land.

Dr Ribhi Halloum, the co-ordinator of Global March to Jerusalem, says that the goal of the march is to send a message that “just as all the occupations throughout history concluded in defeat, so will the present Israeli occupation of Jerusalem“. He also added: “Palestine is for the Palestinians. There was nothing in history called the 1967 borders or the 1948 borders, there is only Palestine and it is for Palestinians“.

The Zionist regime and its well-wishers in the West are in panic. Neil Snyder, writing in the Ziocon American Thinker, predicted as much as two million anti-Israelis will gather on the Jordanian and Lebanese borders with Israel and at West Bank and Gaza checkpoints. While the Zionist idiot blame march is focussed on delegitimization of the Zionist entity – he also see Iranian hands lurking behind the Global March.

The organizers of the event plan to send convoys of vehicles to approach Israel’s undefined borders simultaneously from four neighboring countries, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt. More than 600 institutions from 64 states are participating the march. Protests are also planned in front of Israeli embassies around the world.

“This march is absolutely peacful and non-violent, and we will try everything possible to prevent violence. Of course if Israelis use violence against us, the world should protest. But the march is absolutely peaceful and nobody will try to provoke violence,” said Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi, a Palestinian activist.

Israeli Chief of Staff, Gen. Benny Gantz has ordered all Israel Occupation Force (IOF) units to cancel their traditional Passover breaks so they can operate fully over the Global March.

The Global March to Jerusalem is organized by an International Central Committee (ICC). The committee consists of 42 members representing five continents.

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