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Yesterday’s revelation by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that the prisoner, known as “Prisoner X”, who committed suicide inside Israel’s maximum security prison near Tel Aviv in December 2010, was Australian Jew by the name Ben Zygier. The news diverted Netanyahu’s attention from Iranian news that Tehran would never talk directly with Washington while the later keep pointing Israeli threat on its. Netanyahu’s office summoned all the owners of Israeli media outlets to inform them of government’s “gag order” on discussing the ABC revelation.

In December 2010, when Israeli daily YNet website announced that “Prisoner X” had been found dead inside a cell that was regularly watched and supposedly suicide-proof, the story was immediately removed because of a gag order.

Ben Zygier 34, with two kids and an Israeli wife, was born into a Melborne Jewish family. He was recruited by Israel Mossad after he took residence in Israel in 2000. Zygier carried both Australian and Israeli passports under different names, which made easier for him to carry out espionage work for the Zionist regime around the world. Some of the dozen Mossad agents who were involved in the assassination of Hamas weapon engineer, Mahmoud al-Mabouh, on January 19, 2010, had travelled to Dubai on Australian, British and Canadian passports.

Ben Zygier was son of Geoffrey Zygier, a leaders of Melbourne’s Jewish community. His body was blown from Tel Aviv to Australia where he was buried in Melbourne’s Jewish cementery. Geoffrey has refused to get involved in the investigation of his son’s crime and death – called by Australian foreign minister Bob Carr.

Interestingly, Israeli Jewish blogger, Richard Silverstein, on December 11, 2010 – had claimed that the “Prisoner Mr. X” was in fact Iranian Brig. Gen. Ali-Reza Asgari, who was kidnapped by Mossad-CIA agents in Istanbul on December 9, 2006 and died under interrogations in solitary confinement in Israel’s Ayalon Prison. The Eurasia Review website claimed that a source within the “inner circle” of the Israeli Defense Ministry had identified the prisoner as Gen. Asgari and that his death could have been a murder and not suicide.

The maximum security cell was created for Yigal Amir, the Jewish killer of Israeli prime minister Gen. Yitzhak Robin in 1995. Robin was military commander of the Jewish terrorist gang, Palmach, before joining the Israeli army. The other inmate of the cell had been Russian KGB’s Jewish agent Marcus Klingberg.

The utmost secrecy surrounding Ben Zygier’s crime, confinement and possible death, shows that he may had committed treason like American Jewish spy Jonathan Pollard, who is serving life sentence in United States for passing one million US secrets to Israel. Pollard is regarded a hero in the Zionist entity. Almost every Israeli leader and American Israel-Firsters have demanded that Jonathan Pollard be pardoned during the last three decades.

Israel’s “Prisoner X” was Mossad agent | Rehmat's World