Is water the best cure for modern diseases?
Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Drink more water!
The simple thirst quencher water has healing.

When the Ayatollah in Iran in 1979 the power of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, landed Fereydoon Batmanghelidj - like many other intellectuals - in the notorious Evin prison in Tehran. Batmanghelidj doctor and was treated during his imprisonment of two years and seven months more than three thousand patients with nothing but water. The young doctor met his remarkable healing on a night when he was a fellow prisoner had to deal with an acute and very painful ulcer pain. Unfortunately ... there were no medicines. For something to do, he gave the patient two glasses of water. Within eight minutes, the pain disappeared. Batmanghelidj wrote the man then every hour for two glasses of water. The symptoms disappeared for good.

The prison was a perfect laboratory to test the healing effects of water testing for all diseases caused by stress and poor nutrition. After Batmanghelidj was released, he escaped his country in 1982 and emigrated to the United States. His findings were published a year later in the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology. In the years that followed, would Batmanghelidj admit that almost any disease - and indeed any modern disease - is due to a lack of water, either on dehydration. Dehydration? In the abundant West? Yes. Most drinks that we drink - such as tea (which contains caffeine), coffee, soft drinks and alcoholic drinks - dehydrate the body. Especially coffee and alcohol to dry the body, hence the 'nadorst of tigers pub and the glass of water that is recommended for each cup of coffee.
According Batmanghelidj - deceased in 2004 from pneumonia - a dry mouth is just not a good indicator thirst. The body that has the thirst to produce pain. Dehydration is the cause for many types of pain and degenerative diseases such as asthma, arthritis, hypertension, angina, diabetes (type 2), lupus and multiple sclerosis. The message is clear: many people are not sick, but thirsty. And you do not treat thirst with medication, but with water.

If it was simple and effective, why is that message so little penetrated mainstream medicine? That probably has to do with the way scientific research should be organized. Batmanghelidj had no random group of patients with similar disorders, which he could compose a control group - and his tests were not even in something that looked like a laboratory. The 'randomized, double-blind and placebo-controlled research that the value of a medical intervention to determine, is expensive. And who is funding research into the possible healing effects of water as water can not be patented and therefore not commercially attractive will be the pharmaceutical industry?

In What Is Enlightenment? (June-August 2006), the 'medicine water' support by Peter Ragnar, the American naturalist and expert in the field of long and healthy life. He argues that Alzheimer's is nothing but the result of prolonged dehydration of the brains. "People are not demented," said Ragnar, 'they are thirsty. " The brains are surely eighty percent water. When the brains only two percent less moisture at their disposal, the short-term memory so confused that you have the names of your friends can not remember whether you've put your keys. Ragnar treasure sure 75 percent of Western people are dehydrated. No wonder, he suggests that many people now and then seem to lose their minds.
Everyone separates under normal conditions three to four liters of fluid per day. For that amount to complete, we need at least the same amount of moisture added. Do not wait until you get thirsty, says the opinion. Thirst is a sign that your body has an acute shortage of water.

Tap water is good enough, some believe. Others claim that we clean, purified water if necessary, so that our body is the least taxed. (Ragnar recommends distilled water to drink.) These opinions are still divided. To clean water may not be healthy, because the minerals from the cells would escape. Remember that Batmanghelidj in Iranian prison have tap water, according to Western standards will have been clean.
However, the basis for a healthy life ever as simple as cheap may be drinking more water.

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