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Every time I hear Hillary Clinton’s rant – I wonder where the woman keep her brain. In her latest outburst reported in The Washington Post (April 15, 2011), she accused the Islamic Republic of Iran trying to hijack democratic revolutions around the Middle East. However, at the same time she admitted that she cannot put the foot where her mouth is.

“No evidence yet that Iran instigated such protests but we do see activities by Iran to try to take advantage of these uprisings,” she said.

Iran doesn’t need to stir-up or hijack the non-violent protests against the western puppet dictators and kings in the Middle East. The reality is that wherever, a democratic process has been allowed, Arabs have elected political parties which don’t like Washington’s blind support for the illegal Zionist entity in the middle East.

The 2010 Arab Public Opinion Poll conducted by Jewish think tank Brookings in cooperation with the polling firm Zogby International – resulted in the majority of people in Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon, UAE and Saudi Arabia consider Israel to be the worst threat to the region followed by the US, while only 10% of the participants considered non-Arab Iran to be a threat. The great majority also believed that a nuclear Iran in the future – would be a ‘positive’ thing for the Arab world.

She had another interesting warning for the Arab nations: “Not to permit intolerance against women and religious minorities”.

I hope, Hillary do know that Iranians are not Arabs.

The joke is that the warning is coming from a woman whose husband, former US President Bill Clinton was accused for using Mossad agent Monica Lewinsky as his ‘honey-trap’ in the White House. Not only that, her country is one of world’s top women abuser nations. According to a latest report from Family Research Council: “Each year, right under our noses, 100,000 American children each year are victimized by sex traffickers. Make no mistake, this is not a problem that’s just “over there.” These heinous crimes are happening in our own backyards”.

As far as the mistreatment of religious minorities is concerned – who would know better that than the members of United States’ largest religious minority, the Muslims. Last month, US Assistant Attorney General, Thomas Perez, told a Congressional Committee that there has been a 150 percent jump in workplace discrimination against Muslims, often over religious dress and worship schedules, while Muslim youth can often become the victims of school yard bullying.

And finally, I leave it to Rev. Ted Pike to explain who are the real ‘evildoers’ (wach video below).

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