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On March 22, Israeli’s National Security Council Counter-Terrorism Bureau issued a travel warning to the Jewish citizens for the upcoming spring holidays of Passover, National Day and Lag Ba’Omer.

“The holidays are liable to provide incentive for terrorists around the world to attack Israelis and Jewish targets abroad,” said the warning.

Any one who has read the history of Zionist Jews from objective source, will know that the great majority of the so-called terrorism against Jews and Jewish targets were committed by Jews themselves. From Holocaust to Iraq - and from New Delhi to Toulouse.

Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia and Nigeria topped the list of the ‘forbidden’ countries. Strangely, all those four Muslim-majority nation-states maintain diplomatic relations with the Zionist entity.

Israeli Jewish tourists are attracted to Turkey for country’s Ottoman past, beautiful beaches, the sex-baths and shopping. However, they make less than 0.5% of Turkey’s total 32 million tourist industry.

Most of Israeli Jews visit Egypt and Tunisia for relgious reasons in addition to beaches and shopping. Egypt is home to the Abu Hassira annual festival. The festival draws thousands of Jew pilgrims from Israel and around the world every year to the tomb of Jewish holy man Abu Hassira.

Nearly 6,000 Jewish pilgrims from around the world travel to Tunisia each year to pray at the La Ghriba (the miraculous) Synagogue. The Synagouge is situated in the middle of Djerba, a 200-square-mile island off the southeast coast of Tunisia. It’s is built on a site that supposedly contains an original stone from the first Temple destroyed by Roman invaders over 2,000 years ago. The Temple was situated in the City of David, on the western bank of the Kidron Valley. American archaeologist and author, Professor Dr. Ernest L. Martin (1932-2002) says that Muslim sites, Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of Rock are not build over the Temple site.

Israel-Nigeria relations are based on Zionist project of cooperation with all communities which hate Muslims. During Nigerian civil war over state of Biafra (1967-1970), Israel and Jewish lobby groups in the US and Canada supported and funded the rebels in the oil-rich Christian-majority region. The Christian secessionist rebels were defeated in the end. Forty year later, Israel and its lobby groups played the same evil game to help Aminist-Christian rebels in the oil-rich Southern Sudanese region to break-away from Khartoum. Over 15,000 Israeli Jews live in Nigeria. The Galilee International Management Institute has been training Nigerian civilian and rebel Christians for over 20 years. Their expenses are paid by Amnesty International. Nearly, 30,000 Christian evangelist tourists visit Israel last year.

Some Jews still visit their religious places, such as, Tombs of Ezekiel, Jonah and Baruch Ben Neriah (Iraq), Habakkuk, Hannah and Samuel (Iran), Zephaniah and Shamgar (Lebanon), Aarun and Mount Nebo (Jordan), etc.

Israelis warned not to visit Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia | Rehmat's World