Truth feeder
October 10, 2009

Media Matters, the supposed media watch dog group linked to the globalist George Soros, says Glenn Beck sounds like Alex Jones.

Glenn Beck does not get his talking points from Alex Jones. Instead he attempts to discredit what Jones says.“In his response to the announcement that President Obama had been awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, Glenn Beck sounded at times like conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, all while continuing to willfully ignore the currents of racially motivated violence flowing within the 9-12 ‘movement’ he is working to build,” writes John V. Santore, a former Obama campaign organizer and congressional speech writer.

Santore quotes Beck, who said: “These progressives are extraordinarily powerful. And this campaign of Barack Obama, this global campaign for Barack Obama, is done by global interests that have extraordinary power. They’re very well connected.”

The Media Matters and Huffington Post blogger then makes a sarcastic comment about Beck’s assertion. “Point taken, Glenn. Everyone knows that the Nobel Committee has been in the pocket of the Tri-Lateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations for years. It’s all part of the New World Order.”

Not exactly. The idea was cooked up by Alfred Nobel, the merchant of death who invented dynamite and ran the Swedish armaments manufacturer Bofors. The “prize” is often awarded to the worst sort of psychopaths, including Hitler and Henry Kissinger. Other questionable figures have received the award, including Jimmy Carter, Mikhail Gorbachev, and the climate change fraudster Al Gore. Carter was an active member of the Trilateral Commission and Al Gore is a member of the CFR, so Santore is not completely out in left field.

The Nobel Peace Prize is irrelevant and Obama’s award is a sideshow. Santore lends to the distraction by quoting Glenn Beck. “The Nobel Peace Prize should be turned down by Barack Obama and given — you ready for this? Oh, this one’s gonna make headlines — should be given to the Tea Party goers and the 9-12 Project.”

Santore then claims the Tea Party and 9-12 Project are rife with racists. He produces a photo of a placard somebody held up at the September 12 event in Washington to make his point. Like the Department of Homeland Security, he insinuates that advocates of the Second Amendment are dangerous terrorists. He takes Beck to task for not denouncing these folks who are routinely portrayed as racists and rightwing gun nuts by the corporate media.

“So let’s be clear: Beck is proud that his movement is deliberately standing in the way of those who seek to promote world peace. And he is ecstatic that his supporters are hurting President Obama’s chances of manifesting the aspirations of Alfred Nobel and all those who have won the Nobel Peace Prize,” writes the Soros funded Media Matters blogger. “This isn’t the product of a cogent political philosophy. It’s politically expedient nihilism.”

World peace, as promoted by Hitler, Kissinger, and now Barack Obama, the “anti-war candidate” who is in the process of radically expanding he occupation of Afghanistan and enlarging the Pentagon’s policy of killing villagers in Pakistan and anybody else the U.S. government declares to be in league with a CIA-created terrorist group. World peace, as devised by a merchant of death who invented a substance that has killed millions of people. It doesn’t get much more surreal than this.

Glenn Beck does not get his talking points from Alex Jones. Instead he attempts to discredit what Jones says. Examples include Beck’s attempt to debunk the existence of FEMA camps and more recently his dismissal of the story about the American Police Force in Hardin, Montana.

Glenn Beck’s 9-12 Project is a deliberate attempt to undercut the Tea Party and patriot movements.

Earlier this year, Amy Kremer, Tea Party Patriots’ National Coordinator, said the movement was being hijacked by establishment Republicans. “We do not want it to be a GOP movement,” she told Newsmax.

The stated purpose of Beck’s movement is to get America where it was on September 12, 2001, which is interesting considering Beck’s animosity toward the 9/11 truth movement and

It’s about hijacking and taming the Tax Day Tea Party protests, the Independence Day Tea Party protests, and the September 12, 2009, Taxpayer March on Washington. Beck has an established track record of sabotaging the patriot movement. More than any other corporate media figure, he was responsible in wrecking the presidential campaign of Ron Paul. He characterized Paul’s supporters as dangerous terrorists and repeatedly called Paul a kook.

Few seem to see the absurdity of a corporate media television show host claiming to be the leader of a grassroots political movement. Fox News is owned by corporate media tycoon and neocon Rupert Murdoch.

Murdoch’s News Corp., the world’s largest media empire, has holdings in film, television, cable, newspapers, books, magazines, and more. Properties include the New York Post, the National Geographic Channel, HarperCollins Books, and 20th Century Fox. In 2006, Murdoch acquired MySpace, the popular social networking website, as part of Fox Interactive Media. Murdoch not only enthusiastically supported the invasion of Iraq but his network was at forefront of disseminating lies and fabrications that made the invasion and murder of over a million Iraqis possible.

Murdoch hosted a fundraiser for Senator Hillary Clinton in 2006. In early summer 2008, a “tentative truce” was brokered during a secret meeting between Barack Obama, Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes, the president of the Fox News Channel and former Nixon and Bush operative, at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in New York.

Murdoch and Glenn Beck do not support the patriot movement. Beck’s role is to capture as much of the movement as possible and turn it into a harmless sideshow. The 9-12 movement, regardless of the number of sincere Americans who support it, is another attempt by the establishment to continue and magnify the false right-left paradigm and steer meaningful political change down a dead-end that renders if ineffective.