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Jennifer Loewenstein is an Associte Professor (University of Wisconsin-Madison), an Israeli-born Jewish academic who is married to Professor David Loewenstein teaching at the same University. She is the founder of Madison-Rafah Journal. For her criticism of Zionist-regime’s Zionazi policies and America’s blind support for Israel – Jennifer has received the title of the “Self-Hating, Israel-Threatening (S.H.I.T)” award from Israel Hasbara Committee.

In her recent article, titled The Iranian Threat, published in Counterpunch on January 12, 2011 – she has exposed the lies about the Islamic Republic, its leaders and its civilian nuclear program – which I have been doing on this blog for the last 30 months. However, the exposure coming from a Jewish academic, bound to carry more ‘Semetic weight’.

“What Iran would like to acquire is the technological capability and the materials essential to produce such weapons. This would upset the balance of power in the Middle East in which Israel alone has a first strike nuclear capability. Ultimately, Iran seeks deterrence, or the military capability by which to prevent or reduce the likelihood of unchecked aggression against it and other Middle East states. “Nuclear threshold” technology could therefore have a profound effect on regional stability by putting an end to Israel’s role as an unchecked dominant regional power. The prospect of Iran and, over time, other states in the Middle East and Asia obtaining nuclear weapons or, somewhat less threateningly, the technological know-how to produce these unspeakably destructive weapons is hardly one to relish. Sadly, however, it is more likely at present than the prospect of getting Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and give up its deadly arsenal altogether,” she wrote.

Currently, Japan, Brazil and Canada has that ‘nuclear capability’.

“One last observation, but by no means the least important: those in the United States, Israel and elsewhere railing on about the dangers of allowing Iran to acquire weapons of mass destruction ought to look at their own histories, recent and past, before carrying on about the need to “strike,” “hit,” or “obliterate” another nation, city or village. Read the latest (Dec. 30th, 2010) report on birth defects, infant mortality and cancer rates in Fallujah, Iraq that have skyrocketed since the 2004 US attack on that desperate city. That report and half a dozen others released since July 2010, verifies that the effects of US weapons-of-mass destruction on Fallujah are worse than what was recorded at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. ‘War Contaminants’ – such as depleted uranium, white phosphorus, and other deadly chemicals and metals have poisoned the environment around Fallujah for generations to come,” she concluded her post.

While agreeing with her observations, I like to add something which Jennifer may have ommitted, intentionally or otherwise. Both the US and the Zionist entity have such a high stockpiles of deadly nuclear and chemical weapon of mass-destruction – that it would be naive to think they are affraid of a nuclear Iran in the near future. It’s the fear of a nuclear bomb in the hands of a regime which supports the the Islamic Resistance groups fighting against the Ziofascism in both the Occupied Palestine and Lebanon which scares the hell out of the Zionists warmongers who support the illegal entity in the Middle East. The pro-Israel Jewish and Christian organization and media have to maintain this fear of the Islamic-regime in Iran lest Tel Aviv lose its thousands of billions of dollars ‘cash cow’ – which will happen once the Americans come to realize that their national interests will be better served by having friendly relations with the Islamic Republic than keep sleeping with Zionist entity which has a horrible record of stabbing American from behind.

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