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When it comes to Israeli Hasbara (propaganda), even Nazi propaganda minister, Dr. Joseph Geobbels, could have learned a few tips. The latest Hasbara crap was published by the Zionist Al-Monitor Palestine Pulse. It claimed on February 8, 2013that though the Gaza-ruling Palestinian Islamic resistance group Hamas has denied to accept the two-state solution in public – but “it appears that Hamas is still vacillating between explicitly and implicitly recognizing Israel“. However, Adnan Abu Amer, author of the crap, avoids to mention – recognizing Israel as what; a “Jewish state” or a state created by western colonial powers bordering an independent sovereign state of Palestine on pre-1967 borders? The first option is even rejected by US-Israel double agent Mahmoud Abbas. The second option had been rejected by every Zionist regime.

Amer then confuses Hamas military resistance to liberate Zionist-occupied Palestinian land with creation of an “Islamic caliphate”, which historically never existed in Palestine since the Dawn of Islam in 610 CE. Palestine had always been governed by Islamic caliphate from Makkah, Baghdad or Istanbul. Even Iranian never called their Islamic regime, “Islamic caliphate”.

“Generations of Islamists (he is dumping Muslims, Christians and secularists Palestinian resisting Israeli occupation into his Islamophobic slot) have been raised on the concept of the “Islamic state”, which is synonymous with the Islamic caliphate. But Hamas situation is a little different. Israel’s occupation of all Palestinian territories is a political and concrete obstacle (even Palestinian kids know that fact) to the dream of an Islamic state,” says Amer the self-appointed “Middle East expert”.

Then the Zionist expert shows his ignorance of the recent events involving the Israel-Palestine issue. “The shuttle diplomacy by western officials between Gaza, where Hamas’ domestic leadership is located, and the Arab capitals of Doha, Cairo and Amman have only one objective; getting Hamas to agree to conditions that would allow it to be embraced by the international community. In other words, they want Hamas to agree to the “two-state solution”. And that, explicitly or implicitly, essentially means that Hamas has recognized Israel’s right to exist!,” claims Amer.

So, Amer think that the rulers of Qatar and Jordan – and prime ministers of Egypt and Malaysia who visited Gaza since Israeli attack on Gaza in November 2012 – were “western officials”? One doesn’t need a PhD to realize that in Zionist dictionary, the “international community”, means the US, Israel, EU and the NATO member countries.

Hamas has long accepted an independent and sovereign state on Gaza, West Bank and East Jerusalem as its capital – with its own army and open borders. I think what Adnan Abu Amer needs to do is – sell Hamas’ version of “two-state solution” to the Zionist regime.

Former Mossad director, Efraim Halevy, had advised both Obama and Netanyahu in 2010 to include Hamas in their negotiations with Palestinian as the Zionist bigot claimed that there was no difference between Hamas and Fatah. Fatah, he said had limited power to deliver peace without the consent of Hamas. He also predicted: “As far as the Iranians go, once you start talking with Hamas, you soon discover how much they hate the guts of those renegate Shiites in Tehran”. The idiot forgot to comment on Islamic Jihad, which is far closer ally of Iran than Hamas. It’s Islamic Jihad which humiliated Israelis during 8-day war in November 2012.

In December 2012, Israeli daily Jerusalem Post had reported that Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas criticized Hamas political head, Khaled Meshaal, for refusing to accept Zionist regime’s right to exist.

Netanyahu has always shown his contempt for Hamas-Fatah reconciliation. He even asked Obama to make sure that never materializes.

On January 16, 2013, Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie in an Op-Ed addressed to Benjamin Netanyahu in Israeli daily Ha’aretz said: “Let me say it directly: American Jews are fed up. They have had enough. They’re finished being understanding and patient. They will no long accept that Reform and Conservative Judaism are ostracized by Israel’s government bureaucracy; they will no longer tolerate that Reform and Conservative rabbis are scorned and despised in Israel; they will no longer sit silently while Israel’s official representatives offend them and denigarate their religious practices“. This is something for Adnan Abu Amer to munch on and decide who should recognize whom?

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