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After totally defeated in Afghanistan by Taliban who control nearly 80% of the country – Washington is pushing India to fill its role in Afghanistan. Most of the US-NATO occupation forces are expected to withdraw from most parts of Afghanistan by end of 2014 due to enormous finacial and human loses.

On Tuesday, Kabul’s President Hamid Kazai and Indian President Dr. Manmohan Singh signed a strategic partnership between the two countries in New Delhi. Under the deal, India will train Karzai’s troops and security forces - boost trade and revive the delayed TAPI pipeline project.

In order to counter Islamabad’s reaction to Karzai’s closer ties with India – Karzai on Wednesday assured Islamabad by telling reporters in New Delhi: “Pakistan is a twin brother while India is a great friend“. However, some military analysts, like C. Raja Mohan, a senior analyst at New Delhi-based think tank ‘The Center for Policy Research’, believes India’s greater involvement in Afghanistan will turn into a ‘proxy war’ on behalf of US (Israel).

Afghanistan’s intelligent agency Khadamat-e-Etelaat (KHAD) is trained and armed by CIA-Mossad-RAW. Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI has become a stumbling block to CIA-Mossad-RAW-KHAD terrorist activities and thus is being demonized by ZOGs and western press. On December 14, 2008, Senator John Kerry told Indian Express in New Delhi that ISI must be tightly controlled and not allowed to act independently.

Former USSR was the top arms supplier to India since 1948. However, after the collapse of USSR, both the US and Israel have filled-in the gap. On the other hand, Pakistan entirely depended on US arms. During all three wars between Pakistan and India – America stopped supply of military spare parts to Pakistan while Russia kept its military supply lines open to India. As result of American treachery, Islamabad has switched to China as its major arms supplier.

In May 2011, China promised to deliver 50 of JF-17 fighter jets by the end of this year. JF-17 is Chinese version of American F-16 but much cheaper. It’s reported that JF-17 costs $25 million each as compared to F-16 which costs $80 million each. Pakistan Air Force have some older version of F-16s.

Pakistan has been under sanctions for decades since it carried out its nuclear nuclear test as a tit-for-tat to India nuclear test on May 18, 1974. On the other hand, Washington relaxed its sanction against India when George Bush and Manmohan Singh signed a pact in March 2006 – allowing US nuclear aid and India’s right to step-up its nuclear weapon production. On October 1, 2008, the Zionist-controlled US Congress blessed a bill for US-India nuclear cooperation. During his December 2010 visit to India – Barack Obama not only renewed Washingtion’s wish to continue US-India cooperation in nuclear and military fields but also promised to work to secure a veto-member status for India at the UN Security Council.

Many analysts believe that US is arming India as an ‘Asian Bully’ to confront China’s growing influence in Pakistan, Iran, Syria and other South Asian countries. However, the people who has watched Indi-China past history – know Washington is betting on a wrong horse.

Relations between the US and Pakistan have been tense ever since the Bush Zionist administration bullied Pakistan into supporting its invasion and occupation of Afghanistan in the fall of 2001, threatening to bomb the country unless it withdrew its support for the Taliban. The US has placed tremendous pressure on Pakistan over the years to accept more of the burden of the neo-colonial war on terror (read War on Islam). At Washington’s behest, Pakistan army has waged a brutal counterinsurgency campaign in the northwest tribal areas, and has used kidnappings, torture and extrajudicial killings to suppress Taliban-aligned Pakhtoon and their sympathizers. Pakistan’s participation in the war has only deepened since the coming to power of the US-backed Bhutto-family regime.

Wayne Madsen, an investigating reporter and author recently wrote that CIA and Blackwater (now Xe Services) have two major designs in Pakistan – to control the entire business of the Gwadar port (for Caspian Sea oil to be shipped to Haifa refinery in Israel) and to carry out colossal suicide attacks across central Punjab and north-western areas (Wazaristan) of the country to convince the world that the first atomic Islamic power is ungovernorable.

Washington’s priority is seizing Pakistan’s nuclear booty on behalf of Israel before a pro-Islamist government take control of the country.

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