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I have relied in the past on Dr Len Horowitz as a good source of information. But it did bother me when I found out that he allowed himself to be knighted by the Hospitallers, since it is one of those pesky secret societies that control the world.

Now I have discovered an article by investigative journalist Greg Szymanski, JD which worries me more, because of the experience Dr Ott had, and because of the arrogant and beside-the-point response from Dr Horowitz to criticism of accepting a knighthood from a secret society:

Mar 17, 2009

Len Horowitz, a dark doctor in disguise, remains a Vatican Shill

Nothing changes in the Fantasy Camp called ‘Jesuitland’ as Horowitz remains a Papal Knight but claims no allegiance to the Pope. How can this be, ask readers?

Readers have asked to reprint an Arctic Beacon story from Jan. 17, 2007, exposing consumer advocate Len Horowitz as a Vatican shill since he was knighted into the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM) aka Sovereign Orthodox Order of the Knights Hospitaller of St. John of Jerusalem.

Horowitz has never rescinded his knighthood, indicating there truly is a “Jesuit fox in the patriot henhouse.”

The article is reprinted below, but first pay close attention to the words of A. True Ott about an encounter he had with the “good doctor.”

Ott should be believed since the fruits of his work shows that he follows the authority and words of Jesus Christ, as referenced on numerous interviews on the Investigative Journal radio show.

When made aware of the knighting of Horowitz, Ott, a PhD, had this to say from his Utah home:

“This is VERY interesting.

“Shortly after “Lenny” (Horowitz) visited me in Cedar City, reviewed my production line, and was a “live” guest on my radio show, I was raided by the FDA and DOPL, arrested, charged with a 1st degree felony and had machines and inventory confiscated. I lost over $100,000, not to mention the many thousands in attorney fees to protect myself!

“I tried calling Lenny to see if he would help with my case in any way, and he refused my calls and NEVER bothered to return them – even though he promised me that he would “help my business in any way”.

“I began to wonder if he wasn’t a wolf in sheep’s clothing – and was involved in the “natural health” arena primarily to identify and remove potential threats to the Medical Mafia.

“My suspicions are now confirmed. The AMA’s Px Drug agenda is directed by the Knights of Malta through the Vatican!”

When confronted with criticism, Horowitz said in 2007:

“When my critics accomplish half of what I have done for our Creator on behalf of humanity,” Dr. Horowitz said, “then we should take them seriously. Until then, consumers beware.”

Someone should remind the dark doctor to follow God’s authority in the Bible and not follow Vatican tradition and authority since salvation through Jesus Christ comes from grace and repentance of sin not from earthly works. Simply, this is another clear indication that Horowitz is a Jesuit shill. Here is a reprint of the Jan. 17, 2007, article about Horowitz in case you missed it:

The Arctic Beacon
Dr. Horowitz Admits He Was “Knighted” By Knights Hospitaller

The consumer health activist issues official statement, claiming no allegiance to Pope. A number of patriots still disagree, saying Knights Hospitaller and Knights of Malta are one in the same, having same intent and purpose
17 Jan 2007

By Greg Szymanski, JD

Consumer health activist Dr. Len Horowitz admitted he was “knighted” by the Sovereign Orthodox Order of the Knights Hospitaller of St. John of Jerusalem, but said he has done nothing to compromise his stance as a “true patriot.”

In a phone conversation Horowitz told the Arctic Beacon he was been unjustly persecuted by “certain patriots” who claim he has sold out to Vatican interests instead of being a true patriot and advocate of the people.

Although Horowitz admitted to being knighted for meritorious service in the health industry, he said the Hospitallers are not the same as the Knights of Malta.

However, several a group of patriots disagree, saying the Hospitallers and the two groups are essentially “tied at the hip and one in the same.

Further, the Hospitaller official web site and a Wikipedia explanation seem to agree with Horowitz’s critics.

Here is the Wikipedia explanation in part. For a complete explanation go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knights_Hos… ...

In a statement released on behalf of Horowitz by Jackie Lindenbach of the his Tetrahedron Publishing Group, it said in part:

Responding to allegations that his work has been corrupted by secret societies and the papacy, Dr. Horowitz chides, “That’s fine, anyone questioning my integrity and contributions to humanity should just go get vaccinated.”

The full statement issued by Horowitz reads as follows:

Horowitz Knighting Irks Some Alleged “Patriots”

Hilo, HI—The meritorious knighting of consumer health activist Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz by the Sovereign Orthodox Order of the Knights Hospitaller of St. John of Jerusalem has some American patriots questioning the internationally respected humanitarian’s allegiances.

