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Allan Alzner, the US executive director for Israel advocacy group, The Israel Project (TIP), claimed last week that majority of Latino Americans are anti-Israel because they’re influenced by traditional Catholic religious views on Jews (Christ killers, Blood Libel, etc.) and ignorant about Middle East affairs. Group’s global director Laura Kam has also claimed that anti-Israel views are also on rise in Europe.

The Zionist advocacy groups are known for distorting the fact to create guilty conscience among non-Zionist population. The fact is that all major European powers (France, Germany, Italy, Britain, Sweden, Norway and Spain) are run by Zionist-controlled governments. Furthermore, early last year, Pope Benedict XVI gave his ‘fatwa’ that Jews did not kill his Lord Christ.

In March 2011, a poll conducted among 370 Latino Americans by the New York-based Jewish group, Foundation for Ethnic Understanding (FFEU), headed by Rabbi Marc Schneler – had claimed that 48% of the Latinos, who were contacted by phone, believed that “United States foreign policy is too supportive of Israel“. A truth only a fool will deny.

Interestingly, the Chairman of Hispano television station, Univision, is no other than Egyptian-born Israeli-American radical Jew billionaire, Haim Saban, who had stated that his life is dedicated for the protection of Israel and cementing US-Israel alliance. Last year, Saban blasted Obama for suggesting that Israel should withdraw to its pre-1967 borders.

American Jewish journalist, W.E. Gutman, sees spread of Islam among the Latino communities as another reason for Latinos’ Jewish hatred. “The explosive spread of Islam, which runs a formidable worldwide proselytizing machine, the spate of conversions to Islam taking place in Latin America and unusually high rate anti-Semitism among Hispanics in the US are part of a trend issued from separate but converging dynamic processes. This alarming phenomenon, at a time of unease in a world ever closer to the brink of war, adds yet another dimension to the evil that spawned yesteryear’s nightmares“.

In other words, Gutman blames the spread of Islam among Latino communities, the reason the Jewish population is shrinking and even after 3500 years it’s less than 13 million. Another point, maybe Gutman doesn’t know that 150,000 German Jews played an active role in the “yesteryear’s nightmare”. Mufti of Palestine did offer services of few thousands of his followers to Hitler, but the Arabs were not acceptable in the Christian-Jewish Nazi Army.

Argentine-born Israel-First US columnist, Andres Oppenheimer, says that Lebanese Islamic Resistance group Hizbullah is behind the rise in Jewish-hatred among people in Venezuela, Chile, Argentina and Brazil. Andres quotes Venezuela president Hugo Chavez who Al-Jazeera that ”Israel is carrying out the same actions against the Lebanese that Hitler carried out against the Jews“. Days later, after an official visit to Iran, Chávez ordered the withdrawal of Venezuela’s ambassador to Israel and on Aug. 10 called Israel’s actions “a new holocaust“. How dare Chavez say such truth about the Zionazis without being honored as an ‘anti-Semitic’?

Interestingly, according to FBI database below – Latinos count 42% for the terrorist attacks on US soil by group from 1980 to 2005 – while Jewish acts of terrorism count 7% and Muslim acts of terrorism were at 6%.

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