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Richard Prasquier, the leader of the French-Jewish umbrella group CRIF has endorsed France’s incumbent president Niclas Sarkozy. In an Op-ed in Israeli daily Ha’aretz (April 25, 2012), Prasquier, claims that Sarkozy is better ally of Israel than his main opponent, François Hollande. The reason Prasquier prefer Crypto-Jew Sarkozy (born to a Jewish mother and Catholic father) over Jewish Hollande is – though both of them are friendly toward the Zionist entity – Hollande doesn’t share Israeli hatred towad Iran as Sarkozy does.

“Sarkozy has a deep knowledge of Israel and a deep sympathy for this country. France has become the major supporter of Israel in advocating a firm stance against Iran. The feelings of François Hollande towards Israel have always been clearly friendly. However, his stance towards the Iranian threat remains to be tested. The two candidates share similar views regarding the major issues related to the Israel-Palestinian conflict,” wrote Prasquier.

Interestingly, while all the three presidential candidates are bending backwards for Jewish groups’ blessings and running on anti-Muslim anti-immigration platform – none of them is interested in addressing France’s high unemployment (10%) and trade losses. Last year France had a record trade deficit of 70 billion euros (US$93 billion). According to several French sources, the news of mass layoffs by French companies – are being kept on hold until the May 6 second round of the presidential election.

When it comes to 6-8 million French Muslims – Sarkozy, Hollande and Marine Le Pen are all united on demonizing them to please French far-right White extremists and Zionist Jews. Several journalists have condemned Richard Prasquier, saying, that CRIF is no longer against the far right extremists so long as they don’t openly criticize Israel or Jews.

“When Le Pen’s National Front aggresses immigrants and Muslims, the man who represents French Jews (Richard Prasquier) doesn’t see anything deeply wrong and writes this to the people of Israel,” Claude Askolovitch, senior French political journalist wrote in the weekly Marianne.

Claude Askolovitch is no anti-Semite’. Le Pen in her campaign video said that ritually slaughtered (Halal) meat products were for killing babies. In response Claude said that Le Pen’s allegation was old-fashioned Christian accusation of ‘Blood Libel’ against Jews – and that Jews poisoned wells to kill Christians.

After narrowly losing the first election round – Many French political pundits believe that CIA-Mossad favorite Sarkozy is sure to lose the election. He is running scared and needs – a new anti-Muslim Toulouse false flag operation.

Paranoid Zionist, Jonathan S. Tobin wrote in Commentary that Sarkozy’s defeat might be a victory for Iran – as under Francois Hollande, it will be very difficult for the ZOGs to put a united front against Iran.

“Sarkozy has been a stalwart opponent of Iran and its nuclear ambitions, often getting far ahead of the United States on the issue and helping to buttress the shaky determination of the European Union to take a firm stand,” wrote Tobin.

CRIF leaders have no shame. Last November, they blasted Sarkozy for sharing a joke with Barack Obama about Benji Netanyahu.

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