The honor of knighthood was granted to Dr. Horowitz for his quarter century of humanitarian service to public health, consumer education, AIDS research, and natural healing advocacy. The ceremony required his vow that he would continue this work and his chivalry.

Questions came when a frivolous and false article was issued by Dave Gordon, a self-proclaimed American patriot, and immediately distributed over the Internet by Canadian talk show host Greg Szymanski. Neither contacted Dr. Horowitz for comment prior to issuing the article condemning a different order of the Knights of Malta, and its Papal connection.

Responding to allegations that his work has been corrupted by secret societies and the papacy, Dr. Horowitz chides, “That’s fine, anyone questioning my integrity and contributions to humanity should just go
get vaccinated.”

Gordon’s defamation insinuated Horowitz’s knighting was issued by the pope, and that the Knights of Malta presented the award. The real facts were available on www.drlenhorowitz.com, the doctor’s official
website, since November, 2006. Gordon neglected these, and falsely claimed Horowitz was “unavailable for comment.”

“For the mentally-handicapped desiring reassurance, my meritorious knighting by the Knights Hospitaller stems from my work exposing petrochemical/pharmaceutical industrialists that conduct genocide in the name of ‘public health,’ and under the guise of ‘national security.’ Knights like me are being increasingly recognized by this organization with support from leaders within the World Organization for Natural Medicine and the wholistic health care movement at large.”

It is easy to discern a person’s integrity, Dr. Horowitz, suggests, “Ye shall know them by the fruit of their labor.”

Mr. Gordon, said to be a Christian and American patriot, seems to have dispensed with this wisdom of discernment, and attacks Horowitz whose works and educational initiatives have saved thousands of children’s lives, and spared hundreds of thousands of families from the atrocities of vaccine injuries.

Besides this, Horowitz is currently advancing a global “Concert for the Living Waters” that may help fulfill the prophesy of a peaceful planet heralded in Revelation 14:1-3 (See: www.liveh2o.org). In recent weeks he freely posted his 16th book, LOVE the Real Da Vinci CODE, at www.drlenhorowitz.com, to help preserve the right for religious families to secure vaccination and TB skin testing exemptions.

“Holy-spirit-filled sovereigns are under bodily attack, along withConstitutional freedoms and civil rights, yet where are those professing to be ‘Christian’ and ‘patriotic?’” Dr. Horowitz questions.

Horowitz is best known for his meticulously documented research that concludes AIDS sourced from tainted vaccinations and a biologicalweapons contractor controlled by Anglo-American industrialists.

Gordon’s attack challenged Horowitz’s AIDS research writing the doctor had some vested interest in furthering secret society deception.

Horowitz’s controversial thesis has been freely visited since 1998 at http://www.3saints.com/stjjduties.html “Thus, these very Knights whom Horowitz wonderfully exposes in his masterpiece Emerging Viruses, he has now joined. I wonder if he knows that AIDS virus creator Dr. Robert C. Gallo is also a Knight and was awarded the “Sword of Ignatius Loyola” by the Order’s St. Louis University in 1988?”

In the conversation with the Arctic Beacon, Horowitz said he would appear on Greg Szymanski’s radio show, The Investigative Journal, only if the initial article about his knighthood was removed.

Enclosed in his official statement released, he said would grant interviews with other journalists but would not budge on his caveat issued to The Investigative Journal, adding:

“Now that you have this (statement). Kindly remove the slanderous article from your website to expunge this distraction and waste of everyone’s time. If you cannot grant me this simple request and respect my wishes, I cannot accept your offer to do the radio show. I would prefer to discuss more relevant and beneficial subjects.”

In response Szymanski stated:

“I stand by the story and perhaps now that Mr. Horowitz is enlightened to the truth about his organization he has joined, he would publicly rescind his knighthood. If he did that, I would then consider having him on the
radio show.” ...

For more informative articles, go to www.arcticbeacon.com


For what it may be worth, Len Horowitz also believes himself to be descended from King Solomon; that he is "royalty," as his mother pointed out to him. I read this in one of his books.
As someone who can smell truth a mile away, I know Jamie Buturff is telling the truth about certain topics on YouTube. And his YouTube got banned as per Mr. Horowitz's lawsuit of control....look Jamie Buturff up on YouTube and you will see what I mean